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Origami Yoda

Merit Badge #8! Draw a Star Wars Cartoon!


Merit Badge Showcase 7: Stacking and more!

Hey SFs! This is our weekly Merit Badge Showcase… as you’ll see, not everybody is working on the same badge at the same time. And that’s fine! There’s no time limit for earning a badge! Just visit Merit Badge HQ and try one or all! You’ll level up in no […]

Merit Badge 7 – Card Stacking

SFs…. Bryan Berg is the Jedi master card stacker! Above he spills his secret…. squares! Check it out and see what you can build. You have to build at least 2 stories to get this merit badge. Whoever gets the most stories will be featured at the top of the […]

BADGE 6 Showcase – Star Wars Haiku!

SFs! It’s time to enjoy some amazing Star Wars poetry! The poems below were written by SFs earning the POETRY merit badge, which features the Japanese kanji characters for Haiku: 俳句. If you haven’t had a chance to earn this (or any) merit badge yet, don’t worry! There’s no time […]


Prepare yourselves… The following post from Origamdalf is going to leave you as confused as a member of the Bad Batch. What is real? What is lies? Who can you trust? Who may not even be a who? Confused? not as confused as you will be soon…. See you on […]

Merit Badge 6 – The Star Wars POETRY Challenge!

SFs!! You’ve made stuff, eaten stuff, dropped stuff… not it’s time to get all poetic about stuff! To earn this merit badge, you’ll have to write a haiku… about STAR WARS! You know how a haiku works, right? It doesn’t have to rhyme, but it does have to have the […]

Merit Badge 5 – SHOWCASE!

SFs! This merit badge took courage! SFs were challenged to try a new food. Those that did will show us what they ate below! Those that didn’t…. there’s still time! You can stille arn this or any merit badge. Just read the original post, follow the instructions and send in […]

Merit Badge 5

SFs! It’s time to expand your galaxy a little bit. This week’s Merit Badge Challenge is… EAT A NEW FOOD! You may need your parent’s help with this. The most important thing, of course, is that you eat a SAFE, HEALTHY food. So don’t go picking up stuff in your […]

New Book Alert!!! Disney’s Doorways to Danger!

Today’s the day! More than a dream come true, because I never dreamed I’d get to write a story about Donald, Daisy, Uncle Scrooge, Mickey, Minnie, Huey, Dewey and Louie AND Goofy! And if I had dreamed it, I would never have guessed the way Jeff Harveywould re-imagineer the characters! And […]

Merit Badge 4 – Showcase! Elbow Action and More

SFs! Not many rose to the challenge of the famous Elbow Penny Catch… But those that did have levelled up and earned the merit badge above!!! If you haven’t tried the elbow penny catch yet, it’s not too late! Check out the post about how to do it and then […]

Merit Badge 4: Using the Force… with the FONZ!

Okay SFs… this week’s Merit Badge takes us back in time to a show I watched WAY TOO MUCH of in the 70s and 80s… Happy Days! (We didn’t have VCRs back then to rewatch Star Wars, so we watched what was on. and Happy Days was on every weekday.) […]

Merit Badge 3 Showcase 2: Pop Up Padawans!

Hey SFs! Here’s the second batch of projects done for the Pop Up Padawan badge! Everybody here and in the showcase has earned this Merit Badge: If you haven’t done this project yet, but want to, you’re not too late. Just go back a few posts for instructions. And keep […]

MERIT BADGE 3 Showcase – First Batch of Pop-Up Padawans!

Hey SFs!!! Don’t worry if you haven’t finished your pop-up yet, remember there’s no real time limit. You can level up anytime. But if you can get it done by Tuesday, you can be in the follow up to this showcase. [Downloadable merit badge will be availble then, too.] Alright, […]

MERIT BADGE #3: Pop-Up Padawan!

I’ve folded a lot of Paper Star Wars, but when it comes to POPUPs… I’m just a PADAWAN. THE MASTER is… Matthew Reinhart. He’s the artist who makes the Pop-Up Star Wars books and he is absolutely amazing! He’s also very generous in sharing his knowledge! His youtube videos are […]


SFs!!!! Well, it took a little while, but we’re finally here: The second Merit Badge SHOWCASE! Since we’re already running two weeks behind, let’s get right to the SILLY WALKS! Everybody you see walking sillily below has earned MERIT BADGE #2! CONGRATULATIONS, you have levelled up!!! In no particular order: […]

We’re back!!!!

The site is back! I hope you all are too!!! Give Sam a couple hours to get things rolling again and then SUBMIT! Let’s see what you were working on during the site shutdown! Merit Badge updates coming VERY SOON! YEEHA!

SF Merit Badge Challenge #2: Silly Walks

SFs! Welcome to Merit Badge Challenge #2. This challenge comes with some “Tom Wisdom.” You can skip the “Tom Wisdom.” I always do! Tom Wisdom: When I was a kid, I read that if you’re feeling down you can make yourself feel a little better by FAKING a smile. Somehow […]

Merit Badge 1 Showcase – continued

Hey hey hey! Here are all the folks who finished the badge! And just in time, BADGE 2 goes live very soon! —- SuperFolder Foldolorian_27 This is my resubmit for the first merit badge. Sorry, Tom!! I forgot to write it down. Sorry I haven’t posted the ahsoka instrux yet. […]

First Merit Badge Showcase: Star Wars Names

SFs!!! Some of you are about to LEVEL UP! Some of you are about to earn your the first ever SuperFolder Merit Badges! And a few of you have a little bit more work to do. The challenge was to actually write your name with pen and paper and submit […]

SF Merit Badge Challenge #1 : NAME YOURSELF

Alright SFs, are you ready to LEVEL UP? (See previous post explaining merit badges.) To earn your first merit badge, all you have to do is write your name. WAIT! Don’t start writing yet. FIRST, it needs to be your STAR WARS name! SECOND, you have to write it using […]

Summer Challenge: SuperFolder Merit Badges!

SFs!!! We’ve cooked up a plan to keep you busy. Over the course of the summer Tom will issue 10 challenges. Complete any challenge and you earn a special merit badge. You’ll also level up with each badge earned. You can go from a regular SF to an SF1, then […]

IMPORTANT message from Tom about the i-Ready Rebellion

SFs!!!! As I said before, I don’t know much about i-Ready, but I’m very proud to see you SFs standing up for yourselves and taking an active role at your schools! However, one SF has raised some concerns about some sort of petition or list being created on another site. […]

BAD BATCH Showcase – BATCH 4!

The Bad Batch showcase has been AMAZING!!! That’s all for now, unless anyone else wants to submit? Or resubmit? (Origandalf and EzraPro, your pictures didn’t come through.) I bet we’ll be seeing lots more Bad Batch origami in the Stookiness! Up top, you see Max Refold’s Bad Batch. Scroll on […]

Bad Batch Showcase- BATCH THREE!

SFs!!! the Bad Batch batches just keep coming!!! (And it’s no wonder since the show is so good!) Up top, we’ve got the Famous DarthZackB! Keep scrolling to see a lot more! SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255 From left to right:Crosshair, Echo, Wreaker, Tech, and Hunter.Also the May the Fourth video is out. […]

Bad Batch Showcase- Batch Two!

The amazing origami is not done folks! Not even close. Check out Brick Mad Boy’s awesome poster up abover! Then scroll down to see more  brilliant Bad Batch folds!!!  SuperFolder Themandalorianfolder SuperFolder Origami_Master53 SuperFolder CaptainRex7088 I also made a studio in scratch (I am strike08080 on scratch) that has some […]

Update from Webmaster Sam

Hey SFs! The site is running pretty well lately, but I am starting to fall behind on your submissions a bit. There’s currently slightly over a one week delay. Remember, I can only post 8 a day. So whenever more than 8 people submit, I fall a little bit farther […]


UPDATE: SUBMIT BY MIDNIGHT SATURDAY NIGHT. Showcase will go live on Sunday. ——- Hey SFs! are you enjoying the Bad Batch??? Not only is the show going down a very interesting path… it’s also offering us some very interesting HELMET VARIATIONS!!!! And you know how we love helmet variations around […]

Rugboni 6000!

Technology has improved since they built that old clunker of a Rugboni that Murky piloted. Check out the NEW Rugboni:

May the Fourth 2021 Character is…. GREEDO!

Thanks to all the SuperFolders (and my MOM!!!) who gave me suggestions for what to fold on May the 4th this year. But I kept thinking about that post where I said Greedo couldn’t be done EZ-style. It felt like a challenge! So I sat down and folded. MANY MANY […]

May The Fourth Clues

SFs! I have filmed the May the 4th video with folding instructions for a new character!! (It also includes an old character so they can thumb-battle!) I’ll keep it a secret until May the 4th, but here are some clues. It’s not a human. Some SFs requested instrux of various […]


Hey SFs!!! I don’t post a lot of photos of my Star Wars toy here. Frankly, I could fill the site to overflowing with all of my treasured Star Wars toys, bootlegs, books, collectibles and stuff! But this toy is something extra special!!! As soon as the BLURRGS showed up […]

i-ready saga continues…

— It looked like a NEW HOPE… but then the EMPIRE STRUCK BACK!!! Here’s PaperYodaIsReal2021’s original post, two responses and then the tragic follow up…. and then another New Hope? Also, a useful poster! SuperFolder PaperYodaIsReal2021 I heard about the I-Ready Rebellion, but I can’t join because my class already […]

Origami DJ FunkyFoot!! by Stookyyoda565

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565 made this STOOKY origami version of my new book’s star, DJ FunkyFoot, using his own base!!! It’s fantastic!!! Thanks, SY565!!!

May the 4th be with WHO?

SFs! May the 4th is around the corner and I have NO idea what character to make instructions for! Frankly, I have now done instrux for SO MANY MANY characters and creatures, there’s not that many left that are either: Doable as an EZ fold. (For example, Greedo. Still haven’t […]

JAXXON’s Bunny Day Showcase!

I, Jaxxon the Star Wars Rabbit — folded above by SF OrigamiFire9 — have not brought you any eggs! What am I? A Mynock????? But I have picked out my favorite new origami from your recent posts! Scroll on to see it and read my brilliant comments about it! And […]

MegaDoodle Pictures!

Really hard to get good photos!!!! But the event was so much fun! Thank you to everybody who checked in and offered suggestions! I was able to handle most of them, including Baby Yoda riding a Porg riding an Ewok! The Imaginations folks helped me with the coloring. …which is […]


I hope everybody has had a chance to watch the thrilling conclusion to Maul’s March Madness with special guest star, Sam Witwer, the voice of Darth Maul! If you haven’t, you may want to watch it before reading this post. If you have, then you know that our winner is: […]

Site News!

I hope you all enjoyed MMM as much as Webmaster Sam and I enjoyed making it! And now… we need a little break. Sam, as you know, has spent years trying to build a time machine in his basement. Don’t try telling him it won’t work. he won’t listen. He […]

MMM – Sweet Sithteen AND Championship — with Guest Star SAM WITWER!

FROM 64 ENTRIES TO JUST 1 WINNER!!! Webmaster Sam and celebrity guest SAM WITWER(!!!!!!) help Maul declare a WINNER!!! Remember, the winner’s photo will be on EVERY PAGE of OrigamiYoda.com for the next YEAR!!!! But first, they have to survive this final episode of MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS!!!!!!


We’re down to the Sweet Sithteen! No surprise to see Maul and Yoda in there. But the Crystal Fox??? No one saw that coming. Except maybe Boba Fett, who’s out to stop the Fox in this round. A lot of fans are upset and angry that Treet, the Meat you […]

MMM Ep 4! USHRU division! Plus DISNEY/PIXAR version! PLUS Scratch version!

The galaxy’s goofiest origami competition move to the Forest of Fear planet, USHRU! it’s going to be… mushroomy! In this episode we find out which teams move on to take the last spots in the FINAL 32! But that’s not the only competition over on ZACH B’s home planet, he’s […]

WEBSITE UPDATE – Delays Explained

HEY SFs! I’m starting to see some complaints about delays. (Some people may not even know that we used to have 5 MONTH delays, not 5 day delays) Anyway, the graphic above shows you Webmaster Sam’s view of the site. As you can see 68 posts are waiting to go […]


This is it! The BIG BRACKET for our big March Madness Tournament!!! 64 Competitors Start — only one can finish! And the prize? The winner is featured on EVERY page of this website for a whole YEAR! YOU MAY BE IN IT EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T ENTER! The names in […]

Signed Books Available!

Wanted to let everybody know that I have signed a new batch of books for Imaginations Toy Store and they are available for ordering! We’ll be doing a VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH of DJ FUNKYFOOT #1 with Imaginations on March. But these book are available right now! In addition to my […]

Portrait of Tom by Jonathan Todd

The AWESOME graphic novelist Jonathan Todd drew a picture of me last night… using the TRACKPAD of his laptop in a lo-res drawing program. And it’s the best drawing of me EVER!!! PS Jonathan Todd’s book isn’t out YET, but when it comes out…. BUY IT, READ IT, LOVE IT!!!

Origami WandaVision!

Hey SFs! I’m a HUGE fan of WandaVision, the new Marvel show about Wanda and Vision and … old TV shows! Looks like I’m not the only one. The image above is by ORIGAMI SPIDEY who says: I love Marvel and the WandaVision series. I made this to celebrate it. […]

Letters to Tom… A PikPok Situation

Hey SFs, I’ve seen a couple of notes recently about writing actual snail mail letters to Tom. In the past, Tom has answered HUNDREDS of letters with handwritten answers and drawings. Two things have put a stop to this. First, due to the pandemic, we haven’t received OY reader mail […]

Semi-Official SFSpringWeeks Showcases

Hey SFs! As we close out January, SF Sonic the Hedgefold 10 has some big idea for what to do in February, week by week! SuperFolder SonicTheHedgefold10 We are going to make the FIRST EVER FAN EVENT SINCE NICKTHEJEDI’S MANDOLORIAN SHOWCASE!I call it: SFSPRINGWEEKS! The event takes place from Jan […]


SFs! Time for a new book! Geronimo Stilton is SLIME FOR DINNER!!! This is a screwball mystery packed with wacky clues, disgusting food and lots and lots and lots of slimy stuff, including the dreaded WERESLUG! I had a ball, turning this Geronimo Stilton story into a graphic novel… With […]

How To Write Origami Yoda-ish Stories…

Here’s a really good question from a SF: SuperFolder TheGr8CheetohMcYee Good day, Mr. Angleberger, I was wondering if you could give me advice, see, with my SFC stories I attempted to emulate some of the magic that made your books so great while also adding my own style to things, […]

D&D Time with my pal James McCann!

Hey SFs! My Canadian pal James McCann and I had a big old goofy time talking about D&D and stuff for a video series he’s making. Here it is:

Origami Yoda has some good advice for these troubled times…

SFs…. A LOT has happened lately. Crazy stuff most of us thought could never happen in our nation’s Capitol. But it did and you probably don’t need me to go over all of it. We all saw it. But I wanted to draw your attention to one particular photo. It’s […]

We’re back!!!! Stay tuned!

SFs!!! HUGE apologies for the breakdown here! But the awesome folks at my publisher, Abrams, have got it straightened out and we’re back in business! Lots and lots to catch up on, so Webmaster Sam is going to get busy and post a Stookiness Showcase to help catch us up! […]

Any origami BONBRAK yet?

Things move pretty fast in the Star Wars Galaxy! Bonbraks got mentioned (not by me) in the Certain Point of View Strikes Back …. and now they are showing up in the High Republic! WOOKIEEPEDIA Anyone folded one yet? If so, let’s see it!

YOUR donation to Doctors Without Borders!

Here’s the follow up email from Doctors Without Borders after the donation of $1,029 you raised by folding 1,029 Baby Yodas! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated! Doctors Without Borders is helping THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people around the world in this battle against Covid… and YOU are helping them […]

New Year News from Tom

Hello SFs! I hope you enjoyed the FOLDATHON as much as I did. I will post details about the $1000+ donation you earned for Doctors Without Borders soon. I’m very proud of you SFs! Meanwhile, Sam used those Daily Stookiness to FINALLY get us up to date. Now if you […]


SuperFolders!!! Today’s a HUGE day!!!! Definitely one of the biggest in OY.com’s 10 year history!!! We have TWO mega events going on at the same time! (Plus, it’s the end of 2020 which was so bad Murky is inventing a new word for it!) FIRST: ALL DAY there will be […]


Hey SFS!!! I hope you are excited about the FOLDATHON! We sure are. Here’s some stuff you need to know: FIRST: Don’t start folding yet! On New Year’s Eve, Tom will announce WHICH CHARACTER we will be folding. SECOND: Don’t send any money or ask your parents to send money. […]

New Year’s Eve FOLD-A-THON to Fight Covid! JOIN US!

SFs! It’s the return of the FOLD-A-THON!!! It’s time for you to join together and use your origami skills for good! Three years ago, SFs were challenged to raise $1000 to help with earthquake relief by folding 1000 yodas — AS A TEAM! This year, the FOLD-A-THON is back to […]

Boba Saves Xmas! The Musical

I am always dreaming of making a video to go with this Xmas Carol but I never get around to it…. maybe next year. Until then, here’s the song that America can’t stop singing!* *They can’t stop because they never started!

Origami Santa video instrux x2

For some reason, I posted two different videos two different years. Take your pick: regular or deluxe! The important thing about Origami Santa is that it was one of the first succesful designs I ever made. So it gave me the confidence to design my own Origami Yoda! And that […]

Questions and Answers

Hey SFs… I got a nice note here with a bunch of questions. Some of these I have answered before, but maybe a long time ago… So here are fresh answers! SuperFolder OrigamiYodaRocks14 Hi Mr. Angleberger! The Origami Yoda series is my favorite series of all time, so I really […]

Folding a Jawa… the Pickletine way!

Why didn’t I ever think of this???? From SuperFolder dominosquad2020: This is my second post. For the Jawa I just did a pickletine fold and colored it brown And if you don’t know how to fold Pickletine: HOW TO FOLD PICKLETINE

Upgrading Your Origami (starring SF Commander_Tano.)

Here’s something I LOVE to see! A SuperFolder has gone back and redone their original origami. In this case, the first wave was pretty darn good, but the second wave… WOW!!! Most of the origami that you see from me is NOT my first try. Maybe not even my second […]

Dollar Yoda

Somehow I missed this book when it came out last year. It’s by Won Park… one of my absolute favorite folders and it’s all Star Wars dollar folding and YES it includes DOLLAR YODA! (Note this page is just the first 14 steps. you can find the rest in the […]

Update from Webmaster Sam

Hey everybody! You may have noticed that the site was down recently. Sorry about that. As usual the good folks at Tom’s publisher, Abrams, took care of the problem really fast. Which lets us get back to the Daily Showcases! I hope you are enjoying them as much as Tom […]

RIP Chuck Yeager pilot of the BELL X-1!

