Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

News and Halloween Showcase announcement!

Hey SFs!!!

Well… As far as news. I have been crazy busy this whole month. A booktour, New York Comic Con, Virginia Children’s Book Festival and more to come.

The big book news lately was the Han Foldo paper pack I posted earlier. Did any of you find it??? I know it’s out there somewhere!

So is my Return of the Jedi novel, which hopefully is a little easier to find. I hope you guys that read it liked it!

I’m starting to think about Halloween! Since it’s on a Saturday, there’s plenty of time to do something BIG this year. Not sure just what that’s going to be, yet, but stay tuned.

The question is what are YOU doing for Halloween? If it involves Origami or Star Wars, I want you to submit it to the showcase! In the past we’ve seen some incredible origami Halloween costumes!




And as you may recall, one of the first things ever posted on the original site was an Origami Yoda pumpkin!


So get yourself some big paper … or a big pumpkin…. or BOTH and get busy!
Take a photo of the result and submit it with the word HALLOWEEN in the title. (THAT’S IMPORTANT!!!! Otherwise Sam will miss it.)

Please try to take it right-side up.
If your face is visible, Sam can’t post the photo. So put a mask on or something.

Here are some instrux from Kellen to help you out…


Submit it by Halloween (or the day after) if you can!

See you back here soon folks!