Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

New Origami Baby Yoda using new “arms” folds!

SFs! I came up with a way to add arms to a simple puppet! I hoping that lots of different figures — including Pokemonm — can finally have arms and hands now! For starters… Here’s Grogu! Instrux to come after more experiments….

POKEDEX: Halfway to halfway there!!!

SFs!!!! We have done 37 of the 151 Pokemon! Incredible!!! It’s awesome that we’re getting submissions from BRAND NEW SUPERFOLDERS, like EeveeAndYoda who made the Eevee up top!!! Plus we’re hearing from some SFs who hadn’t posted anything in awhile! It’s ALL stooky!! Webmaster Sam and I love looking through […]

POKEDEX- Quick update and REPEATED request. Please read!

Hey SFs!!! The Pokedex is growing fast!!! Sam just updated it and we’ve hit about 30! And it’s not just quantity… the QUALITY of these folds is fantastic!!! Just look at MaraOmega’s ODDISH up top!! Wow! Sam asked me to repeat his request: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the word POKEDEX […]

POKEDEX update, request and permanent page

SFs!!!! We are really rolling on the POKEDEX PROJECT and it’s not even officially summer yet! By my count we have 22 of the 151 right now! One of those is my PINSIR, as seen above. You can count them yourself on the new, permanent POKEDEX PAGE. That will be […]

GOTTA FOLD ‘EM ALL! The Pokegami Pokedex Project!

SFs!!!! I know you may have a few weeks of school left, but I’m ready for summer!!! And very excited to get our summer project rolling! Instead of badges, this summer we’ll all be working on the same HUGE project! Trying to fold ALL the Pokemon! This whole thing was […]

MAY THE FOURTH be with you, SuperFolders!!!

SFs!!! Thanks to SFs encouraging me, I’ve made TWO videos for May 4th this year: Cover Art2D2 and AT-AT! I hope you enjoy them!  They are kinda LONG because these are both kinda complicated. Not super difficult or anything, just a lot of steps… PS comments are currently ON for […]

Unable to comment?

Sam says: Hey Super folders, I’ve heard from two SFs who are having trouble commenting. Anyone else? BenForce, you were the first. Has the problem been fixed? Questions for anyone having trouble: Is the problem on every post or just some? Have you tried reloading the page? Restarting your browser? […]

Talk To Tom — April edition — plus Pokemon Plans

SFs!!! I hope you all enjoyed MMM and are looking forward to May the 4th! Some absolutely amazing posts on Stookiness recently! The OY Cast Collection by StookySuperGuy, as seen above, was particularly impressive!!!! -=-=-=- POKEMON – Folding Them All update: Our summer project is going to be teaming up […]

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