By now you may have heard the news about the death of Chuck Yeager, the test pilot who first broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1. If you’ve read Emperor Pickletine, you may know a little something about the Bell X-1!

ChewyOrigami 1219’s Collection

SuperFolder ChewyOrigami1219 has a lot of great origami here, but I think my favorite is that SAVAGE Bossk! BONUS: Scroll all the way down for his Grievous Instrux!!!! Hope you like it! We have them in sizes. Small:Flock Of PorgYodaR-5 D-4R-2 D-2WicketMedium:Darth MaulLabelmakerJar JarObi-WanSand PersonJawaSnow trooperLarge:Admiral AckbarBoba FettC-3POLuke SkyfolderKit FistoX […]

The Votes Are In… but we’re going to reach a compromise!

Howdy SFs! Thank you for reading Sam’s post about a Daily Showcase and taking the time to vote! Clearly, the site is a MESS right now with people waiting more than 2 motnhs to see their submissions posted! (And some are not getting posted at all!) Sam’s suggestion was to […]

MANDO MAZE!!! by Sean C. Jackson!!!

What is the EXACT definition of STOOKY? THIS MAZE!!!!!!! Because of Origami Yoda I’ve been lucky to meet lots of amazing artists either in person or online. One of my FAVORITES is Sean C. Jackson! His mazes are both beautiful and actual FUN to solve. And then when he adds […]

Mandalorian Showcase!!! (possible spoilers)

SFs!!! Wow, can you believe how awesome the Mandalorian is? And can you believe how STOOKY this Madalorian Origami is???? The image uptop is by AzurePattyCake! Below, Sam is testing out a new type of photo gallery. Click on any photo to see it BIG.

RIP David Prowse: the terrifying physical presence of Darth Vader

Do not underestimate the power of David Prowse! He was much more than just a tall person wearing a suit! Lesser science fiction movies are full of tall people wearing suits. Prowse didn’t disappear in the suit, he brought the suit to life. The quick turns. The lean-in. The gestures. […]

The DISHES … Wash them you should, hrmm?

When I look back on all the advice that Origami Yoda gave over all the books, I often think the advice OY gave Mike to HELP WASH THE DISHES may be the best. And it works at home, too, not just in church youth groups or camp. And it ESPECIALLY […]

Happy Un-Turkey Day, SFs!!!!!

Sam is going to post a LOT of SF Stookiness during the Thanksgiving break, so keep checking in! Some GREAT stookiness posts lately!!! Keep them coming!

Last call for the Mandalorian Showcase!

Get those entries in, folks! Submit your origami version of any character from The Mandalorian to be part of the showcase. SUBMIT your entry with the words MANDALORIAN and your SF NAME in the title. Like this: “MANDALORIAN from SF WBSam.”

Making a WISHLIST?

Hey SFs! If you’ve got relatives asking you what you want for LifeDay…. (Or any other holiday)… here are some ideas. Of course, I have to mention first that you can get SIGNED books by me and Cece from our local Toy/Book Store, Imaginations. Details are here. But I also […]

Origami Darth Maul reaching new heights!

SFs! Have you seen how amazing Darth Maul origami has been getting lately? Here’s a new one from Stingray. Wow! It’s spectacular: And Stingray says he learned it from Nick_The_Jedi. That’s Nick’s UP TOP. Nick really made some amazing improvements to Darth Maul… AND he made instructions on how to […]

SCREENRANT rants about… ME?

Hey SFs! If you have ever seen the website Screenrant, you’ll know they are always ranting about SOMETHING! Well, right now they are ranting about me! But in a good way! Here’s the article: https://screenrant.com/star-wars-empire-strikes-back-best-movie-mock/ (Note: I can’t guarantee that everything on that site is PG, so proceed with caution!) […]

Mandalorian Season 2 Showcase UPCOMING!

Hey SFs! Sorry, Sam and I have missed a few days on the site. We’ve both been pretty tied up in the election. Especially since Sam was running for Mayor of Crickenburg. (He lost, but is demanding a recount.) Anyway… how about that Mandalorian Season 2???? Holy BackPack Rockets!!! Does […]

Baby Yoda dressed as Veronica! By SF OYJASE and redrawn by Kellen!

Kellen’s drawing, above, is based on SF OY Jase’s picture below. He sent in an awesome creation he made: It’s Baby Yoda as Veronica — the Galaxy’s Most Dangerous Tape Dispenser — from Rocket and Groot. AND Veronica is wearing a Baby Yoda Fan Club hat!

Trick-or-Treaters Wave 2

Another wave of trick-or-treating SFs showed up, so Kellen drew their pictures!

Welcome Trick-Or-Treaters!

Looks like the first wave of Trick or Treaters is HERE! The “treat” (if you want to call it that) is that I am drawing everyone’s picture KELLEN-STYLE. There’s more to come and it’s not to late for you to come trick-or-treating, too! Just take a photo of your Halloween […]

Come Trick or Treating at OrigamiYoda.com!

Alright, SFs… here’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for…. You may or may not be able to trick-or-treat in real life, but you can definitely trick or treat here… and I’m giving out treats! No, I’m not going to be mailing you a Snickers bar. Sorry. BUT if you send […]


I’ve been keeping this secret a LONG time! Disney’s Doorways to Danger is a graphic novel starring Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck and, of course, HUEY, DEWIE and LOUIE! Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy are in there, too, along with classic Disney characters, like Gyro Gearloose! They’re all on an ACTION-PACKED reality […]

How to Draw SLIMER the EZ Way! Video Instrux

Hey SFs! Here’s a little pre-Halloween how-to video. Speaking of Halloween — don’t forget: we’ll be having a Halloween costume/pumpkin/decoration showcase here! Stay Tuned for details…

New El Deafo Super-powered edition!

Hey SFs!!! Some of you that are new around here may not even know that I am married to CECE BELL, author of the Newbery Honor book, EL DEAFO! It’s a graphic novel based on her real-life story of growing up with severe hearing loss. Whether you’ve read it before […]

Congratulations Commander Tano on 200+ Star Wars Artworks!

The amazing Commander Tano has been hard at work and Sam recently posted the picture you see above, which shows 200 pieces of Star Wars artwork! About a third of them are origami. Since, Sam has a backlog of almost two months of posts, I think we can assume that […]

Must See TV: Tom VS Reader on Book Game Show!

Hey SFs! Do you think you could beat ME in a trivia battle about my own books? Well, this kid named Oliver got the chance when author Steve Sheinkin* invited us to be on his book game show with librarian Stacey Rattner: Author Fan Face-Off! I hope you’ll enjoy it […]

15-Minute Creative Writing Classes with Tom

Howdy SFs! I’m starting a new series, where I spend 15 minutes talking about creative writing, storytelling, etc… hopefully, it will give YOU a jumpstart on writing your own stories!

Video Showcase #3!

Hey SFs! It’s time for our third video showcase! Some great origami in this round!


Hey SFs! this is going to be one WEIRD Halloween! Who knows what or how or if it’ll happen. But there’s one thing we can be sure of: HALLOWEEN COSTUME/PUMPKIN/DECORATION SHOWCASE!!! I’ll give you details for submitting later, but I wanted you to start thinking about it. And maybe… GOING […]

I love it when “retired” SuperFolders come back for a visit!

Not everybody can be a SuperFolder for ever. Sometimes homework gets in the way. Sometimes people become fiddle players in a country/rock band and are too busy winning Grammys. And sometimes people just forget their password! It’s always kind of sad to realize someone hasn’t posted in awhile, but… it’s […]

Talk to Tom – Sept 2020

Howdy SFs… This video gets a bit rambly… I kept remembering stuff I wanted to say to you SFs! It will answer some questions for you, though! including: PhinX- Will you write more OY books? MurkyK – Tell us the real-life story behind Dwight’s squirrel power. PhinX- Write more OY! […]

Mario 35th Anniversary

Hey SFs! I’m a bit late, so I’m sure you ALL know that Mario’s birthday just happened, etc… etc… Here’s FortuneWookiee2255’s Mario Origami to celebrate it! Cool Bowser! And great detail work on all! I’ve been playing Mario ALMOST that long. 31 or 32 years probably. (Although I was playing […]

Suprise Showcase: Bane’s Story in Origami

SFs!! When I saw OldBen_Kenobi’s recent post of an Origami Embo, I realized we could probably find all the other characters from my new Clone Wars Story in the archives. With 20,000+ posts, we’ve got just about everybody from the Star Wars universe! So here’s the story, in origami! Bane’s […]

SFs! Read the opening to my Cad Bane story!

From the book: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark, here is one of the DARK stories…. Actually, the story itself isn’t that dark… but the star is a BAD GUY! A REAL bad guy! Bounty Hunter Cad Bane. Here’s the opening of Bane’s Story, which has […]


Cardboard blurrg progress shot…

RIP Chadwick Boseman

Here’s SF spoileralert’s Origami Black Panther… as we mourn the loss of the incredible actor who played him, Chadwick Boseman.

State of the Website update from WB Sam

I hope you all enjoyed the SF CON. Tom sure did and he’s already talking about the next one. I actually enjoyed it, too! Something that’s not so great, though, is how far behind we are in posting your awesome submissions. One went up the other day that said Happy […]

SFCON 2020!!!!!

It was a blast! At least I thought it was. If you missed it, you can watch it above… the event actually starts after 30 minutes of clock ticking, so skip forward a ways! THank you so much to everyone who came or who sent in origami. And thank you […]


Yes, just like at a real CON, SF Con will have a CON exclusive. It’s going to be an original Kellen-style drawing available only from a certain link. And the only way to get the link is by watching! And it’s going to be really good!

LAST CALL for SF CON Submissions!

Hey SFs!!! We are just days away from SF Con… I’ve seen the line-up and it’s AMAZING!!!! Webmaster Sam and I need a little time to prep each submission (you’ll see what I mean) so the deadline is TONIGHT! (Wed August 12) (You might get away with early tomorrow morning.) […]

Tom Can’t Draw – Season Finale!

This is it folks! Raul the IIIrd and Jas Ingram teach me to draw a Kaiju/Lucha Monster Showdown! And you can learn to draw it with me!

SFCON 2020 TIME and DATE announced!

The VIP list is getting awesome!!!! Wait until you SFs see what you SFs have come up with!!! Whoop!!! When will you see it? FRIDAY AUG 14! LIVE on Youtube at 8:30 PM Eastern, 7:30 PM Central, 6:30 PM Mountain and 5:30 PM Pacific!!! (If you’re overseas, hopefully you can […]

Important info from Webmaster Sam about SFCON

Hello SFs! Tom sure is excited about SFcon and I hope you are too! We are going to announce a time and date soon. I hope everyone will be able to come. I have a few rules to discuss with you about the Con. The number one rule: Don’t Be […]

Some new videos for you…

Alright, SFs… are you excited about the big SuperFolder Con? I sure am! But we’re going to give everybody time to submit something spectacular! So, to keep you busy until then, here are some videos you might enjoy. First a few of mine: And here’s a wild new Tom Can’t […]

Note: Superfolder Con 2020 is a NO-POLITICS ZONE

If you’ve already sent in a submission featuring a political candidate or political theme, please send in something different. And during the event, I’ll ask you to refrain from posting political comments. (And, obviously, any kind of nasty or rude comments!) Note: important issues like #BlackLivesMatter, Civil Rights, PRIDE, mask-wearing, […]

SUPERFOLDER CON 2020!!! (Virtual)

We’ve always talked about having a Superfolder Con, but travel made it impossible. But with Comic Con and every other Con going virtual this year, I figured WHY DON’T WE!!!! It’ll be a lot like a video showcase, except: It will be live on Youtube. You will pick your STOOKIEST […]

A Most Impressive first post!

Wow! SF Old Ben Kenobi dropped a first post that has 30 characters in it!!! Plus instructions for some of them!

ONLINE Comic-Con panels Thursday and Friday!!!

HEY SFs!!! This year we can ALL be part of Comic-Con without spending a fortune or waiting in lines forever! I’m on two panels. One for Star Wars and one for Graphix graphic novels, including my new Geronimo Stilton GN! The panel for Graphix — Thursday at 10pm Eastern/1PM pacific […]

Tom Can’t Draw Episode 5

Here’s my latest Tom Can’t Draw video. And stay tuned for a new Star Wars drawing video very soon!

The Mighty Chewbacca on Star Wars Book Club

HEY SFs!!!! So this was crazy cool! The Star Wars Book Club read my book and featured it on their show. Incredibly, the actor who plays Chewie — Joonas Suotamo — was on the show to talk about my book with host Kristen Baver, Star Wars crafter Kelly Knox and […]

A sneak preview of my Cad Bane story….

Hey SFs… you can read about my love of Clone Wars and then read an excerpt from my Cad Bane short story here: https://www.polygon.com/star-wars/2020/7/14/21321898/star-wars-clone-wars-cad-bane-short-story-stories-of-light-and-dark-excerpt

Video Showcase 2!!!

I really enjoy making these… but I want to make sure you guys like them. So please give this video a thumbs up or thumbs down based on what you REALLY think!

Coming Soon-ish!!!

Page 191! Reached the end of my [top secret] Graphic Novel! It’s just the rough draft and I have to go back and fill a lot of holes and stuff, but…

Remi and The Ewoks!

SF Commander_Tano’s Remi with her Ewoks! HUGWALKERS BEWARE!!!

Who You Gonna Fold?

My call for soundtrack suggestions hasn’t yet turned up quite enough to make a full album yet…. BUT AhsokaAwesome6 wrote in with something absolutely amazing!!!!! It’s GHOSTBUSTERS meets OY! Take it away AhsokaAwesome6…. I have an origami yoda song sung to the ghostbusters theme song, here are the lyrics : […]

Yep, still need to WEAR A MASK!

Got another entry for the showcase from ORIMASTEROHANSF and… why not share it since wearing a mask is still a matter of life or death! Be careful SFs and the Force be with you!

Three new videos: One-Line Jabba! 3D AT-AT! Tom Can’t Draw 3!

Watch Tom Can’t Draw episode 3 and learn to draw: horses, hamburgers and Nellie Nutgraf! Want something super fast? Draw Jabba with one-line! Want to draw your own Battle of Hoth! This 3-D ATAT from Art2-D2 will get you started! https://youtu.be/lkyiGyl8f2s


Heys SFs!!!! This is awesome! You proved that we can use our origami skills to make a point… maybe even save lives! Wow!

Stuff to Do Round-Up

Origami Instructions -=-=-=-=-=-EZ YODA WITH ROBEBaby Yoda WITH PODMANDALORIANEWOKS!R5D4Animal CrossingPORG!AhsokaEZ R2 and C3P0EZ LukeLeia from a circleUniversal Puppets1-fold JabbaArchive = 30+ Star Wars Origami Folds-=-=-=-=-=- Drawing Videos -=-=-=-=-=-DRAW 8 Star Wars Creatures! EASY!Draw a 1-page Graphic NovelDraw a 3D AT-ATDraw Jabba with one line!Drawing Nose Animals Vol. 1 2 3 […]

CAD BANE!!!! I wrote a Cad Bane Clone Wars story!

Hey SFs!!! At last I can tell you a big secret I’ve kept for a long time! I got to write Cad Bane’s version of the “Crisis on Naboo” arc for the Clone Wars Anthology! Above: JJ The Folder’s stooky Origami Cad Bane! Below: Captain Origami’s Cad Bane diorama!

First Ever Video Showcase!!!

Hey SFs! For the first time ever… a SuperFolder showcase with live feedback from me! Hope this works… Here are most of the submissions featured: CW Flash Kirigami MANDO Pt 1 Imperial Shuttle Yoda maze Kirigami MANDO Salcious crumb Origami Kit Fisto Awesome game Anyone else excited Luke skyfolder Jedi […]

Wear-A-Mask Showcase!

Time for a showcase with a purpose! A lot of adults STILL aren’t getting the message: masks save OTHER people’s lives. So, I’m posting some of my characters wearing masks this week as part of #kidlitformasks. And i want you to join the effort! Fold or doodle ANY character wearing […]

Make your Dad something!

My Dad used to carry me all over the mountains in Giles County, Va.! It’s not easy hiking with a kid on your shoulders, but he took me lots of places that way! (Btw…. color film was available at that time, my Dad just liked B&W) My father collects dogs […]

New drawing video –> Tom Can’t Draw!

Hey SFs! I have a new show called Tom Can’t Draw! Just one episode so far, but if it’s interesting to people I want to make more. The idea is: I zoom with some of my friends and colleagues and ask them to teach me to draw something. Then at […]

Tom Rides the Bus… no evil pickles in sight!

I recently came across this photo from an 8th(?) grade field trip I took long before any of your were born. I’m the goofy one in the middle of the aisle, probably annoying everybody. Does the guy down front look like Harvey or what? That smirk! Actually, he was a […]

I’m in TWO Upcoming Star Wars Anthologies!

I’ve written one silly story and one serious story! Can you guess which goes with which book? Can you guess which Clone Wars character I wrote about? How about which Empire Strikes Back character I wrote?

Happy Birthday, Geronimo Stilton!

My new Geronimo book is only a few weeks old… but Geronimo himself just turned 20! (Twice as old as ol’ OY!) Here’s a video of me dressed as GS, drawing GS and teaching you to draw GS, too! BTW I also have a new episode of Tom and Tony’s […]

Origami R5D4 video instrux!

The legend: r5d4! Almost the same fold as another legend … Isabelle from animal crossing!

Origami Ewok Video Instrux!

Remi made these in a book, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a video until now. Hope you make a whole forest moonfull!

Site Working Again!

Thanks to fast action from Tom’s publisher, Abrams, we are rolling again! Submission are re-opened! -WB SAM

Origami Qwikpick characters by OrangeEndergami!

Thanks for folder the Qwikpickers, OrangeEndergami! If any of you have never read Qwikpick… it’s set in the same universe as Origami Yoda, but about 10 years earlier. In Darth Paper Strikes Back, there’s a scene at a Qwikpick convenience store. And remember Green Hill Plantation? Well, before it was […]

Site News from WB Sam…

Hello Superfolders… If you click on stookiness you’ll see posts saying “Happy May the 4th.” That was over a month ago!!!! That will give you some idea of just how far behind we are!!! It’s no wonder. So many of you are staying home (which is good) and folding origami […]

More Stuff to Do …

Sam will be updating the Stuff To Fo page soon. In the meantime, take a here’s a sneak peek at the one of new videos:

How to make a #blacklivesmatter shirt or sign in a hurry!

