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News and stuff…

Hey SFs!!!

*I have been working on Qwikpick 3 and am almost done! You guys have read Qwikpick 1 and 2, right? RIGHT?????

* I’ll be in NYC next week for BOOKCON! If you can, come and see me, Tony Diterlizzi, Adam Gitwitz and Alex Bracken talking about our upcoming Star Wars books. (I wrote Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side)

*I may also be promoting Rocket and Groot at BookCon and BEA, so that means I may be able to share some of it with you guys soon!

*If you’re entering the Marvel Showcase, make sure you put the word MARVEL in the TITLE of your submission. Webmaster Sam may miss it if you don’t.

*EvilJawa and I have been playing the Topps Star Wars Cardtrader App for awhile now. It’s on both ios and Android, so if you can get ahold of a phone once a day, you can open up free packs of digital trading cards. (You do NOT have to spend actual money on it, even though the app wants you to) It’s fun!

Thanks everybody for all the fantastic submission to STOOKINESS we’ve been getting lately!!!!!

May the Force be with you!