Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SuperFolder Stookiness… really is STOOKY!!!

I just wanted to tell you SFs how much I LOVE SuperFolder Stookiness!* It seems like we’ve been seeing some really amazing stuff there lately! I look at every post — although I sometimes skim past the ones that are just some random picture off the internet. But it makes […]

News and Halloween Showcase announcement!

Hey SFs!!! Well… As far as news. I have been crazy busy this whole month. A booktour, New York Comic Con, Virginia Children’s Book Festival and more to come. The big book news lately was the Han Foldo paper pack I posted earlier. Did any of you find it??? I […]

Have you seen this?

Hey SFs!! I want to give you a heads-up about a new item you may see in stores.  Right off the bat, let me tell you: This is NOT a new Origami Yoda novel. Nor is it a book of Superfolders’ stookiest submissions. That would be really stooky, but that’s […]

Submit your origami for the Return of the Jedi Showcase!

Up top is the awesome Ewok submitted by SF Harry Potter! You’re going to submit something, too, right? Deadline is coming up on Sunday! (Or Monday) So fold it and submit it! Anything or anyone from Return of the Jedi! Just remember to use the word RETURN in your submission […]

News and Next Showcase Info!

Howdy SFs! First, an apology. The Stookiness hasn’t been updated like it should lately. Webmaster Sam has a lot of stuff going on other than this site… mostly Top Secret Potato Chip Espionage… and sometimes I do too. So, whenever you check the site and find that it’s not updated, […]

News, updates, book events…

Hey SFs!!! Here’s some STUFF you may want to know: 1) Sam promises that the Muppet Showcase is coming tomorrow… or Thursday. 2) I’ve been writing like crazy! Almost finished with Inspector Flytrap #3! No, you didn’t miss 1 and 2, they just aren’t out yet! 3) I LOVE meeting […]

Next Stop: Comic Con!

Hey SFs!!! It has been a LONG trip… but I’m almost there now! My big day is Friday… I’ve got a panel with the other Star Wars retellings writers at 10, a wacky event with Astronaut Academy creator Dave Roman at 11, a signingin the Disney Books booth at 1 […]

News and stuff…

Hey SFs!!! *I have been working on Qwikpick 3 and am almost done! You guys have read Qwikpick 1 and 2, right? RIGHT????? * I’ll be in NYC next week for BOOKCON! If you can, come and see me, Tony Diterlizzi, Adam Gitwitz and Alex Bracken talking about our upcoming […]