Hey SFs! Protests and rebellions need to send a clear message. We can use our Jedi paper skills to help do that! Or this link: https://t.co/3KrBRlI2Q1?amp=1 So far I’ve made just this one shirt, with spray paint. But I have ordered 50 blank shirts and will be screen printing them […]

Kellen Matters #blacklivesmatter

This post is from 4 years ago….  America still hasn’t fixed itself. In many ways, it’s worse. But you SFs can do better than my generation did… I hope you do. >> Original post…<< SFs… Our country is going through a rough time and it’s hard for me to know […]

Virtual Book Festival Visit!

Howdy SFs… I did a virtual visit to the Gaithersburg Book Festival last weekend. I wasn’t sure what it would be like, but it was a blast. Since I couldn’t have kids come up on stage with me or yell out answers from the audience, the festival worked out a […]

The Star Wars/Origami edition of Tom and Tony’s Monster Manual Jam…

Hey SFS…. If you havent been watching me and Tony DiTerlizzi draw monsters, now’s the time to tune in! We switched from D&D to Star Wars for this episode and rolled up a random cantina creature. Which one? Well, tune in and find out! Tony drew it and I folded […]


Origandalf just posted his GROO puppets in Stookiness. They’re awesome! It reminded me of San Diego Comic Con 5 years ago when I made a Groo for Groo’s creator Sergio!

Live Book Event was fun!

SFs! The live event is over, I hope some of you were able to tune in and see me, Breena Bard and Maria Scrivan talk books and draw… driving unicorns! We all have new books from Scholastic Graphix: Trespassers, Nat Enough and Geronimo Stilton. P.S. I didn’t look this weird […]

Make Something for Your Mom!

My Mom is awesome and I bet yours is, too. So make her something already! I know you know how to fold and doodle. So fold and doodle and give her something stooky today.

Origami Yoda: The Soundtrack

SFs! For a long time, I’ve wanted to put together the soundtrack for the series. Of course, it starts with: And ends with: But what comes in between? Kiss This Kiss is, thankfully, not a real song. If you remember any songs mentioned in the books, send them in as […]


SFs! Scholastic’s Read-a-palooza has begun and I’m so proud that my drawing of Geronimo is up there with The Captain! You can sign up for it at Home Base and then log in to track your summer reading! Keep on reading to unlock book donations to kids who may not […]

Geronimo Stilton is ready for you to read!

Hey SFs! Today was book launch day for me! Instead of doing a real life tour with a booksigning at a store somewhere, I did a book launch in Scholastic’s virtual world: Home Base! Thank you so mush to the SFs who joined me over there!!!! I’m very sorry if […]

Commander Tano reached 100 and…. WOW!

This is amazing! Can you find all of them: 2 Vaders, Jabba, Leia, 5 Ewoks, Delta-7 starfighter, 2 jaws, 3 Padmés, Sabé, 3 Twilek/togruta hybrids, space slug, 11 Ahsokas, BB-8, Ki Adi Mundi, imperial shuttle, Maul, Tatooine, Coruscant, Geonosis, Slave 1, 3 Aayla Securas, Adi Gallia, nubian yacht, Lama Su, […]

Make-A-Griffin Drawing Prompt

SFs! I love drawing griffins, hippogrifs, manticores and any other mythological beast that is just different animals stuck together. I made this drawing page to get you started….,

Kessel Run: A SOLO Pencil Game – with video instrux

HEY SFS!!! Remember the old pencil-flick games from Darth Paper and Art2-D2? Well, I came up with a new one… and this one you can play by yourself… SOLO! You can print out mine and give it a try. My record is 8! (It’s the green version.) Even better… make […]

Origami Ahsoka!!!

Hey SFs! EZ Ahsoka instrux are here! WOW, was she awesome in Siege of Mandalore or what? Hey, I hate to sound like EVERY OTHER Youtuber, but would you SFs mind hitting the like button for me if you watch these videos? Whew…. it’s tough getting these videos out there! […]

Monster Manual Coloring Sheets

Ahwile back I redrew just about every monster in the original Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual on 27 index cards. Here they are for you to print and color if you wish. Or just for you to look at and wonder, “what is Tom’s problem?”

You Be Kellen!!! Doodle on Tommy’s Casefile!

Hey SFs! Here’s your chance to out-doodle the Jedi Master Doodler — Kellen! Print this out, get a fairly thin pen — maybe even Kellen’s beloved Pilot G2 — and scrawl all over it… just like Kellen would!

Rocket and Groot Coloring Pages

Want to color, but not some kind of dumb junk but something totally bat-butt crazy? Well, color me: Rocket Racoon! And Groot and Veronica, too! And do it right, pal!

My Weekly Show: Book It! Live!

Hey SFs! This week we got the live show to go live! And I had a great time filming it! We even had a guest appearance from CECE BELL! Moving it from Instagram to Youtube turned out to be a challenge and the results are not great … The sound […]

TONS of How-To Videos

HEY SFs! I’ve been posting a lot of how-to videos to try to keep you all busy and sane while you stay home. Like this one: But I’m hardly the only one! Here are some videos by other folks you may want to try out… and each of these people […]

EZ Origami Bunny

Hey SFs! Here’s an easy one for you… This is my own bunny design, but it may have been a SF who showed me how making a single cut can open up a lot of possibilities! I’m hoping to come up with some more one cut models… Also a quick […]

Stay tuned…

Today’s premiere of BookIt Live with Tom… did not happen. Technical difficulties! We’ll try again next Wed. Sorry for the hassle!

Commander Tano’s Doodle Challenge!

Hey SFs… Commander_Tano sent in such a good idea, I moved it here to the front page! SuperFolder Commander_Tano Listen up superfolders! This is Commander_Tano with a challenge for all of the art/star wars people out here. The Challenge: Make as many origami/star wars drawings/doodles as you can and display […]

Geronimo Stilton (and more) coloring pages

Hey SFs! You can download coloring pages I made with Geronimo Stilton or lots of other GRAPHIX artist’s pages here: https://bit.ly/3aCvUvB You’ll find some Amulet, some Owly and some Catwad!

How to get a SIGNED book!

SFs!!! Many of my book tour events have been cancelled, including the Didi Dodo 3 launch party at Imaginations Toys in Blacksburg Va. The store has a whole bunch of freshly signed (and doodled in) books by me and Cece… and they will send them to you via Maillenium Falcon! […]

A great time to Scratch!

Programming with Scratch is a great way to occupy yourself during the quarantine. It’s browser-based, so programs are very easy to test/play/share! This is the way I made the Didi Dodo game I posted a few days ago. I just made a little dungeon/maze generator. It makes a maze, then […]

Hands, wash them you must, yes!

Hey SFs! I just got an urgent call from Mr GoodCleanFun. He wants you to wash your hands with soap! Of course, he always wants that, but even more right now. Everything we can do to slow down the spread of the coronavirus is important! It can help if you […]

Origami Yoda’s 10th Birthday Party begins at OY EU!

OY turns 10 on March 10… The awesomely stooky and stookily awesome SFs at the Origami Yoda Expanded Universe site have already begun the party. The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe must be getting close to 10 years old, too! It’s a place for readers who want to write, draw and […]

Project Luminous!

Have you SFs heard about this huge new Star Wars publishing plan called Project Luminous? There’s going to be lots of new characters to fold, including some space Vikings called the Nihl. And lots and lots of different Jedi! Stay tuned!  


If you ever wondered where I got the name McQuarrie Middle School…. it’s from Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. He’s responsible for a lot of what we all love about Star Wars. He also made fantastic paintings later in the process, which is what I think this Yoda artwork […]

Didi Dodo 3 and Geronimo Stilton Book Tours!

Hey SFs!!! I am gearing up to come see some of you! Hopefully a lot of you! More details to come, but right now we know that this spring /summer will include visits to: Seattle’s comic con Denver’s Pop Con DC (Gaithersburg BOOK festival) Shenandoah Comic Con (Harrisonburg Va)   […]

Doug Chiang Rules!

I loved this scene in the Mandalorian and the concept art. Recently Doug Chiang posted about the concept art instagram and I thought I’d give you guys a peek. I was wondering who had done this particular painting because it’s just plain amazing!!! He’s so good I might have to […]

SF-made Plush Baby Yoda!

SF PaperTiger07 made this amazing plush Baby Yoda! This is fantastic! Why wait for the toy company? DIYY!! SuperFolder Paper_Tiger07 said: I made this ( with a lot of help ) after I watched the first 3 episodes of the Mandalorian. I hope you like it and may the folds […]

Anyone watching She-Ra?

Currently, my favorite TV show is She-Ra! As someone who grew up in the 80s, I’m shocked and surprised to be saying that. But the new She-Ra is really THAT good! And if any of you boys think it’s just a show for girls… uh-uh. It’s stooky! You know Lance […]

The Mandalorian by SF JediYoda!

I love this stooky Mandalorian poster/diorama from SF JediYoda. It’s a great example of taking good origami to the next level by setting up a good photo, backdrop, etc. Plus… Baby Yoda!!!

Good Books!

Hey SFs! Thought I’d mention some good books I read recently that you might want to try… The Lost Girl is a paranormal mystery about identical twins who notice things missing… and then one of them goes missing! Guts… well you probably know about Guts since it was one of […]


Webmaster Sam says: The Stookiness inbox is still overflowing! The rule is now: 1 post per SF per day. Extra posts may NEVER get posted! You can put as much origami into that one post as you want… in fact that’s what I hope you will do! We love to […]

The Mandafoldian’s BD-1 is STOOKY!!!

Wow… if you had asked me to fold BD-1, I would have said it would be too hard because of its shape… But SF Mandafoldian totally nailed it!!! His Cal Kestis is pretty sharp, too! In case you don’t know what BD-1 looks like:

Clone Wars coming back!

The Clone Wars is so much a part of the DNA of the Origami Yoda books. At it’s best, it is literally some of the greatest Star Wars ever made. And Ahsoka is one of my all-time favorite characters! Not to mention Rex, Fivrs, Ventress, Grievous, Kid Boba and Cad […]

Cameos in my books spotted by SF ZackB

Guest Post by SuperFolder DarthZackB In “McToad Mows Tiny Island,” Origami Yoda and Jabba the Puppett are seen on McToad’s desk in the bottom right corner of the illustration with the map of Big Island and Tiny Island. And in “Rocket and Groot: Keep on Truckin’,” an angry Rocket Raccoon […]

Still working hard!

Hey SFs!!! Don’t want you to think I’m on vacation or something, I’m just hard at work on Geronimo Stilton!

Fun drawing game…

Here’s a fun game, solo or with friends. Fold a piece of paper in half. Then unfold. One one side try to draw a famous character from memory. Add every detail you can recall. Then, on the other side draw the character again, this time with a picture of the […]

Back to Work!

Hey SFs! I had a great break– watching Mandorian, visiting NYC and looking at the galaxy of awesome origami you SFs posted over break! But now I’m back to work on Geronimo Stilton graphic novel 2! The pic is of page 1 on my drawing tablet. (I use a Microsoft […]

2020… the past and future of Origami Yoda

SFs!!! 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Origami Yoda. Yes, book one was published way back in 2010. It has been an incredible 10 years!!! And I’ll have posts about some highlights throughout the year. But what about the future? That’s all up to you! Because one thing I can […]

Tom is not a boomer, okay?

SFs… I don’t usually discuss my age online, but I do want to make one thing clear: I am NOT a boomer. Here is a photo of me when I was a kid at McQuarrie Middle School in the 80s to prove it…

Chicken Alert! Chicken Alert!

SFs!!! There’s so much going on in both the Star Wars and McQuarrie Middle school universes right now… but I still found time to meet a chicken on Minecraft Earth!

ICYMI: How to Fold Origami Baby Yoda!

Here you go SFs! Remember:  if you don’t have origami paper, white copy paper and markers will do!   By the way… I think SF CJ may have been the first to make and submit an origami Baby Yoda! Way ahead of me… as usual!

Important Message from Webmaster Sam

SFs, tha is for taking a second to read this! And don’t forget to scroll on down to see Tom’s stuff and then head to Stookiness to see SFs’ amazing posts! The posts really have been amazing lately… but they are coming in too fast for me to handle!!!!   […]

Origami Babu Frik from Rise of Skywalker

Hey SFs! I saw the movie last night and this morning had to fold a Babu Frik! Between the Mandalorian’s incredible 7th episode and Rise of Skywalker AND the Clone Wars short story I’ve been working on… I am loving Star Wars so much right now. I hope you are […]

Nightmare Be-Fold Christmas…

Origami Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. Just rewatched and it was even more visually spectacular that I remembered! If you’ve never seen it,… A little kirigami used here, but the smile is straight up pleat folding. Everything could be done with no cuts if not for the bowtie and […]

An incredible Origami BABY Yoda!

You might think this is Van Jahnke’s Baby Yoda, but it’s really by an instagrammer named Mr Ghoul. I’m impressed!!!

Yoda Lisa or Mona Yoda?

If you’ve seen my youtube video about how to draw the Mona Lisa, you’ll know how easy this version is to make!  

B.E.E.? Best Ewok Ever?

I try not to say that one SFs has made “the best” because that be like criticizing the other SFs who had made something similar. So let’s just say that this is one of the Top Three Best Origami Ewoks that will ever be folded anywhere in any galaxy… Well […]

Halloween Update

Whoa and woah! Look at Ransom’s Art2D2 costume!

First Mandalorian?

This Origami Mandalorian came in several weeks ago from SF FortuneWookiee2255. Definitely awesome. POSSIBLY the first ever!!!

Origami Grover with vid

Grover the Waiter And his unfortunate customer… https://youtu.be/3qZXhg2NTqE    

Anybody else got Blurgg Mania?

Anybody else not sure how to spell Blurgg? Blergg? Blurgh? In case you haven’t seen them yet, the Blrrrgs are from The Mandalorian…

OY cards…

Ran into these recently. General Cheesyus looks better than I remembered. Fun fact: he was going to be the cover star of book6, but the Emperor took over!

Hey, am I crazy or…

Was there a baby origami Yoda in one of the books? I’ve looked for it but can’t find it. I may have confused it with a drawing in Horton Halfpott. But if it’s real and you can snap a photo would you submit it for me? Thanks!

Yep, I love The Mandalorian!

Thought it would be cool. But it’s better than that! Plus this ugnaught character! To say nothing of the [no spoilers]!

Old Space Jokes…

I’ve been trying to track down a book that gave me some layoffs in the 4th grade. It may have been the one above or one of the two below.

Halloween Showcase 2019!

Hey SFs!!! Hope you all had fun! I know some of you did because you sent in pictures! Above is a GENIUS use of gourds to make the new droid, D-O! Keep scrolling to see more!

Last minute (and cheap) Halloween idea and instrux

Hey SFs! Here’s a quick costume in case you need an idea. You need a piece of dollar store foamboard or posterboard, some markers, crayons or paint. Careful cutting out that face!

GIANT Puppets

SFs! While I was in Texas I had the chance to see Austin’s Day of the Dead parade. It was amazing!!!! One of the highlights were these HUGE puppets!

And the big news is… my first Graphic Novel!!!

The news is out! The graphic novel I’ve been making stars… the world-famouse Geronimo Stilton! I explain it all to super-librarian Mr Schu here: http://mrschureads.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-sewer-rat-stink-geronimo-stilton.html

Halloween Showcase- costumes, pumpkins, monster origami…

hey SFs! HALLOWEEN is our chance to shine! Awesome costumes, iconic character pumpkins, origami vampyrs…. You make it; Sam and I will post it! Be sure to title it like this: Halloween Wookiee Pumpkin or whatever. The pumpkin above was made by SF C3P0!  

See you in Texas?

SFs! I’ll be at the Texas Book Festival in Austin Saturday afternoon with Jared Chapman, my collaborator on the Didi Dodo books! Hope to see some of you Texas SFs there!

Tom’s Pick and Sam’s Tip of the Week

Tom: Check out this amazing handful of origami by LandoCalrissian96!!! That Cover Yoda is fantastic! Sam: here’s my tip… don’t upload more than two submissions on one day. I skip over anything more than that and then may miss putting it up later.

The Clone Wars Anthology

This is just a proposed cover, but I thought you’d like to see it and the names of the other authors…

Here Comes The Fold…

We’ve had a lot of things on this site, but never a wedding! Congratulations to CoverYodaMakers’s family!!

Force Friday Part 2: Big News from NY Comic Con

Yeeeeeha!!!! I’m writing Star Wars again!!!! Just announced at NYCC: a book of short stories based on events from The Clone Wars… and I’m one of the writers! More details to come…

Force Friday 2019 – Ki Adi Mundi instrux

Hey SFs…. by request, here are instrux for Ki Adi Mundi!   Tweak to make any Jedi with robes. A variation on folds various SFs, including me, have been doing for a while. But this may be the first time these robe folds have gotten the official treatment. The important […]

Webmaster Sam’s Pick and Tip of the Week!

Hey Superfolders! Well, the site is sort of running like normal again. Hopefully it looks normal, behind the scenes it’s gotten really messy! The good news is the submissions right now are INCREDIBLE! (or AWESOME as Tom would say). It was tough to pick just one but this one is […]

Talk to Tom …. including “Will there be more OY books?”

FROM: SF Stookiestorm41408 hi. i made these book covers (search “Hey SFs” under my account name to find it. ) and i was wondering if you could choose one of the characters and fold your own version of it, then make instrux? thanks! TOM: Hey, those book covers are really […]

SF Stookiness is BACK!

And WOW it’s back with style! Check out MistaQuiktip’s FOLDALORIAN!!!! Sorry for the delay! If you submitted something before Aug. 21 and it has not shown up, PLEASE resubmit it. As you can tell from that date, Stookiness is running about a month behind. I want to catch up! So […]

Message from Webmaster Sam AND some Talk To Tom

Superfolders… We’re having some kind of problem getting new SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS submissions to post. Really sorry about this. Hope to fix it soon. Keep an eye on it and if see SF ZachB’s Cheetos post, you’ll know we’ve fixed it. In the meantime, I’ll post one of Tom’s TALK TO […]

Hee Hee Man…

SFs…. Have you seen this before? If so, sorry for the repeat. If not, COMMENCE LAUGHTER!

More Talk to Tom coming soon

SFs! I apologize if you submitted a Talk To Tom question and haven’t seen an answer yet. Somebody asked THE BIG question and … it sidetracked me for awhile. Stay tuned…


PSSSSTTTTTT! Superfolders!!! Please please please check out this video of Tom on a COOKING SHOW but don’t tell him I told you about it because he thinks he sounds like a muppet that had too much coffee. It’s on KIDLIT TV: https://t.co/ZaZbkvHQbm?amp=1  


Cece was helping me get a new author photo and Soapy tagged along…

New Book Alert!!! Nellie Nutgraf 3!!!

If you’ve read Nellie Nutgraf 1 and 2 on The Epic App, you may have said to yourself, “ the one thing missing is Queen Victoria using a jetpack to feed sardines to the Loch Ness Monster…” Don’t worry, me and illustrator Gillian Reid solved that with book 3!!!!

