Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! 50… 45… 40…. 39 Pokemon to go!

WOW WOW WOW!!!! The POKEDEX is only missing 39 Pokemon as I write this… It could be 38 by now if someone just submitted one. They are coming in FAST! (If you want to fold one, just scroll through the Pokedex and find one without a photo!) AND THEY ARE […]

WOAH!!! HUGE update to Pokedex! We really ARE catching ’em all!

SFs!!!! The Pokedex is really filling up! We have BLASTED past the 100 mark thanks to a bunch of STOOKY SFs, including Count Origamu who made the HAUNTER up top! But we’ve still got some left to catch/fold…. so if you want to be part of this first ever PERMANENT […]

POKEDEX — Who’s Left?

SFs!!! We are making super fast progress!! If you want to be part of our push to complete the original 151 then fold one of the MISSING Pokemon from our Pokedex. NO MORE SIGN-UPS: Just pick one, fold it and submit it. Don’t forget to have the word POKEDEX and […]

Another Pokedex Update! First Trainer! And first 50 compete!

SFs… The Stookiness just keeps on growing!!! Check out or first trainer: Red by YodaBoy4321! We may finish the first 151 within the next two weeks! After that … The sky’s the limit! Keep em coming! P.s. I folded a new one, too! Rhydon… Stay tuned for a video about […]

POKEDEX UPDATE: the first 50(almost)! Plus trainers?!?!

SFs!!! This thing keeps on growing! We’re way over halfway to 151 and have almost completed the top 50! Keep them coming!!! I hope everybody takes this chance to be part of it! It’s our first every permanent showcase and I am so proud of what SFs have made!! Exciting […]

HALFWAY THERE!!!!! Origami Pokedex is filling up fast!!!!!

Sam just posted a huge new update to the Pokedex! We are at 77 out of 155… almost exactly halfway! The next submission will actually push us OVER the halfway mark! A huge shoutout to JAYCE411 who just posted about 20 new ones to get us here! Including the awesome […]

POKEDEX UPDATE — 57 of 155!

Wow, we’re making incredible progress! Nearing that halfway point! If someone will make Caterpie and Weedle, we’ll have the first 15 which would be nice. Of course, I’m happy with whichever Pokemon you decide to make, even if it’s one we already have. It’s fun seeing how different SFs make […]

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