AI-Generated Origami Yoda

I fed the opening of OY into an AI storybot made by Botsociety. It wrote some weird stuff about mirrors, but also invented a “Harvey” type voice and came up with an interesting idea for a sequel where a girl (Sara?) uses OY on summer vacation! ___________<oo>_______ The big question […]

Bounty Hunters: Block Series

Maybe these guys were hired by Darth Sandpaper? Making these wooden figures reminds me one of my favorite things about Origami Star Wars figures: they don’t cost anything. There are no limited editions or black series or driving around trying to find an obscure figure. (Or worse paying big $ […]

DC Superfolders! I’ll be at Nat’L Book Fest this weekend!

Hey DC SFs! National Book Fest is a CRAZY ZOO!  If you’re going to be there Saturday you can see me between 9:30 and 2 at the Pizza Hut Book It Booth! You’ll be hearing more about Book It this year! Basically: if your school participates, you can get free […]

Next level kirigami..

No seriously… this IS the next level. https://phys.org/news/2019-08-mathematical-framework-sheet-material-kirigami.html Also, this suggests that if you want to study origami in college it just might work out!!

TALK TO TOM: Graphic Novel Advice, Toy Story Tags, Marvel vs Star Wars

Hey tom I have a question I am making a graphic novel and I want some advice. –Origami_Master53 I think it’s awesome that you’re making comics!!! My main advice, though, is DON’T make a graphic novel. NOT YET! First, just draw some mini-comics. 4-8 pages. This will give you a […]


TALK TO TOM: Favorite Movie(s)

What is your favorite movie, other than Star Wars? –SuperFolder ForceFolder1 A: Totoro, which I posted about recently, is way up on my list. And so is Spirited Away. Both are by Studio Ghibli. Some other favorites: BABE, The Gallant Pig Wall-E The Dark Crystal The Muppet Movie Casablanca The […]

ROS Poster!!!!

Hmmmmm…. The Return of Pickletine????

Totoro at the theater!

Hey SFs… this isn’t a commercial, just me recommending a chance to see one of my very favorite movies on the big screen. Totoro is absolutely amazing! And seeing it BIG makes it even nore amazing! It’s being shown all over the country, so check your local theater’s listings for […]

Talk To Tom!

I asked Tom if he’d be up for for a session of Ask Tom/Talk to Tom and he said “Absotively” and I said, “easy there, Ned Flanders!” Anyway, here’s your chance to tell Tom what you’ve always wanted to tell him. Or ask him about something or try to pry […]

Sam’s Pick and Rule of the Week

Hello, SFs! Sam here. I’m back from vacation and back to picking a pick and posting a rule every week or so. The PICK you see above is by SF Z1llo_B3ast! They made origami Godzilla and Kaiju! It’s like Monster Island! Here’s the details: Top row (l-r): Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, […]

From a long time ago…

… in an art director’s office far far away… About 10 years ago, I sent Chad Beckerman the art director for the OY series these Yodas to give him some stuff to work with as he and designer Melissa Arnst worked on the cover. Of course, once he saw the […]


I usually don’t post random personal stuff… but this one was BIG! I got to see Ringo Starr! He was great and spread a lot of positive energy and flashed 2000 peace signs at least. Finding the Beatles was a big thing for me when I was a kid. I […]

Graphic Novel Update!

Pencilling is now complete! 186 pages!!! I am now inking the pencil drawings. This is one I can share without giving too much away.  

Electric Mayhem, the Muppet Band!

Hey SFs… One of my hobbies is making stuff out of wood. I don’t like fiddling about with sandpaper and stuff, so I let it stay pretty rough. Above you can see the steps to making my latest project: The Electric Mayhem.

StarWars, Space and a Superfolder at Brickfest!

Hey SFs!! I just went to a big Lego show in DC. Absolutely amazing!!! And Star Wars is going strong! Lots and lots of spaceships and Jedi battles and clone troopers. Top right, check out an insanely detailed diorama of the lower levels of Coruscant! Wow! also, going clockwose, a […]

Sam’s Pick and Tip of the week

This week my pick is actually 3 picks. SF Forcefolder1 used instructions from other superfolders and gave them proper credit. This always makes me happy! Plus ForceFolder1 did a great job on them and took nice clear photos! In their submission, Forcefolder1 said they were not so happy though. Apparently […]

Captain Americut and the Gold Mine of EU Glory!

SFs!!! If you haven’t checked out the EU site recently… it is AMAZING! Http://origamichewbacca.wordpress.com SF Noah’s Captain Americut is just one of the many GOLD nuggets over there! I love it when SFs continue the story… or write their own… and the EU has done it on a grand scale!!!

My “Desk”

This is where most of my graphic novel has been drawn: on the porch! A lot of books have been made either all or in part on this porch! Long-time readers will recognize the monkey who often hangs out with me during book production.

Hey SFs!!! I’m spending the summer adapting and drawing a graphic novel! It’s the biggest comics project I’ve ever done and it’s SO much fun!!! I’ve pencilled about 160 pages and have about 25 to go! (I need to go back and ink the pages in black, which will take […]

Big News for Fake Mustache/Qwikpick Artist!!!

Woohoooo!!!! BIG news from SDCC! Jen Wang won the Eisner award for best writer/artist!!! That’s right! She’s THE BEST!!! But we already knew that, because she’s the illustrator of Fake Mustache and Qwikpick and she made those books amazing!!!!! Another book she made amazing is her own graphic novel, The […]

That’s one small fold for a superfolder….

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with this amazing stop-motion origami video by SF Guillermo! Sometimes a SF takes superfolding beyond what I was expecting… way beyond! SF Guillermo has had many great folds before, but this one launches him into …. the Jedi Council of Superfolders! Congratulations!

BREAKING NEWS: Sith Trooper!

The Star Wars instagram account just posted this photo. The new Sith Trooper from Rise Of Skywalker is at SDCC! Who will fold the first ever origami version? You??? Why not? Grab some paper and get folding!!!

Sam’s Pick of the Week

OrigamiFire9 made this great Jaxxon! You can read more about him in OrigamiFire9’s stookiness post…. (no rule from me this week other than: stay cool!)

A Mighty Chewbacca toy! (?)

Hey SFs! I found those cool Star Wars archaeology kits on sale at Wmart for $3! I got 3 and this time got 2 of the 1 I really wanted! BOSSK’s skull! Well, maybe not Bossk, but one of his species: Trandoshan. (I think that’s right) The reason I especially […]

Mayv has a page at Wookieepedia!

One of the craziest things I’ve had a chance to do is create a new Star Wars character to go on an adventure with Chewie and K2 in The Mighty Chewbacca! Mayv Trillick is my own little contribution to the enormous Star Wars galaxy. Artist Andie Tong really brought her […]

Space Origami!

Hey SFs! For those of you haven’t heard … NASA uses origami! Here’s an official NASA picture of an unnamed researcher with a folding space something. Could this be what Dwight does when he grows up? Or maybe Remi? Or maybe YOU?

Star Wars Battlepod!

Not an ad… more like a fan letter…. Recently got a chance to play a Star Wars Battlepod again. Wow, this is one of the most amazing videogames I’ve ever played. It’s a bit pricey to play ($2.50?) but it’s worth playing at least once if you get the chance! […]

Webmaster Sam’s Pic and Rule of the Week!

I love this pic! SF JawaJuice tweaked Tom’s JarJar to make Kermit! Well done!!! And well-photographed!! The post-it notes make great backdrops for these tiny puppets! That’s my rule of the week: You worked hard making something, so spend an extra 2 minutes to get a nice background for it!!! […]

Origami Yoda and the Albino Groundhog

OY Chapters that fell out of the casefile and are now smooshed in the bottom of Kellen’s locker #1   Dwight tells everybody that Origami Yoda has seen the force ghost of  an Ewok. Everybody thinks he’s crazy but then Luchman Jeff finds an albino groundhog living under a dumpster behind […]

Sam’s Pic and Rule o the Week!

Greetings, Superfolders! this week my pick and my rule are the same image. The rule: NO people in your submission photos. Over the years, I’ve had to delete a lot of photos because there was a person behind the puppet. This one, however, I decided not to delete. I cropped It […]

My Dad! AKA Mr Wayne

I wanted to post a Father’s Day photo of my Dad — known to Qwikpick readers as Mr Wayne — but I’m not at home and I din’t happen to have any photos of him on my phone. But I DO have the above photo he recently showed me if […]

New Author Photo(?)

What do think SFs? I did that thoughtful finger on chin thing like a real author and everything! need to photoshop those people out of there though!

Update from Tom

Hey SFs!!! I’m busy drawing my first graphic novel. It’s so much fun! Can’t wait go tell you who the famous star is! Hint: not Star Wars

We’re back!!!

Sorry for the site trouble, SFs!! The silver lining is that Webmaster Sam got a vacation while the good folks at Abrams Books updated the site certificate and got us back online! While we were out—- Star Wars got a new droid!!!! BD1!!! Who will be the first to fold […]

Making a Graphic Novel with something old and something new!

I have (mostly) finished writing my first graphic novel, which someone else will illustrate. And now I’m getting to work illustrating two graphic novels written by someone else! And the picture above is my new system. It lets me draw on the screen with a pen in my right hand […]

Sam’s Pic and Rule o the Week: SF 0401’s Luke!

Showed this to Tom and he was like “Why didnt I think of that?” and I was like “yeah, why didn’t you?”   This week’s rule: just hit submit once, not five times. I have to deal with the other four!

Lando! Chewie! L3!

Have you SFs seen this photo? It was taken by famous photographer Annie Liebowitz and appeared in Vanity Fair.  There’s actually more to the photo, with Poe, BB8 and DiO on the other side. I’m wondering why POE is in the co-pilot’s seat. Why not Chewie? Where’s Rey? Etc… always […]

Rocket and Groot 3: The book that never was…

The multiverse has many universes. In most of them, I published 3 Rocket and Groot books and Book 3 was so great that I was named Best Author of All time and made president of Hawaii. But in THIS universe, that book was never published and I’m not the Best […]

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Yep, that’s my Mom! You may know her as Mrs Porterfield from Darth Paper Strikes Back!

Pickletine’s Last Field Trip…

Overpriced freeze-dried gloop that actual astronauts wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot space stick…. It can only mean one thing… EMPEROR PICKLETINE RIDES AGAIN… but for the last time. For reasons I need not go into, I have taken MANY field trips to the National  Air and Space museum. Not just […]

Webmaster Sam’s Pick & Rule o’ the Week!

Did you see this great Bossk by SF FanaticOfCans? This SF draws so much better than Tom! Seriously, have you seen his Bossk? Not even close! Also, my rule of the week: more of a tip actually. Get a solid color backdrop behind your origami. A white piece of paper […]

Some big news, if you like pizza and Origami Yoda

For 35 years, Pizza Hut has been rewarding kids for reading through their BOOKIT program! I’m very very happy that for the next year, the Origami Yoda series is going to be a big part of that! hopefully, your school will participate and you and your friends will feast on […]

Celebrate #MayTheFourth by posting Post-It Note Jar Jar EVERYWHERE!

Hey SFs! Happy MAY THE FOURTH! It’s our yearly tradition to post new instrux every May 4. This is a fun one because it’s not a finger puppet, it’s a piece of temporary grafitti! Make it, stick it and share the love of Jar Jar! Hope you enjoy the video! […]

RIP Peter Mayhew

The Mighty Peter Mayhew has died. talk about a luminous being! What an impact he had on the world! 

Webmaster Sam’s Pick&Rule o the week!

Webmaster Sam here. For my first ever Pick O The Week,* check out SF Origandalf’s Origami Gandalf! And for my Rule of the week: remember, no faces of you/your family in the submissions. This is to protect your privacy and it’s a good rule to follow on other sites, too […]

Stay Tuned! May the 4th = new instrux AND big announement!

Just so you don’t get disappointed, the big announcement is not a new OY book or a OY movie. Nor is it an Ewok comic book (as seen up top). But it IS the biggest thing to happen to OY since sliced pickles!   And the instrux are ones I’ve […]

RISE of SKYWALKER showcase!!!!!

The new Star Wars trailer came out and the Superfolders started folding… because that’s what we do! Let’s see if we can piece the trailer together with paper…. Up top you see, REY IN THE DESERT folded by SF CadBane! Awesome! What’s she waiting for? A tricked out TIE Fighter […]

Last Call for ROS Showcase!

This showcase is going to be wild! Some of these pieces are the FIRST origami versions of new characters in the world GALAXY!!!! And not just characters! Check out LukeSkyfolder197’s STOOKY version of Kylo Ren’s TIE. (At least, we’re all guessing that’s Kylo flying that thing) If you want to be […]

BBPlate gets downsized…

I wanted to make a travel-size BBPLATE, so I got smaller plates and here we go! Made some improvements to the hidden plate to make it easier to turn Note: instructions:

OY digs the Mandleblop!

Hey SFs… I wanted to share a totally different sort of project I’ve been working on. It’s a lo-res, fractal generator called Mandleblop. It doesn’t really make a Mandleblot Fractal, which is why I called it Mandleblop instead. You can try it out here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/301997943/ (Be sure to shift-click the small […]

Lo-res… Hi-Stakes… It’s the MMM CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

64 teams began this journey… Two have made it this far… Only one will walk away a CHAMPION! Remember when the brackets looked like this? Well now it looks like this: Just a reminder… this has all been for fun. The contests were decided with a coin flip. No piece […]

MMM: What’s at stake?

One thing we haven’t discussed is what the winner of MARCH MADNESS gets… The winner of the championship gets their origami displayed on OrigamiYoda.com’s sidebar until NEXT* March Madness. That means either StookyBoi’s DARTH PAPER or DarthFloppy’s REINDEER will be on EVERY PAGE of OY.com for almost a year!!!!! WOW! […]


WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. Well, SFS, here we are…. The FINAL FOURCE! Just four teams left and I have to tell you I’m a little nervous! These pieces of paper have come so far… and two will go […]

MMM: The ELITE bb8!!! Gateway to The FINAL FOURCE!!!!

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. From the sprawling brackets of early March, it’s come down to this: POCO vs HAN/DEAD GREEDO BIB vs DARTH YODA TRIO vs SOLO DUO REINDEER vs DREAM TEAM So many questions… How does Greedo […]


FROM 64 down to 16… but the battle’s not over until it’s down to ONE! Who do you think will win? Yoda’s always a favorite, but which one? There are at least 5! The REINDEER has been this year’s Cinderella Team, beating first a RANCOR and then YODA to make […]

Wrapped up the tour the best way possible….

…. by folding with a STOOKY Superfolder!! Yep, that’s Superfolder ZackB! He helped me fold Giant Origami Yoda to teach a bunch of people how to fold (regular-size) Origami Yoda. He gave me some great artwork and showed me his amazing cover Yoda! Thanks to everybody who came out to […]

MMM: ROUND TWO: Dagobah Division

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. JUST TWO PLACES LEFT IN THE SWEET 16… … FOUR TEAMS THAT WANT THEM… and ONE COIN TO DECIDE IT ALL! HERE WE GO! Right after this quick commercial: Friends, do you suffer from […]

MMM: ROUND TWO: Hoth Division!

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. Welcome back to HOTH folks! Round Two’s about to get underway, but there’s been some controversy! Some folks say the REINDEER has a natural advantage because of the snow, bitter cold and abominable snowmen […]

MMM:ROUND TWO: Death Star Divsion

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. Welcome to the Death Star! Please don’t step on the mouse droids! A couple of strange match-ups today. Two characters from SOLO take on one from CLONE WARS. Then Obi-Wan vs Yoda! That’ll be […]

MMM: ROUND TWO: Naboo Division

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. WELCOME TO NABOO! We’re underwater! I can’t swim! Gotta get this done and get out of here before JarJar drives me nuts! SuperB18’s PORG-vs- GDKeonoyer’s Emperor Palpatine -vs- KingYoda2o’s ROCKET RACCOON -vs- The_Winter_Folder’s YODA TRIFECTA […]

Travel Day: MMM time out

Hey SFs! just like sports teams, our origami competitors need a day off for travel sometimes. Me too! I just made it to Houston, the first leg of the Didi Dodo/Bach Book Tour! But Webmaster Sam stayed home to walk the dogs and post more MMM action, so stay tuned!!

MMM: ROUND TWO: Mustafar Division

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. Today’s match-ups will decide which teams go on to the SWEET 16, but remember: they aren’t canon! I had to warn you because we’re about to see two battles that never happened in the […]

MMM: ROUND TWO: Tattooine Division

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. This is the match the world’s been waiting for: BIB FORTUNA vs PLO KOON! Oy yeah, there’s also: BATMAN v SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The winners go on to the SWEET 16… the losers go to Arkham […]


Taking a quick break from Maul’s March Madness to let you know I’m about to  start a short book tour for Didi Dodo and Bach to the Rescue. Of course, I’ll also be signing and talking about Origami Yoda, Rocket and Groot, Chewbacca, Inspector Flytrap and anything else you want […]

MMM: ROUND TWO: Jakku Division

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. The crowd here is still reeling from the wild upsets in the Endor Division… but, folks, Jakku Division could be even crazier!!! HAN and GREEDO vs a PORG? And is Greedo REALLY on Han’s […]

MMM: ROUND 2: Endor Division

WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. Hello SuperFolders and welcome to ROUND TWO! Our huge field of 64 teams is about to become the SWEET 16! First up…. The Endor Division. We’ve already seen some WILD action here and all […]


WWELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. THIS IS IT! The DAGOBAH DIVISION, the wildest, wackiest division in the competition! Just look at crazy, lopsided matches here: Obi Wan against an Ewok, a Porg and a Rodian. I mean, what? Then […]


WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. It’s cold here on Hoth, but the competition is heating up!!! We’ve got several greatmatch-ups, but the crown is here to see the ultimate showdown: RANCOR vs. REINDEER! What little child hasn’t asked their […]


WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. Here it is, folks, the DEATH STAR DIVISION! Surrounded by controversey and scandal, there have been several arrests, one FBI manhunt and at least 27 parking tickets! But in the end, it’s all about […]


WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. Time for the NABOO DIVISION’s first round…. A lot of YODAs facing off here: Kawahata YODA, Van Jahnke YODA and the team of YODA, GHOST YODA and EVIL YODA. And a Clone Wars rematch […]


WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here.   Time for the MUSTAFAR division and, hold onto your folds, because this ORIGAMI could get NASTY! We’ve got some of the fiercest fighters ever assembled: GRIEVOUS! CHEWIE! EWOK! DARTH VADER! YODA! REBEL PILOT! […]


WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. One glance at that bracket tells you that TATTOOINE DIVISION is going to be a thriller! Ringside seats have been going for as much as 14 parsecs… EACH! We’ve got droids, we’ve got superheroes, […]


WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here. JAKKU division is a wild one, folks, so HOLD ON! We’ve got CHEETO YODA, CUTE YODA, CRAZED YODA and ROTTO (possibly ROTTA) the HUTT! Then there’s the cantina showdown between HAMMERHEAD and HAN&GREEDO. Sources […]


WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! If you don’t know what this is about, click here.   Alright, MADNESS fans, let’s look at our first bracket: Endor Division! Lot’s of excitement here, including the suprising Brawl Stars match-up of BARLEY vs POCO! FOLDY WAN vs STORMTROOPER has a lot of […]

Welcome to MAUL’s MARCH MADNESS!!!!

Basketball? Insignificant!!! Origami is ALL that matters! So welcome to our own March Madness Tournament, with your friendly host, Darth Maul! 64 images have been plucked from STOOKINESS to battle it out in the BRACKETS OF DESTINY! How does it work? Well take a look down in the lower righthand […]

The AMAZING Star Wars Saga trailer!!!

SFs… have you seen this? This is wonderful. It’s a trailer that mixes shots from all the movies (and maybe The Clone Wars?) to reveal one big, amazing story … and get us all fired up for the end of that story coming in Episode 9.   So many people […]

“Site Stuff” from Webmaster Sam

Greetings, Superfolders! We’ve now how 2 or 3 website problems, ranging from submissions not getting posted to that day we were offline… Here’s how you can help: 1) If you submitted to Stookiness before New Years Day, but it hasn’t appeared, please accept my apologies and resubmit. 2) Don’t double […]

The Return of DJ Funkyfoot!

Viral rumors* and wild internet speculation** confirmed: DJ Funkyfoot the oddly named butler from Inspector Flytrap 3 returns in Didi Dodo 1, coming in March.   *there were no rumors viral or otherwise **there was no speculation and if there had been it would not have been wild

New Nellie Nutgraf on Epic!

The first of FIVE (approx) books I’ll have out this year just launched! It’s a sequel to Nellie Nutgraf: Hot Story. This one’s called Breaking News and boy did we break it!!! When I say “we,” I mean me and Gillian Reid, the illustrator who apparently can draw ANYTHING and […]

Hooray, we’re back!

Some of you may have missed it, but this site was offline for awhile. Sam and I were stumped! Luckily Webmaster Patricia at Abrams Books was able to get us back on track!!

Remembering Jan Wahl

Author Jan Wahl recently passed away in Ohio. His book Furious Flycycle was a favorite read when I was a kid and I deliberately tried to match its crazy pace and style when I wrote my version of Return of the Jedi a few years ago. And now I think […]

Stan Lee Showcase!

Here’s our own tribute to Stan Lee and the amazing characters he helped create! Thanks to everyone who participated!! (You’ll find their names under their work)

2018 Book of the Year!

Hey SFs! They announced the Newbery, Caldecott and other book awards this morning and there are a lot of great books on the list!!! But my favorite book of 2018 wasn’t on the list, so I’m giving it my own award!!! Drumroll… The Prince and The Dressmaker is a graphic […]

Stan Lee Showcase— deadline Monday!

Above, DarthZackB’s Stan Lee tribute. SFs see if you can finish up your Stan Lee tribute pieces this weekend. It can be Origami Stan or Origami Anybody from the Marvel Universes! Submit with STAN in the title.

Stan Lee Showcase! Excelsior!

Fold it! Photo it! Submit it! Tag it “Stan!” Nuff Said! PS: from wikipedia: The first superheroes Lee and artist Jack Kirby created together were the Fantastic Four, based on a previous Kirby superhero team, Challengers of the Unknown, published by DC Comics.[37] The team’s immediate popularity[38] led Lee and […]

Getting lots of work done…

Actual scene from today. And this is just one of four cats! I may never get this book done!!!


As requested by you SuperFolders, here are: Link and a Unicorn riding in the Invisible Jet… while R2D2 goes skiing… and BB8 rolls thru town… and Super Bomberman wearing red Addidas plays… Earthbound on SNES featuring Ness eating a hamburger… while a ninja squirrel throws acorns at a … WEASEL […]

New Spiderman Movie — WOW!

I’m not working for Marvel right now… so this isn’t a commercial. I’m just saying… WOW! If you missed it, you may want to unmiss it!

Talk to Tom 2018 cont…

HEY SFs… this wraps up Talk to Tom 2018. You can still submit questions, but I can’t guarantee answers: WOOKIEFOLDER101 Did you ever play Legend of Zelda when you were a kid??? I think it is one of the stookiest game series ever. I was wondering if you played it, […]

BOOKS: 2018, 2019, 2020 — a big change is coming!

HEY SFs!!! It’s been a wild year and it’s going to be a wild year and the next year will be a WILDER year. So, here’s a run-down of what’s what. First off… did you see everything that came out in 2018? Princess and the Pit Stop and The Mighty […]

TALK TO TOM round 1

HEY Sfs!!! Here’s the first batch of Q&A. Stay tuned for more AND for the MegaDoodle. If you haven’t asked your question or submitted your request yet… submit it now with the headline Talk To Tom 2018. Ok, we’re going to start with THE BIG ONE: SuperFolder Entity303 Hey! for […]

Merry Mucus from Mr Good Clean Santa!!!! (And Tom and wb Sam)

Every Year, Brian “the real MR GCF” Compton comes over for a holiday dinner. No, he didn’t come dressed as Santa! But this IS a picture of him dressed as Santa at a local event!!! In case you’re wondering if this is just a joke, it’s not. We’ve been friends […]

Submit megadoodle requests and questions for ACTUAL answers from me…

SFs!!! I miss the days when we used to communicate more directly. Those live Talk To Tom and MegaDoodle sessions were so much fun! We can’t do a live session anymore, but I can answer your questions or just say hi or whatever else you’d like. So… make a submission […]

NEW Video Instrux for EZ Santa Deluxe Puppet

This is a small improvement (?) on last year’s Santa. Longtime viewers will note that this is not my beloved, messy desk. That’s because of my office being overrun with cats! So Cece let me use her desk… she’s nice!

Welcome a new member to the Jedi Council of Superfolders!

WARNING: Possible spoilers in this image if you haven’t finished the series yet! If you missed NoahOfManyNames’ incredible Lego Minifig poster before, get a good look at it now. The attention to detail is amazing! For example, take a look at Kellen. ScoobyDoo shirt, embarrassing stain, pencil, recorder thingy. And […]

8-Bit Awesomeness = Cross-stitch Craziness!

Crafters were doing “8-Bit” art long before Mario jumped his first barrel. (Actually that was before Mario was named Mario…) Anyway, the cool thing is that any good 8-bit sprite can easily become a hand-crafted family heirloom. It’s really not hard, esp if you don’t worry about what the OTHER […]

Huck’s Halloween!

We missed out on posting these awesome costumes by SF Huck and sF HucksBrother earlier… so ho ho ho happpy halloween!

Chaos in the Cat Room —or— The Fall of Pickletine… (and more)

Yep, that’s the actual COVER Pickletine puppet in the middle of the CATastrophic mess that was once my office!! How did this happen? A while back my “office” was taken over by cats. They trashed it repeatedly and I had to pack a lot of my stuff up. One box […]

Superfolder Sola is really SuperTRANSLATOR Sola!

Hey SFs!!! Check out this awesome BLT origami paper sent from Japan by SF Sola. She’s done something pretty amazing, in fact REALLY amazing!! The Origami Yoda books have been translated into Japanese, but some of my other books have not, including the SciFi novel I wrote with Paul Dellinger […]

The Winter Folder’s Bossk Instrux

Hey SFs! I have to admit I have not tried out these instrux by The_Winter_Folder yet,,, but I sure love his drawing of Origami Bossk!

UPDATE on tech issues

SFs… Web AND gravy master Sam here: I think I have a handle on things now. We may have to change the process behind the scenes, but everything should be visible in the site from now on. IMPORTANT: Some submissions may have been lost. If you submitted something before Oct. […]

Technical difficulties!!

SFs… Webmaster Sam here. I’m afraid there’s something strange going on with the submissions. Some things are showing up twice and some aren’t showing up at all. Stay tuned and please be patient!

Halloween Showcase!!!

That’s Forcefolder1 up there dressed as a Clone Trooper! And FelixSkywalker below as Origami Yoda! FelixSkyfolder also made the pumpkin (above) and OrigamiMaster53 made the one below.

The BIG thing that happened: did you catch it?

A very stooky origami Porg was the official 20,000th post!!! Pretty sure that this site Is now one of the largest origami collections IN THE GALAXY!!!! Well done, Superfolders!!!! And you, too, Webmaster Sam! You’ve earned those BBQ potato chips!

MORE Breaking News: A new book NOW!

Today we launched a new series called: Nellie Nutgraf! The first book is available TODAY as an ebook AND … you may be able to read it FREE! Ask your school librarian or a teacher if your school has Epic. If they don’t, tell them to download it because it’s […]

Breaking news: New Chapter Book Series Coming!

Didi Dodo: Future Spy is another series of stories from the Inspector Flytap universe. The narrator is Koko Dodo, the cookie baker from Flytrap 1. Book 1 hits the shelves next spring! This is BIG news, but its not the BIGGEST that’s coming! So stay tuned!!

Major News Coming SOON!

Hey SFs! Did you know I had my own day recently? Official! But that’s not the big news! There’s big news and bigger news and – potentially — gigantic news coming! There are big things happening! Some are in the distant future but one very big one happens before the […]

Folding a Galaxy in Augusta GA!

The Augusta Library hosted me and the 501st for Star Wars Reads stookiness. We had a big Yoda folding session first, then later a smaller group got together to fold the rest of the Star Wars Galaxy!

OrigamiX’s Cover Stars!

Stooky! Great folding, OrigamiX! I love seeing all the cover stars together! (I never got a shot of all the actual cover stars together ☹️)

Origami with Mr Rogers

Stumbled on this clip of Mr Rogers looking at the origami made by his neighbor, Mrs. Shiono!

C3PO by SF OrigamiFire9

Sf OrigamiFire9 hit a homerun with this upgrade to a basic C3PO using a gold sharpie! If you try it just make sure you don’t breath in too many gold sharpie fumes! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

The R-word: still wrong no matter what the president says!

SFs, you have hopefully seen the link on this site to the End the R-word site. It’s something I feel strongly about. I, along with others, want to end the r-word! This is NOT politics. This is about respecting other people. To be clear, we are talking about the words […]

Atlanta-area SuperFolders! Come and meet me at Decatur Book Fest on Sunday

On Sunday Sept 2 I’ll be at Decatur Book Fest in/near Atlanta! I’ll interview Adam Rex on stage about his new book “Are You scared Darth Vader” around noon. At 12:45 I’ll be sharing the staeg with Ebony Glenn and Shonda McCloskey and we’ll talk about our picture books, including […]

A non-canon Prequel chapter written by a SF and drawn by Kellen!

SF CharlotteS wrote a prequel chapter about how Murky got the pink shirt! She asked me if Kellen would illustrate it and… he did! And then Harvey commented! And then Tommy commented!! That doesn’t make it canon, though, because there’s more kissing than you’d expect!!! Ps You may need to […]

The origins of Origami Yoda!

Morning! This is like one of those behind the scenes DVD extras. If you think those spoil the magic of a movie then don’t read this because I guess they would spoil my book for you! I came across this typed note recently while searching for an old file on […]

ZackB’s got 23!

UPDATE: Wait a minute! There’s one missing! I didn’t even realize it as first. Can you figure out which book is not there? I can hardly believe it, but ZackB has got 23 of my books! (Unless we are both forgetting one) In fact, I thought I had published 22 […]

Almost at 20,000 posts!!!!

Webmaster Sam here! I just noticed that we are getting prettt close to 20,000 posts! Tom is mega excited!!! So keep thise submissions coming in and we’ll see if we can do it!!!

New book coming…

Hey SFs… here’s an early look at a wacky picture book I’ve got coming out next year. (It’s for younger kids, but I hope you’ll take a look at it when it arrives) Stay tuned for more news… I’ve got a LOT of stuff in the works!!!

Playing Star Wars Battlepod

SFs… if you get a chance, this game is a blast! Really great cockpit view of the Death Star run. Warning: I played three times and Missed the exhaust port three times. It’s either really hard or I missed some piece of info about firing my photon torpedoes.

OY in Japanese in NYC

If you ever get to NYC or SF, try to get to a Kinokinuya bookstore. They’re amazing! The one in NYC has some of my books in English and some in Japanese. Also, they got some serious origami action!

Felix Skywalker’s Luke Skywalker

SFs! I’m really happy to see so many of you making stookiness this summer!!! Lots of great stuff being uploaded! This Luke by FelixSkywalker really caught my eye. Bold colors and lines. Super clean folds. And digging deep into OY history to use the NW base! Better find his post […]

Co-pilot! (Corrected)

Star Wars author/illustrator Adam Rex and I got to fly the Falcon at SDCC!

Clone Wars Saved!!!!

SFs! Did you hear the big news from ComicCon? More Clone Wars!! Clone Wars and OY go together like blue milk and cookies! Before any talk of an episode 7, Clone Wars was keeping Star Wars awesome and SFs were folding Clones, Ahsokas, Anakins, Mauls, Ventresses and so much more!! […]

My SDCC ComicCon schedule

Hey SFs!! I’ve got one more signing in Seattle, then San Diego Comic Con, then two in LA. (See graphic below) Hope a few of you make it to ComicCon!! It’s a crazy place! I’ve got a bunch of stuff happening, including some top secret meetings about future projects! I’ll […]

Here comes the Princess!!!

Get a close look at this awesome artwork by Dan Santat!! Hey SFs! In less than a week, the Princess hits shelves and I hit the road with Dan on the Princess tour!!

Origami Yoda: The Game!

SF Forcegami13 made this stoooky game using Scratch. (You SFs all know and love Scratch right?) Play the game here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/228592374

SFs, this is beyond politics…

Someone asked me why I wasn’t allowing positive depictions of trump on this site. Turn on the news today and you’ll see why. This isn’t just politics, thisnis kids your age being held in cages, with no idea when or if they will see their parents again. A group of […]

Astronaut Ice Cream

I’m not sure if Emperor Pickletine helped or hurt sales of astronaut ice cream… but it seems like you can buy it almost anywhere these days!

Where to find The Mighty Chewbacca!

Hey SFs! You know I’m always happy when people buy my books at local, independent bookstores. But that’s not always possible. (My town doesn’t have one) So keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in Target and you might see a The Mighty Chewbacca in the Bookshelf of Bravery. Maybe […]

Origami Yoda EU: The Initiative

We interrupt Mighty Chewbacca Mania — at least I hope there’s mania — for this bulletin from the Superfolders who run the OYEU site: SuperFolder SF_CJ Visit the OY EU today at www.origamichewbacca.wordpress.com Dear SuperFolders Across the Internet, It’s me, SuperFolder CJ, coming back with a new update on what’s […]

Booktour news! & The first signed Mighty Chewbacca

If you want your own, come out and see me in person this summer. On June 2, I start the east coast tour of Va, Penn, MD and Dc. (Check my next post for details) Later this summer I’ll be visiting Texas, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego Comic Con, […]

The Mighty Chewbacca Mid-Atlantic Book Tour!

Webmaster Sam, prepare to housesit because I am going on the road!!!! Roanoke-Richmond-Philly-DC-Baltimore-Charlottesville!! (If you don’t live close enough… stay tuned! I’ll be on the road a lot this summer!) Come out, see the show and get all your OY books signed and doodled in … and be one of […]

Snarlers! The secret Solo beasts in The Mighty Chewbacca

You know those scary attack dogs that you glimpse in the beginninf of Solo? Well, Chewie gets more than a glimpse in The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear! A lot more!!! Because of the secrecy around the movie, I wasn’t able to show you the back cover of […]

The Mighty Chewbacca Speaks!

You know how Chewie talks in the movies… but how would you write it down? Different authors have had different ideas about this. Mine was: spell it like he says it! So this is how Chewie speaks in The Mighty Chewbacca and the Forest of Fear… (The book designer, Leigh […]

Countdown over! Mighty Chewbacca is LAUNCHED!

SFs!!!! It’s finally happened! Finally I can start sharing some stuff with you, like the full wrap-around cover (by Awesome Andie Tong) above and the opening: I really really really hope you are going to like this book!!!

Solo is AWESOME!!!!

SFs!!! I had a blast!!! That’s me and my pal Tony Diterlizzi at the sneak preview! The movie has so much stookiness in it, so we have so much folding to do!!! Can’t say much without spoilers… so just go see it!!! (And buy Mighty Chewbacca while you’re out)

Can you guess where I’m headed?

Hint: Chewie is a clue. The banana is just breakfast. Another hint: I’m going “solo” Final hint: I had to buy Webmaster Sam a LOT of BBQ potato chips to cover this one.

Enter the TOOKA!

The fourth main character in The Mighty Chewbacca is Goldie, the Tooka Cat. If you don’t know about Tookas, they are sort of cat/lizard critters that live lots of places in the galaxy, including Coruscant’s dark alleys and scary places. (That’s where Goldie is from.) They can be seen in […]

The Mighty DROID in the Forest of Fear!

The Mighty Chewbacca is about Chewie, of course. And it’s about Mayv and a wild Tooka cat. Not to mention a Forest of Fear… But it’s also about the awesome Rebel droid K-2SO! And his crate!! (He’s posing as an innocent cargo droid and then gets stuck having to haul […]

One week to go! Mighty Chewbacca is out in one week!!

In one week, Solo will hit theaters and The Mighty Chewbacca will hit bookshelves! (That will probably break the bookshelves) It’ll be a busy week for me because I am …. going to New York to see a sneak preview of Solo!!! Woo-hooo! (Webmaster Sam has agreed to stay here […]

Nar Nar?

Murky would eat this no matter what it tastes like!

Yeeeha! 10 days til Solo means 10 days til MIGHTY CHEWBACCA!

Hey SFs! Hope you all are ready to see a movie AND read a book!!! If you think you want to read my new StarWars book, The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear, I would REALLLLLY appreciate it if you pre-order it or buy it as soon as you […]

Tom has emerged from the cave…

Yes, a real cave not a metaphor cave or even a man cave. Luckily, I had a great guide, a back-up flashlight and a hard hat (I banged my head a lot!) Let me rest up and then I’ll post something origami-ish!

Mighty Chewbacca Countdown! Meet Mayv!

Hey SFs! We’re getting closer and closer to release day for The Mighty Chewbacca and the Forest of Fear! You know Chewie, of course, and probably K-2, the Rebel droid from Rogue One. And you may recognize the Tooka Cat from Clone Wars … or as a relative of the […]

May the Fourth Be With You! Video instrux: EZ Chewbacca

Hey SFs! I am continuing the tradition of posting a new video instructions for this very special day. To celebrate The Mighty Wookiee (coming May 25th) I wanted to make something a little more finger puppet like than the Fortune Wookiee. As I said in the video I’m not exactly […]

A few words from Webmaster Sam…

Hello Superfolders! First, sorry for the delay getting the Thanos origami up. It posted earlier, but not to the front page. Second, Tom is working on something good for you for May the 4th! Third, please don’t post random Star Wars memes. If you make one yourself that’s hilarious, that’s […]

Thanos by SF DangerouslyDope

Hey SFs! I bet we’re going to see a lot of Marvel Origami! And that’s a good thing! (even if the characters are BAD as bad can be!)

New show coming!!

Did you SFs see this news! New show means… new origami!!!


Just ONE MONTH until The Mighty Chewbacca comes out on 5/25!! Wow, look at this wild action scene drawn by Andie Tong! This is only part of it, because there is a top secret monster on the other side. (No kidding!) SFs, I packed this book full of Star Wars, […]

Announcing the Mighty Chewbacca Tour!!!

Hey SFs!!! Here are the cities I’ll be visiting in June for the Mighty Chewbacca book launch tour! Roanoke Va Richmond Va Philadelphia Pa Baltimore Md Washington DC Charlottesville Va Stay tuned for dates and details!

Happy Birthday Rocket and Groot!

Hey SFs! I’ve been thinking about Rocket and Groot : Keep on Truckin’ a lot lately. It came out a year ago and, I have to admit, did not truck all the way to the top of the bestseller list. But it’s still a book I’m really proud of. I […]

Book suggestion…. Wild Robot

Hey SFs! If you read only one book about a wild robot this year, of course, I’d be very happy if you chose MIGHTY CHEWBACCA starring K-2SO. But if you’ve got time for more, let me HIGHLY recommend THE WILD ROBOT and its brand new sequel THE WILD ROBOT ESCAPES. […]

PurpleDwight1500’s Force Awakens Folds!

This is a nice line up of Ep7 characters! I don’t think we’ve featured PurpleDwight1500 before, but if you look through stookiness you’ll see they’ve been busy!

Three Months Until Mighty Chewbacca!! (And also Solo!!)

Hey SFs!! My next book, The Mighty Chewbacca, has an entry on Wookieepedia now. Three months from now everybody will run to the movie theater to see Solo, then sprint to the bookstore to buy a book about Han and Chewie’s further adventures! Right? You are going to sprint, right? […]

Almost at 19,000 Stookiness Posts!!!!

Hey SFs!! Sam just noticed that we were about to hit 19,000 posts!!! Wow!!! And that’s just on the “new” site. If you count the old site we must be over 20,000! Sure some of them are memes(grrrr) or reposts… but there are so many truly stooky ones out there! […]

Origami K-2SO … preliminary

K-2 is one of my very favorite new Star Wars characters. In fact, I just wrote a book about an adventure he has with Chewie. But he’s HARD to fold! Cannot figure out how to do it with 1 sheet! This is 4 sheets of paper (but no tape or […]

New chapter for an old book?

Howell tells kids he hated the Last Jedi, especially the Porgs. So they fold hundreds of them and hide them all over the classroom. Howell goes nuts!

Stookiness Submission tips from Webmaster Sam

I enjoy seeing all your submissions and sharing them with Tom! Make sure you are hitting those comments when you see a good one! Since some of you are new here I wanted to review some rules… 1) No faces! We follow strict privacy rules here. Your origami should be […]

Learnuary Showcase #5

Ok, I know January is over — and so is February— but I’m still trying to learn some more of your LEARNUARY submissions. If I haven’t posted yours yet, I’m sorry. Some of them are too hard for me! I’m no expert you know!! Here’s jdubblestuff’s Millenium Falcon. I made […]

Star Wars Insider wants to see kids’ Star Wars art!

SFs!!! You SFs have been making some really stooky stuff! I mean SuperFolder Stookiness has just been AMAZING!!!! I’d be so proud if some of it could be featured in Star Wars Insider magazine!!! Here’s your chance to submit! Please note that she needs to get an email from your […]

Take a closer look at our four heroes…

Isn’t this artwork awesome? The artist is Andie Tong… he lives in Singapore and I’ve never met him. But I want to so he can sign the cover for me!!!

BREAKING NEWS: The Mighty Chewbacca

SFs!!!!! I’m so glad to finally get to spill the BIG NEWS! I wrote a Star Wars book! Chewie!! K2!! Tooka cats!! And a brand new character that I got to create: Mayv Trillick! It’s coming very soon! (In May) Find out more about my book and some more Star […]

Giant News Incoming!!!!!

Stay tuned folks! News is about to hit! It won’t appear here first. But as soon as it’s up, Sam will link to it. Then I’ll be ablw to give you some additional info! Seriously, we haven’t had news this big here since Pickletine was announced back in 2013 or […]

Super Huge Announcement coming in 2 Weeks!!!

Totally top secret right now, but I’ll be able to share the big news in two weeks! How big? Probably the biggest news we’ve had on this site in YEARS! Stay tuned!!!!!! (I can tell you, however, that it is NOT a new OY book.) In the meantime, enjoy this […]

Learnuary Showcase 2:

SF Gryffindorigami made some great Plo Koon instrux here. Sort of a mashup of OY and DP! Looks like it could make a decent Nien Nunb, too!

Learnuary Showcase!! You teach me to fold!

Hey SFs!! A couple comic book artists I admire — The Etherington Brothers— are doing something called Learnuary. They posts tutorials for people like me who want to be better artists. I thought we could do something similar here…. a showcase of instrux! AND I’ll pick some of the best […]

Origami Yoda: Real Life Locations #1

Here it is, the bowl where Kellen wiped out and The Brat yelled “dude, you suck!” I witnessed the whole thing right here at the Blacksburg, Va, skateboard park! And just like in the book, “The Brat” did not appear to be a skater… he was just a brat.

Just saw Last Jedi again!

Lots of characters and creatures to fold! I especially like this pilot! C’ai Threnalli (or something like that)! Anybody you guys are excited to fold? (Answer by actually folding and submitting! 😃)

2018 Preview (of books by me)

First, the bad news: there will not be a new OY book in 2018. Maybe someday, folks… Now… the other bad news: I have not been given permission to twll you about the two big projects that will come out! But here are hints: Big book: About 2 characters you […]

Origami at the movies!

Forcegami 13 (above) took Yoda and Guillermo (below) and SuperSean20(below below) took Kylo Ren! Only got a few submissions, but I’m guessing more than three of you went to the movie! Hope you liked it as much as I did!

AMAZING Origami Porg by Masterfolder Wu!

My friend Joseph Wu folded this incredible Porg and was nice enough to let me share it here. Wow!!! Note: no instrux… this is a work of art!

Showcase: Take your origami to THE movie!

Hey SFs! I don’t know about you but I am planning to take my BBPlate with me when I go to see the Last Jedi and take a photo of it with the movie poster. If you guys will also take your origami to the theater and take a photo […]

Gizmo-flakes are like snowflakes but more FUN(tm)!!!

Half the internet is making Star Wars snowflakes … and the other half needs to get busy! You can find instrux for various Star Wars characters via google, but this is the only place (I assume)to get a template for a Gizmo flake!

Cosmic Christmas

Hey SFs… If you celebrate Christmas you might like to check out this show which was my favorite Christmas special when I was a kid. It’s not too preachy and it’s got three awesome aliens and their robot(?)!!!

Dwight’s new favorite snack!

Dwight is not exactly me and O’m not exactly Dwight… but we understand each other. So, I can tell you that Dwight loves these chips and will love them forever even though they are probably for a limited time only. Personally, I tried them and wasn’t all that excited. And […]

I’m thankful for you, Superfolders!

I’ve got one of the best jobs in the world and, in a way, you guys are my bosses. You can fire me by not reading my books anymore! I’m really thankful that you’re still reading, folding and submitting! We are about to hit post number 18,000!!!! And that doesn’t […]

Orirobo Stormtrooper

A friend sent me this book from Japan. Some pretty hardcore origami in here, but the author does some amazing stuff! Of course, I saw the potential to make a stormtrooper, but didn’t have the skills to make a proper one. But I sort of like this little guy I […]

Planet of the Shapes

Hey SFs! You guys ever seen books by Ed Emberley? He’s a genius at helping people learn to draw by breaking things down into simple shapes. A lot of people have learned to drive all this way and Donna want to become professional illustrators, like myself and my wife Cece […]

How not to draw Rocket Raccoon…

Office-cleaning time! So much crazy old stuff, including this sheet where I was trying to learn how to draw Rocket. As bad as the drawing in the books are, you might think I got it on the first try. Nope. And i didn’t get it on any of these tries […]

Looks like a job for the Superfolders!!

A young Star Wars fan with cancer wants cards and letters? I bet he’d like to get some origami in those letters! (Star Wars and/or penguins) Here’s the address: Jacob Thompson c/o Maine Medical Center 22 Bramhall Street Portland, ME 04102 USA

Fold-A-Mort rules Halloween!

I guess jdubblesftuff2 as FoldAMort was so scary no one else wanted to be in the halloween showcase…

Halloween Costume Showcase!

Fold it big! Put it on! Get candy! Take photo! Submit with “halloween 2017” in subject!

Hey Rocket and Groot fans!

Just found out that Rocket lives across the street from me. This picture was taken with my trail cam which was tied to a tree. Hey, maybe that was Groot! Note from Webmaster Sam: Tom, that Groot joke was terrible! You’re losing it.

Halloween Costume Showcase coming up!!

Hey SFs! You’re already working on your origami costumes, right? Right! Pretty good chance I’m going as an Origami Porg! Basically all you have to do is fold BIG! And of course, don’t cut the eye holes while you’re wearing it! Bad idea! Tell your parents it’ll save a ton […]

Origami PORGs!

You knew they were coming and here they are… With instructions! (Big tip of the hat to SF Guillermo and JediFolder2004 who both made their own Porgs before me using a different technique) 2. Fold bottom up, but leave room for the eyes.

Meanwhile: The fastest folder ever?

So, when SF PrincessElla folded Yodas for one hour for our charity event, her result was … 303! That is a LOT of Yodas in 1 hour! Can her record be broken?

We did it!!! 1000 Yodas to raise $1000 for hurricane and earthquake relief!!!

Great folding, SFs!!!! You actually blasted past the goal! The Yodas have been folded and the donations have been made!! $250 each to 4 groups that are helping in Puerto Rico, Mexico City, Florida and other places! Thank you JC, Cammy, Guillermo, Forceigami13, PrincessElla, Sadiegami,QuigonJack, JJ Fold, JJTheFolder, SunniSkies, FolderFisto1, […]

Almost there…

Four teenagers at a Boston-area library folded 171 Yodas… Putting us just 78 Yodas short of the goal! The next entry could put us over the top! When we hit the goal, you SFs will have raised $1000 for hurricane relief!

Hurricane Relief Update!

SFs! Since several SFs have gotten busy and folded over 250 Origami Yodas, the first $250 donation has been made! OrigamiYoda.com backed the One America Appeal with this donation. But this is just the start! If you SFs keep folding we could go all the way to $1000 to help […]

Showcase: 1000 Yodas to raise $1000 for Hurricane Relief!

Ok SFs! Here’s the challenge: If you SFs can team up to Fold 1000 Origami Yodas, origamiyoda.com will donate $1,000 to hurricane relief efforts! UPDATE: Above are the first 42, just sent in by SF JJFold! Only 958 to go!!! Here’s how it works: 1) set a timer for one […]

News and a Red Alert!

Hey SFs!! ALERT– We just found an alt-right image on the site. Unclear whether it was posted by a Superfolder(I hope not) or a hacker. This site is under constant attack by hackers and they may have gotten through. If you see any sort of alt-right (racist, sexist, homophobic, white […]

Harvey Megadoodle and answers to Ask Tom!

Hey Sfs! Above is the the HarveyRelief MegaDoodle as requested by donors we have Pikachu and Rey and they’re playing a video game and the game is: “Super Smoosh Weirdos– Giant Mountain vs. Bossk with Tom vs. Darth Vader.” If your request is missing, drop Sam another submission with HARVEY […]

Hurricane Harvey Relief Megadoodle/CustomFold Fundraisers

Hello SFs! Two ways we’re going to use the Force AND the Folds AND a MegaDoodle to raise money to help rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. (You’re probably going to need an adult’s help to complete the donation process online) First: an auction to win an origami puppet made by me […]

May the Force be with Texas and Gulf Coast SFs!!!

SFs, these floods in Texas are frightening and the damage they’ll leave behind will be heartbreaking. Houston-area SFs won’t be checking this site for a long time — they’ll be dealing with much more important things — but we can keep them in our thoughts right now and see how […]

Do NOT tell Dwight about these!

If Dwight knew these were for sale at the Dollar store, he might actually eat one. Or many. Ps I bought this to photograph but did NOT eat it! Gross! Of course, while I was at the Dollar store I bought some Star Wars cards!

Origami H F Happytooth!

SF K2SOrigami made an origami HF Happytooth from Rocket and Groot books 1 and (spoiler alert) 2! I’m super proud of this character and am so happy someone immortalized him in origami!

Creepiest Origami Ever???? (Yes!)

EmperorPickletine10 has created a masterpiece! Count Orlok from the b&w horror movie Nosferatu. If you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go hide somewhere.

I just rewatched Rogue One… Wow!

Even better than I remembered! I just wish K-2SO was easier to fold! He makes a great Lego droid though! (Not a commercial! I just think it’s a great set!)

My office has been invaded!

Hey SFs! Meet Polly. She’s a stray cat who showed up at our house about to have kittens! Now she and the kittens have taken over my office.

The amazing Star Wars sticker book!

Have you SFs seen this? It’s put out by my publisher, but I didn’t have anything to do with it … Other than buying myself a copy!!


Hey SFs! I just got back from Brickfest and Washington DC. It was awesome and as you can imagine there was a lot of Star Wars stuff on display. One of the highlights was this incredible gigantic version of the medical forget from the end of Empire strikes back and […]

Origami Loth-Cats!

If you watch Rebels, maybe you love Loth-Cats as much as I do! They’re easy to make! Start with a 5-fold Yoda. Bend the ears up. Find a flap to make a tail, then fold the bottom back so they can stand up! Mrowr!!!

100 Daily Ewoks!

I usually try not to feature the same person twice, but…. SF Jishua has hit 100 Ewoks! All different, all awesome! Most impressive!!

I just started writing a new book…

Hey SFs!!! I’m really excited today because for the first time in a long time, I was actually typing words for a book! Yes, I dragged out my PC (above) and fired up the word processor. And then I had to see if I remembered how to write. (Note: despite […]

Woohoo! I’m writing a Star Wars story for the 40th anniversary!

Hey SFs!! You may have heard about this book before, but you may not have seen this beautiful cover yet! The book is NOT out yet! But it is available to pre-order. I’m so happy to have written one of the 40 stories for this book! A real honor to […]

Important news: snail mail address change!

The Muppets Take Manhattan! (awesome origami by JediWookieeDude) My publisher has just moved to BROADWAY! (A long way from Times Square, actually much closer to the Freedom Tower) Anyway: If you’re planning to write me a letter do NOT use the address found in the books! Use this one: Tom […]

Showcase Update!!! The missing Videogame submissions have been found!!!

Hey SFs!!! Turns out we missed a bunch of your Videogame submissions! Including OrigamiWookiee16’s Mario, above! Why? Because if it was labeled “video game” instead of “videogame” it didn’t turn up in Sam’s search results. The good news is… he found them AND they’re awesome!

Hey SFs!

Things are getting back to normal here, but we’ve still got one big technical problem. Until then I’m updating the site with my phone while Webmaster Sam crawls around in the sub-basement splicing wires. Stookiness is running, so don’t miss out on the latest SF creations and don’t stop submitting. […]

A Salute to the Daily Ewoks of SF Jishua!

When SF Jishua started posted Daily Ewoks, I thought they were awesome, but didn’t expect more than a week’s worth. But they just keep coming! There are now more than 50! If Jishua hits 100, he’ll be a shoo in for a seat on the Jedi Council of SuperFolders! Up […]

Origami Videogame Showcase! (Or is that Videoame Origami Showcase?)

Hey SFs!!! Great folding! It was really fun seeing what videogames you youngsters picked! I was glad that LobsterBisque folded one of my absolute favorites: Donkey Kong Country! I was seriously hooked on those games back in the day! Webmaster Sam, of course, is a Pokemon maniac. In fact, he […]

Last Call for Videogame Showcase Submissions!!!

The awesome picture above (made by SF OYITLeaderJake) is exactly the opposite of what you should do for this showcase! Don’t put Origami into a Videogame; put a Videogame in your Origami! Fold any character from any game. Submit it with “videogame” in the title. And do it FAST!!! The […]

Next Showcase: Videogame Characters – New or Classic

Hey SFs! I’ve been really into retro videogames lately: Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Zelda, etc… So I thought it would be fun to make that the next Showcase! Fold anybody from any game you want and submit it with “videogame” in the title by June 3. Have fun!

Guardians of the Nacho Cheez!

Have you guys seen these bags of Doritos featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy? I would have been glad to let them use the gag from Rocket and Groot 1: “Guardians of the Nacho Cheez” … in return for a lifetime supply of chips for Webmaster Sam! (No, that would […]

Choose Wisely…

If you only read one Guardians of the Galaxy book this year… you know which one to pick! (Or go ahead and read all three, I ain’t stopping you!)

Next stop: London Comic Con!!!

Hey SFs… especially SFs in the UK! I’m headed your way! I’ll be doing school visits in Ireland and England, then heading for MCM Comic Con in London!!! It would be so cool to meet SuperFolders from the UK! By the way… as with most of my trips, Webmaster Sam […]

May the 4th Showcase!!! Start Folding and Be Part of Star Wars Day!!!

Hey SFs! May the 4th is coming up soon! I’ve made video instructions for a new character, but the big event that day will be an Origami Showcase featuring YOUR artwork! The theme of this showcase: A Tribute to Dave Filoni! Filoni is the guy behind both The Clone Wars […]

Origami Spock video instructions and May the 4th hint!

Hey SFs! Yesterday I filmed these instructions for Origami Spock AND for this year’s May the 4th Star Wars Day Character… who will it be? Here’s a hint: you can see part of him/her in the photo! Stay tuned! And fold Spock while you’re waiting…

10 Years! 20+ Books! It’s my tenth anniversary as a published author!

Hey SFs! Here’s a blast from the past! Some of you were still in diapers when my first book came out on (I think) April 10, 2007. The book was called The Qwikpick Adventure Society and the author’s name was Sam Riddleburger. (That was just me, of course.(No relation to […]

Nick the Interrupting Cheeto!

Have you ever wondered why there’s acdrawing in Jabba of Nick the Interrupting Cheeto? Well, I was on a book tour and a cool kid named Nick somehow convinced me to add it to the book. (Stuff like that used to happen during the wild and wooly days of writing […]

Hello from the BookTour!

Hey SFs!!! I’m right in the middle of the Rocket and Groot: Keep on Truckin Tour! I’ve done New York and Houston. I’m on my way to St Louis, SF and LA! That squashed photo at the bottom Is me visiting Marvel for an interview. (I’m holding my first Marvel […]

A+ Book Project by EliFolder!

This is so cool that I’m giving EliFolder and A+ even though he used the worst picture of me on the internet!

From the OY Archives!

Hey SFs… I was cleaning up a bit the other day and found some stuff I thought you might be interested in. Up top is the eraser used for Art2D2! Here is a scratch-n-sniff pickle-scented sticker of Emperor Pickletine. And this page of scribbles appears to be notes for Jabba […]

A Look Back at My First Book…

Some people tell me they’ve read all my books… but not many have seen this one from the golden age of Big 18-Wheel Trucks and CB Radio! Of course, this is just an April Fool’s Joke… I created these fake pages for Rocket and Groot 2: Keep on Truckin’! But […]

Spring Break Mystery Location

SFs…. I took a little Spring Break recently and visited some vending machines*. Take a look at the pictures. Do you know what famous event happened here at the “Prairie Outpost?” *I guess they got rid of the machine that sold snacks…

Hey SFs! I’m back from Roadtrip with John Claude Bemis…

Hey SFs! Sorry for not posting for a bit there, I was at the Virginia book festival with my friend and fellow Disney author, John Claude Bemis. John is a lot of fun and has a huge imagination. His book Out of Abaton: The Wooden Prince is sort of like […]

Fuzzy is up for the Children’s Choice Book Award!

Hey SFs!!! IF you feel like it, you can go vote for Fuzzy by clicking this link. Or you can click that link and vote for a different book. I hope some of you have read Fuzzy. It’s a little different, so you may want to skim the first chapter […]

16,000 SuperFolder Stookiness Posts!!!

Holy Frittatas!!!!! Can you believe we’ve hit 16k?!??!?!!!! That is a LOT of origami! (Okay, so we know some of the 16k are memes (grrrr) and duplicate posts (ahem) but still!) To test out the awesome depth of the Stookiness Vault, go over to the search box and type just […]

Clone Wars is NOT leaving NetFlix!

Rumor had it that Clone Wars was going off NetFlix. But now it looks like it’s staying! For some of you younger folks, it will be hard to understand how important Clone Wars was, especially to OrigamiYoda..com and the Origami Yoda series. At a time when there were no new […]

Tom finally answers some questions!

It’s about time! – Webmaster Sam SLYarch: I was wondering if I could do something like this? TOM: You just did! Oh, you mean write a whole book? YES, go for it! Guillermo: Well, i mean, its really cool if they are getting Rocket and Groot 2 in cartoon texture, […]

Jabba in Japan!

Just received this shot from the translator! It’s been excited to see Origami Yoda published in different countries, but, for obvious reasons, Japan is particularly exciting! I wish I could go on a book tour there and invite Kawahata to an event and have everyone give him a standing ovation!

Here come Rocket and Groot AND Veronica with crazy new covers!

Hey SFs! Check out the covers for Rocket and Groot 1 & 2! Marvel artists took my drawings and transmorphified them into there cartoon-tastic covers! Also, you’ll notice that the covers say Guardians of the Galaxy now, so that fans of the movies will grab them up. (We hope!) You […]

Hey SFs!!! I’m back with more minidoodles where I draw whatever crazy stuff you guys think up! I decided to do some of them as VS doodles, where two of your ideas battle it out! But first, here’s a request for a dragon done as a VERY VERY VERY MINI […]

Color-iffic MiniMegaDoodles!

Hey SFs! Here are 3 more of your requests… with a bit of color. I forgot to write the titles on them, so…. can you figure out which is which? (I hope so, or else I’m even worse than I thought.) A) Dipper and Bill Cypher fighting with lightsabers. B) […]

MiniDoodle Mabel… Fast or Slow?

Hey Sfs! One of the doodle requests was for Mabel knitting a sweater. I drew it once and it looked like this: I thought that was ok, but sometimes I feel like I do better when I go FASTER, like in the old days when we were doing LIVE MegaDoodles. […]

Many Mini-Doodles to replace Mega-Doodle…

SFs… Wow, your ideas are INSANE!!!!!! I love them! Instead of trying to cram a bunch into one picture, I think I’m going to draw a bunch individually. Here’s the first batch! Here are the other ideas submitted. If you see one you REALLY want me to draw. Go vote […]

Imagine this scary chapter in Origami Yoda based on Trmp’s #MuslimBan

Dear SFs… A lot of people have asked me to continue the story of Origami Yoda. Maybe I will someday. Right now I just want you to imagine this chapter: Murky’s mom returns to her home country because her father is sick. When she tries to come back into the […]

Return of the MegaDoodle!

Hey SFs! That thing up there is a MegaDoodle, the sort of thing we used to do on this site when commenting was allowed. I miss the Megadoodle! So, let’s make a new one! We’re going to use a poll form to avoid the commenting problems. If you’ve never been […]

The Last Jedi!

Hey SFs! If you haven’t heard…. the title for 8 has been announced! Exciting news! But very cryptic! As some people have pointed out, we don’t know if Jedi is singular or plural here! As for me, I was busy trying to think of the book title I could make […]


HEY SFS…. Here’s the news: 1) Stookiness continues to be really stooky! Make sure you’re checking it to see what the other SFs are doing! For example, check out this Cover Yoda by Francis 64: 2) Inspector Flytrap 3 has launched. I made the silly poster for it above based […]

All my books…. almost!

There it is, folks. The big stack! That’s what I’ve accomplished so far. Has anyone read all of them? Can anyone even name all of them? A few notes: Crankee Doodle is missing from the picture. The bottom “book” doesn’t count since it’s blank origami paper. Useful for folding stuff, […]

Awesome Ewok Troop from JJBanyan!

Wow, this post in Stookiness really caught my eye! Great origami and with a nice background! Well done, SF JJ Banyan! PS He’s got another one up of Wicket meeting Leia. Check it out….

Inspector Flytrap #3 is out today!!!!

HEY SFs! Really proud of this book, the grand finale to the Inspector Flytrap series. Cece just hit a grandslam with the artwork here. Wow, she’s good! And I was pleased with how the whole story wrapped up nicely, completing the story begun in books 1 and 2. Plus: EPIC […]

A look ahead to 2017!

Hey SFs! Welcome to 2017! The good news: You guys are amazing and keep posting amazing stuff! Like that Grievous up top by SF PaperLuigi. Wow! And now that the wait time is reduced, everybody else will get to see your great stuff on the STOOKINESS pages about a week […]

Carrie Fisher Tribute from the Superfolders

SFs… We are all mourning the loss of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Princess Leia has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. She was an antidote to the helpless heroines in way too many other movies. Leia, like so many […]

Let it Groot, Let it Groot, Let it GROOOOOT!

No matter what your religion, country, creed, leaf-type or planet of origin, this is that special time of year when we can all join hands(or branches) and say “I am Groot” and really mean it!

Make a Wacky Donny and Marie Origami Christmas Ornament!

Hey, SFs, want to put something weird on the tree? Print out this template, cut out the square and fold a water bomb…. it’s an almost istant tree ornament featuring Donny and Marie Osmond! You can listen to them sing while you make it…

A Cosmic Christmas

So when I was a kid — a long time ago in a TV room far far away — I just happened to see this far out Christmas show called Cosmic Christmas one year. And I never forgot it, even though I don’t think I ever saw it again… until […]

Mr. Schell’s Class!

SFs, Mr. Schell’s class checks in every year about this time! These second graders are awesome! AND, as you can see, he’s clearly a double-awesome teacher!

New Trailer Drops for…. OY:TS: The School Awakens…

The petition seems to be working! There’s a new trailer for The School Awakens from the OYEU gang! The Evil Jawa tells me they’re going to try to finish the film before the end of the school year…. when JC graduates HIGH SCHOOL and is lost to …. the GROWN-UP […]

OY The Series: Will It Return? ArtsyActor’s PLEA!

Some people are satisfied with a new Star Wars movie coming out this year. But others dreamed of something more… The Triumphant Return and Epic Finale of Origami Yoda: The Series. The SFs who made this movie are now high schoolers and have got all sorts of projects going, but […]

Anti-Bullying Showcase Part 2

The SFs came through with MORE awesome posters and even a comic! The one above is by SF Origamaster! If you want to make one, too, just submit it with the word SHOWCASE in the title!

SF Origami Dipper Pines’ Origami Dipper Pines.

See if you can follow this: A SF called Origami Dipper Pines made an Origami Dipper Pines.  And it’s awesome! He also made Mabel, as you can see. And check out his stooky BBPLATE below!

Anti-Bullying Showcase 1! Wow!

Above: By Obi John Kenobi SFs! I’m so proud of you! These posters are great! I hope many more of you will make your own, too. I think the posters can do other people good, but I also think you will feel good making your own. I know I did! […]

A message to the SuperFolders about the election and a call to action…

Hello SFs, as you know, I have tried to keep politics off this site. But the whole world just changed and there’s something I’d like to say about it. It’s not as nice as it was before. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about Trump’s ability to be president […]

Stookiness is Total Rockets right now, don’t miss it!

SFs, STOOKINESS is not only FRESHER than ever, it’s also Fizzpopping right now! Sam is posting brand new origami about twice a week, so make sure you keep an eye on it. Otherwise, you might miss stuff like Danzilla’s Rocket Raccoon, above! IMPORTANT: Don’t forget that Sam is going to […]

Time to get serious about Halloween Showcase!!!

Our next showcase will be for Halloween Costumes and Pumpkins! Anything even vaguely connected to Star Wars, Rocket and Groot, Inspector Flytrap, etc… counts! Don’t ask, just make it, photo it and send it in!!!!! (Make sure the TITLE has the word HALLOWEEN in it!) Folding your own costume is […]

Han Foldo says: Check out SuperFolder Stookiness!

Hey SFs! So much great stuff in the latest batch of SuperFolder Stookiness posts, including this awesome Han Foldo by SF Guaton! (Great folding AND great photo! These finger puppets often look best when actually on your finger, especially in good lighting!) Keep ’em coming! Trying to get Sam to […]

Halloween Showcase is Coming! Start folding… but don’t submit yet…

I’m so excited about Halloween coming up!!! I love seeing what you guys come up with! Like JJTheFolder who made the amazing Cad Bane costume above! See? Totally stookiness! In case you don’t have Art2D2, here are Kellen’s instrux for folding a costume… go for it! Don’t submit them just […]

The Folds Have Awakened! A New Era of Stookiness has begun!!!

Wow, SFs, if you go to SF Stookiness right now, you will see awesome origami that was submitted as recently as YESTERDAY! Not 2 weeks ago, not two months ago, YESTERDAY!!! I am loving this new system!!! Webmaster Sam is a bit grouchy about it and is, of course, asking […]

Stooktember Hath Ended!

WHEW!!! That was wild! I am so glad we did it! All that origami!! Just incredible. If you haven’t been following Stooktember, click on SuperFolder Stookiness and just keep clicking and scrolling and check out the HUNDREDS of new posts! One of my favorites is the ONE PIECE Van Jahnke […]

Stooktember almost over!!! But the Stookiness lasts forever!

This has been a wild ride!!! Looking at 100 (or so) pictures of Star Wars origami everyday has been a ton of fun for me and Sam! Especially when a single photo has 100 origami figures in it, like OrigamiRJs pic above! SO, click on SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS and scroll and […]

Holy Snoke! The Stookiness Meter just exploded!

WOW! Posting 100 (or so) posts a day means that Sam and I are seeing an insane amount of Stookiness every day!!!! So much greatness!!! I am so amazed by you SFs!!!!! If you’re not keeping up with STOOKTEMBER, then you are missing stuff like Creepster567’s Cantina Hammerhead! (Now know […]

Stooktember is STOOKY! It’s #StarWars Origami on Hyperspeed!

Hey SFs! I hope you are enjoying this, I know I am!!! 100 (or so) new posts EVERY DAY during Stooktember… like this fantastic cover Yoda from SF SonOfDarthPaper! Even though the Origami is being posted at LIGHTSPEED it will still be searchable using the search box in the future. […]

Hang on tight, SFs!!! Stooktember has BEGUN! 100+ new posts EVERY DAY!

IT’S finally happening! Stooktember means 100+ posts every day… unless Webmaster Sam is trapped in the toilet (again) or something! The plan here is to UPLOAD the whole enormous backlog of STOOKINESS posts and then start over! Hopefully, the result will be the chance to send in your origami and […]

Back from Book Tour! Big News About the Site!

Hey Sfs! I’m back from the FUZZY AND FLYTRAP tour! Starting at the top, left photo, you can see that I: *Ran into another person who makes his living with a Yoda puppet! *Saw the Spanish versions of the books in a store for the first time in Florida! *Taught […]

Time to start thinking about your ORIGAMI Halloween Costume!

The Halloween Costume Showcase is one of my favorite things we do around here! Basically, you just fold something REALLY BIG and put it on! Here’s how 8BB describes his ChewBAGga costume, above: Chewbagga is really special to me. The way you make him is to get a cardboard bag, […]

Origami C2-B5! #StarWars Rogue One’s New Droid!

I love that Rogue One is going to have an Imperial Astromech that looks just like R2! To fold him, just start with black paper and use your favorite R2 folding pattern. Maybe this one from the book, Art2-D2: (PS: The book also has some black paper in it!)


FUZZY is out NOW!!!! I’m very happy that Fuzzy received a Starred Review from Kirkus! And we’ve had some nice reviews from other places, too! This is my newest book and one that I am really excited about. I wrote it with a science fiction author named, Paul Dellinger, and […]

Question for Tom: Is the Qwikpick series fiction or non-fiction?

SuperFolder Emperorewok asked: I read all 3 of the Qwikpick papers series but now I need to know if they are real. Did you actually find papers written by the characters? Is this partly a true story and you just added more detail? Please answer! I can’t rest until I […]

New Video: Unboxing the Museum Exhibit Box

Hey SFs… The museum exhibit turned out to be pretty hard to photograph, so I never posted about it. So, when the box of origami came back to me, I thought I’d make a video of me going through it. You’ll Cover Yoda, Emperor Pickletine (with mummified pickle), Art2d2 and […]

SF Isabella’s beautiful origami tribute to Kenny Baker!

SFs, you’ve probably heard by now that Kenny Baker just passed away. Not only was he Artoo-Detoo, he was also Fidgit in another of my favorite movies, Time Bandits. SF Isabella made this incredible kirigami version of an Art2d2 with removable dome and Kenny inside. It’s basically a paper version […]

Inspector Flytrap! Our New Series Hits the Stores/Libraries on August 2!

Hey SFs!!! I’m excited to tell you about these new books that I wrote and Cece Bell illustrated (and made cool comics for). Inspector Flytrap is a plant who wants to be the World’s Greatest Detective. His assistant Nina pushes him around on a skateboard so he can solve crimes. […]

Absolutely perfect Origami El Deafo

SF KatieFromIreland folded an origami El Deafo and… just look at how clever it is! I wish I’d thought of making one this way!!

Rocket Raccoon News!

First of all… how cool is this Origami Rocket by SF Banthamot? (Answer: Monsterly Cool times 3.14) Thank you to EVERYONE who has read Rocket and Groot Stranded on Planet Stripmall!!! It looks like it’s going to be coming out in FRENCH! Meanwhile, I’ve finished writing and illustrating book 2 […]

Downloadable and Printable A to Z Monster Coloring Pages

Hey SFs… You may or may not know that in addition to Star Wars and origami, I also like stuff like good old fashioned monsters. Recently, I decided to draw all the monsters from the old Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. It’s around 300 monsters! (Note: The manual lists many […]

Who You Gonna Fold?

Sorry for the VERY obvious Who You Gonna Fold pun, but … The new Ghostbusters movie may not be appropriate for all of you SFs… but when you’re old enough you’ll find lots of funny stuff and some pretty awesome action! It’s hard to believe some internet trolls didn’t think […]

Truth/Fiction merge as Fake Mustache meets Trump and Hilary

Hey SFs…. Some of you may have seen my book Fake Mustache which is about a kid with a Fake Mustache trying to become president …. and take over the world! MWA HA HA! 8 years ago, the books was inspired by two main things: 1. Glenn’s Fair Price Store […]

Spotlight on SlyArch

Howdy SFs… SlyArch has been busy!!! He tells me he completed the 1,000 Yoda challenge, but the pictures are of what he’s been doing SINCE then! Some of these use what he calls the SlyArch Base. I haven’t quite got it figured out yet, but his results speak for themselves… […]

Greetings from Professor Tom

HI SFs! No, I’m not really a professor, but right now I’m a “writer in residence” at Hollins University. This means I stay on campus, give a couple of “lectures,” and most importantly meet with students about the books they are writing. The museum exhibit I’ve mentioned before is also […]

Took trip, folded paper, meet awesome people and other news.

I’m just back from the Ann Arbor Comics Arts Fest — which was a lot of fun! I held a workshop that was half drawing crazy Rocket and Groot pictures and half folding Star Wars origami. Hopefully there is a picture up top of me holding a big handful of […]

Origami Yodas from various lands!

I can’t read Japanese, but I think I know what this squirrel is saying… And I can take a guess at DODO and NO DODO:

Origami Yoda: The Youtube Series: The Finale: The Trailer… is here!

It looks like my favorite movie-makers are at it again! If you haven’t seen Origami Yoda: The Series before …. Back in the days when OrigamiYoda.com allowed comments, these SuperFolders got together and started making videos over the internet. They would film their parts, email them in and edit them […]

Origami Yoda exhibit sneak peek…

Hey SFs! I have been crazy busy working on Rocket and Groot 2. I’ve also had some fun digging deep into my origami stashes to put together pieces for an exhibit that Cece and I will be part of later this summer at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. You can […]

It’s Veronica! by Ryan864!

Great drawing of Rocket here, but look close and you’ll see that Ryan864 has his own Veronica, the Super-Intelligent Tape Dispenser! STOOKY!!! Speaking of Rocket and Groot… you guys found the big OY Easter Egg in there?

Origami Tendau Bendon with instructions!

Hey SFs! A new SuperFolder, SF TendauBendon3, has made a new design that really impressed me! And then he sent in instructions! I’ll let the SF tell you about it: Hello i just joined my name is tendaubendon3 Tendau Bendon is a male Ithorian senater. He supported chancellor Valorum. A […]

Surprise Showcase: Troopers!!!

This is our first ever Surprise Showcase! Since we have a too big waiting list (two months) I asked Webmaster Sam to find as many troopers as he could for a surprise showcase! So, from Clones to First Orders… here are some STOOKY Stormtroopers. (No snottroopers, tho)

Draw Rocket Like Rocket Showcase and Contest Results

Wow! Very ROCKETY!!! Thanks for helping me celebrate my new book by drawing Rocket! Hopefully my boss at Marvel/Disney won’t see this, since most of you draw better than I do… And the winner- chosen randomly – is STOOKYWAFFLES! And Eggman, since I used yours as the featured image, you’ll […]

News from Tom plus #artvsartist

Hey SFs!!! A lot of folks online are doing this grid thing called ArtVsArtist, so I thought I’d try it to. You guys know all these characters, right? Except maybe not my old comic book character, Sawfish Larry. Here’s some news: 1) I just got back from an event at […]

An old friend returns…

It’s always sad when a SuperFolder disappears from the site. Some make a big exit…. some just stop coming. To me it can be like losing a friend. So it’s GREAT when a missing SF comes back! That’s why I was so happy to see SF BraceFace again! (He’s Creepy_Pasta […]

Origami Rey…. instrux coming for May the Fourth!

The tradition around here is to release instructions for a new character for May the Fourth. This year, it’ll be Rey. Rey is such an amazing character and I think we are going to find her even more amazing in the next movie! And, since we’ve already got Kylo-gami Ren […]


Hey SFs!!! It’s hard to believe we ever got this far… but Qwikpick 3 is out today. My Qwikpick series has never been as popular as Origami Yoda. (Not even close.) Qwikpick is the underdog. Which fits because it’s a book about kids who are underdogs. But they’ve got a […]

Some news and stuff….

HEY SFs!!!!! Just got back from the Rocket and Groot book tour and I’ve got a lot to tell you guys: 1) Rocket and Groot is out there and I hope you guys are enjoying it. If you see it in a store, at least pick it up so you […]

The Rocket and Groot Commercial!!!

Wow, I still can’t believe this exists! A real TV commercial for my Rocket and Groot book, featuring not only Rocket and Groot, but my own character, Veronica the Tape Dispenser. (And Debbie Don’s Dance Dojo which was an Easter Egg for you Fortune Wookiee readers!!!!) By the way, we […]

Greetings from The Rocket and Groot Tour!!

Hey SFs! This is actually two small tours and I’m in the middle of the first right now and headed to Richmond Va tomorrow. These are some pics from along the way… Above is the real Mr Hutchinson!! Here’s a great Cover Yoda! I opened it up and it seemed […]

SF IFoldLikeYoda’s Luke Skyfolder

This post got my attention because of the nice drawing of Kellen. Then I tried folding the Luke Skyfolder…. it’s really good! (I got a little lost around step 8, but it all worked out…)

Movie Scenes Showcase!!!

SFs!!! You always rise to the challenge! This showcase is AMAZING!!! That’s LukeSkyFolder18 above! And lots more stookiness below! -Tom Note from Sam: Sorry, Condude4545, your photo wouldn’t straighten out.

Rocket and Groot Launches Tuesday!!! Here’s how to fold Rocket Raccoon!

MY new book is out! Rocket and Groot: Stranded on Planet Strip Mall! Rocket and Groot (and Veronica the superintelligent tape dispenser) have crashlanded in a bookstore or library near you!!! And I’ve made a video to teach you how to fold your own Rocket Raccoon!! But remember, this book […]

R2 Creator Tony Dyson

Sad news today, Superfolders. Tony Dyson has passed away. Dyson, along with Ralph McQuarrie, of course, created R2D2. Here’s a picture of him with Art2D2, along with what I’m pretty sure is my first — OF MANY — R2.

Showcase Announcement and News and stuff…

Kylo Ren in the snow, by SF LukeSkyfolder1 Hey SFs!!! SF Psychofolder suggested a showcase where you make a whole origami SCENE!!! Let’s do it!! Make a scene from ANY movie. And I mean any Star Wars movie or ANY other movie you’re excited about. Your scene doesn’t need to […]

SuperFolder Stookiness… really is STOOKY!!!

I just wanted to tell you SFs how much I LOVE SuperFolder Stookiness!* It seems like we’ve been seeing some really amazing stuff there lately! I look at every post — although I sometimes skim past the ones that are just some random picture off the internet. But it makes […]

An incredible find by LeroyKetchup…. the REAL Funtime? Is that Gizmo???

SF Leroy Ketchup has made a startling discovery…. Could this be the REAL thing?? Ive seen videos from this company on Youtube before… but this is an older video. From the days before YouTube! And heres a close-up of the song/video list: What do you think? Is it the REAL […]

Rocket and Groot: It’s a Real Book!!!!

I don’t have my hands on the actual book yet, but my editor sent me this photo. It’s for real! More than a comic book! More than a novel! More than a movie! More than an office supply catalog! It’s like nothing the galaxy has ever seen! But the galaxy […]

Origami Yoda eBooks are super cheap on HumbleBundle… But you gotta hurry!!!!

https://www.humblebundle.com/books Yes, SFs! This is legit! You can get Origami Yoda as an eBook for ANY AMOUNT you want to donate to charity! You can get the other novels by donating at certain amounts. I get nothing out of this, but I’m 100% behind it because Doctors without Borders is […]

A New Year message from Tom

Hey SFs!!! I hope you had a great 2015 and will have an even better 2016! I’ve got some news for you about the future of the Origami Yoda books, other books, this site and even… the possible return of the TalkZone! But that will be in a separate post. […]

Year end messages from Tom and Sam… and MR GCF &Soapy!

The Real Mr GCF stopped by to get a selfie with Soapy and say HAVE A HEALTHY NEW YEAR! Soapy said : @&!&@$!! — Hey SFs! I’ll have some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS coming on New Years Day about upcoming books and … the possible return of the Talkzone? (WHAT????!?!?!) -Tom  —- Superfolders…. […]

Origami Star Wars: The Force Awakens Showcase!!! Spoiler alert!

WOW!!!! Superfolders, you constantly amaze me! This is an AWESOME showcase!!! 43 Entries! And a lot of them have multiple figures in them! (Like OPThomasJujube’s poster above.) That is a LOT of origami! In coming years, lots of people are going to make origami based on these new StarWars characters… […]

TFA Showcase Coming Soon! LAST CALL for submissions!

This is going to be an amazing showcase, folks! Just look at this amazing shot by SF LukeSkyfolder! Great origami, great idea, great photo! Don’t be left out! Send in your own great photos TODAY!!!!!   (To do that, submit your photo with the letters “TFA” in the title.)

SF Isabella’s Origami BB-8 !!! #starwars #theforceawakens #origami

WOW!!! SF Isabella’s BB-8 is Stooooooky!!!! Don’t forget to send in YOUR The Force Awakens origami for the TFA showcase! Just be sure to include TFA in the title! And if you have previously sent in TFA origami, feel free to repost it with TFA in the title!

“Chewie… we’re foam!” — Showcase Alert

Hey SFs!!!! You getting excited? Excited enough to make some Force Awakens Origami for a showcase? Everybody will be busy watching the movie on Thurs and Fri (and probably Sat) so let’s plan to show this showcase on Sunday. That means you’ve got a week to make something awesome and […]

This is NOT the Bell X2!

Revisited the scene of the crime while in DC on a mini book tour! Looking at it again, I have to say that Kellen’s airplane must have been really good to make it all the way to the X1!

An UnTurkey from SF Tynuviel…

SF Tynuviel says: “I actually didn’t want to contribute to the Unturkey thing since I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but because I’m into Rebels now, I had this idea. I didn’t want to exclude Chopper so he’s the ring (although I don’t wear a ring in real life).” That’s the great […]

Make an #Unturkey for Thanksgiving!

Step one: make an outline of your hand. Step two: Turn it into ANYTHING other than a turkey. As seen in Art2D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling and Unturkeys…


The return of Ask Tom…

It’s been so long since we did an Ask Tom that some of these questions were getting pretty old! I hope the people that asked them are still around and that other people find the answers interesting… Q: Tom, I have a BIG question. When ever I go to Talk […]

Drawing #StarWars Ed Emberley Style… starring Bossk!

Hey SFs!! When I was a kid I loved to draw pictures from books by Ed Emberley. The books are still out there and I really recommend them!!! Lately, I got a hold of great set of magic markers and re-discovered the fun of drawing Ed Style. Even though Ed […]

Halloween 2015 Showcase

Hey SFs!!! I hope you all had fun on Halloween! I eventually gave up on wearing my Rocket Raccoon origami hat… it was too big and kept flopping around. But that’s pretty much the story with every Halloween costume I’ve ever had… part way thru Halloween you ditch it. (Maybe […]

Halloween showcase update…

I’m decided to give people a little more time to submit their photos, in case they were too busy eating candy to do it Halloween night. So this is the LAST call for entries…

Make an EZ Rocket Raccoon Halloween Costume/Hat

Here are instructions for a super EZ Rocket hat/costume, complete with a tail hanging down in the back. You can be pretty sloppy about this and it will still work out! These photo instructions are a little more confusing than nice Kellen-drawn instructions, but… Kellen is “busy” right now…. Start […]

YAYAHAHAYAYAHAHAYAYA!!!! Nien Nunb in Episode 7!!!!

Exciting news about Star Wars Episode 7 today and not really a spoiler… just the great news that Nien Nunb will be in the movie!! As you know, I love Nien Nunb! I think he is very important to Return of the Jedi, both as far as the plot — […]

Spotlight on Luke Skyfolder18

Yes! This! This! Great folding and great decorating adding up to a great scene! Nice work, SF Luke Skyfolder18!

News and Halloween Showcase announcement!

Hey SFs!!! Well… As far as news. I have been crazy busy this whole month. A booktour, New York Comic Con, Virginia Children’s Book Festival and more to come. The big book news lately was the Han Foldo paper pack I posted earlier. Did any of you find it??? I […]

Have you seen this?

Hey SFs!! I want to give you a heads-up about a new item you may see in stores.  Right off the bat, let me tell you: This is NOT a new Origami Yoda novel. Nor is it a book of Superfolders’ stookiest submissions. That would be really stooky, but that’s […]

Incredible Origami Showcase to celebrate Star Wars book launch!! UPDATED

Hey SFs!!!  My book, Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Darkside, is in stores now, with Alex Bracken’s A New Hope and Adam Gidwitz’s Empire Strikes Back. If you’d like to hear an excerpt from the audiobook… Click here.  I asked you SFs to help me celebrate […]

Submit your origami for the Return of the Jedi Showcase!

Up top is the awesome Ewok submitted by SF Harry Potter! You’re going to submit something, too, right? Deadline is coming up on Sunday! (Or Monday) So fold it and submit it! Anything or anyone from Return of the Jedi! Just remember to use the word RETURN in your submission […]

News and Next Showcase Info!

Howdy SFs! First, an apology. The Stookiness hasn’t been updated like it should lately. Webmaster Sam has a lot of stuff going on other than this site… mostly Top Secret Potato Chip Espionage… and sometimes I do too. So, whenever you check the site and find that it’s not updated, […]

#ForceFridayFolds… Video and Instrux for Kylogami Ren are done!

Start rustling up some Black Paper! (Got any left from Art2D2?) It’s almost time to start folding! I’m going to post the instrux TONIGHT (Thursday) to help you pass the time in case you are waiting to go to the Toy Store at 12:01 AM. P.S. Are you as blown […]

Paper Airplanes with The Paper Airplane Guy

I had such a great time last night throwing planes around on a nice, late summer evening! I want to encourage all of you to get out there and do some throwing, too. As you may know, Harvey’s Darth Flyer airplane isn’t much of an airplane. And the basic glider […]

September Madness! Books and events aplenty!

***Always double check to make sure events are really happening before you make the drive….*** If you’re in the Roanoke area, I’ll be at the GeekMob event at Center in the Square this Sunday, Aug 23rd around 2!!! And then comes September which will be a WILD month for me! […]

Teeny tiny sneak peek at Rocket and Groot…

hey SFs… I’ve been working on Rocket and Groot today and thought I’d give you a little peek at the book…. And here’s the official synopsis: After battling deadly space piranhas in Sector 7 of the Cosmos, Rocket and Groot crash-land on a planet made up of strip malls, maniacal […]

Update from Tom

Hey SFs! I’m back from vacation. It was a working vacation, of course, with a library visit — met some cool SuperFolders! — and a little folding and some Rocket and Groot work. I hope you guys all had a great summer and that school won’t keep you too busy […]

SF OrigamiYoda30’s Estuqui Guide to Spanish Murkyisms!

SuperFolder Origamiyoda30 Yes, I am the mexican SF that lives in Mexico, and maybe you have guessed I read OY books in Spanish (that, btw, there are just three here). I am not expecting you to learn them but, yolo 😆 . Stooky-Estuqui Pikpok-Pikpok Narnar-Narnar Total Rockets-Cohetes Totales Plastic Dinosaurs-Dinosaurios […]

ProTip from Webmaster Sam: It’s important how you name your post… & more

Hello Superfolders! Webmaster Sam here with an update and some tips. Sometime in the next couple of days we should be receiving our 11,000th Stookiness Submission! WOW!!!!! (Actually there have been more, but many duplicates have been deleted. You wouldn’t believe how many duplicates we used to get!) KEEP THEM […]

News, updates, book events…

Hey SFs!!! Here’s some STUFF you may want to know: 1) Sam promises that the Muppet Showcase is coming tomorrow… or Thursday. 2) I’ve been writing like crazy! Almost finished with Inspector Flytrap #3! No, you didn’t miss 1 and 2, they just aren’t out yet! 3) I LOVE meeting […]

Mail Bag Highlights!

              Hey SFs! Yesterday was maybe my most Epic mail day EVER! Up top you see an origami ME made by a reader. And here are some of the highlights….       Awesome Dwight and OY by Malachi   Great idea by Oliver: […]

Deadline extended for Muppet Showcase…

Not sure what’s going on, but we’ve had only a few entries for the Muppet Showcase? WHAT????? People…. it’s the MUPPETS! Just look at how SF CuteKittiesAreCute already hit a homerun with Origami Beeker and Honeydew! So, I’ll give you a few more days to make your own paper puppet […]

It’s time to fold the paper! It’s time to show the showcase!!!

Hey Sfs!!! As you can guess the theme of our next showcase is THE MUPPETS! And Muppet you want: Sesame Street, Muppet Show, Dark Crystal, etc… Make it and submit it to Sam with the word MUPPET and your USERNAME in the TITLE of the submission. For example, the Kermit […]

How I design an origami character… starring Groo!

People sometimes ask me how I make up a design for an origami character. Well, it’s not magic, it’s experimenting until I get a start, then refolding and redecorating until I come up with something that works. Recently, I had the great luck to meet Sergio Aragones at ComicCon. Sergio […]

Back from ComicCon! Trying to get site back to normal….

Now that I’m back from ComicCon, Sam is finished house-sitting and chip-eating. (actually he’s never finished eating my chips!!!) So hopefully between the two of us, we can get Stookiness back on a regular schedule. And I’ve got some pictures to share with you… AND it’s time for a new […]


oh my Jabba!!!! SFs this is the craziest place ever! I’ve taken photos but they can’t get across the bigness and insanity of this place!!! These photos are showing you just a slice of the place… I’ve done my big Star Wars panel, some Rocket and Groot promo, signed Origami […]

Next Stop: Comic Con!

Hey SFs!!! It has been a LONG trip… but I’m almost there now! My big day is Friday… I’ve got a panel with the other Star Wars retellings writers at 10, a wacky event with Astronaut Academy creator Dave Roman at 11, a signingin the Disney Books booth at 1 […]

Hey SFs! Update from SF (San Francisco)

Update to update to update: up top is a photo of Ackbar with the classic Star Wars arcade game! It’s pretty rare that I get to play it, so finding one in San Francisco was awesome! here are some pics… which seem Way Too Big… I also found some cool […]

Enter the New Showcase… The MEGA-case!

Hey SFs…. The picture you see above isfrom SF My NameIsJeff… Pretty amazing! It got me thinking… we need a showcase that really showcase how BIG some of your origami collections have gotten. So your mission is to take a GOOD picture of your all your origami  (or as much […]

Win one of my audiobooks, narrated by Mark Turetsky !

Hey SFs!!! Recorded Books  has a contest going on where you could win an audiobook written by me and read by Mark Turetsky! Mark has been the voice of Tommy on all 6 of the Origami Yoda books and both of the Qwikpick Books (and presumably the third QP, too) […]

OrigamiYoda30’s Cover Yoda Instructions…

I spend about half of my time telling people that I don’t have instructions for official Cover Yoda… Some SFs have made instrux and videos before, but this set by OrigamiYoda30 is so well done and so straight forward that they might just become the official ones! Give them a […]

Stookiness is Stooky x 10,000! Sam recently posted the 10,000th Post!!!

Wow! Stookiness is … just … so … STOOKY! More than 10,000 total posts on this site now! Thank you to every SF who helped us get here by joining the site and submitting your Origami, doodles and whatnot. I am constantly amazed by the quality of what you guys […]

Our Star Wars covers are out! Beware!!!

hey SFs!!! Starwars.com has the scoop on the cover for the new Star Wars retellings. That’s Alex Bracken’s ANH, Adam Gidwitz’s ESB and my ROTJ!!! I hope you will go have a look:  http://t.co/rTm1Gex1Vug

New Q&A June 2, 2015

GeneralSkyfolder Does anyone know Tom’s address? Sure! Origami Yoda c/o Abrams/Amulet Books 115 W 18th ST New York NY 10011 Warning: It can take a LONG time to get an answer. Six months or more. I genuinely want to apologize for the amount of time it takes for people to […]

Highlights from BookExpo in NYC!

hi SFs! I just finished up with BookExpo and BookCon in NYC! Crazy stuff!! Here are some highlights! (Sorry if some of the photos are jumbo… WordPress is grumpy today!)     Above: with fellow Star Wars authors Alex Bracken and Adam Gidwitz.  Below: with Mark Turetsky the voice of Tommy […]

Marvel Showcase coming soon…. sorry for stookiness delays…

Okay, with Webmaster Sam FINALLY back, maybe we can get things on track here. We need to get the Marvel Showcase rolling, Sam! I’m VERY SORRY for the delays in getting stookiness up, especially since so much of it has been EXTRA Stooky lately! If you haven’t seen the latest […]

News and stuff…

Hey SFs!!! *I have been working on Qwikpick 3 and am almost done! You guys have read Qwikpick 1 and 2, right? RIGHT????? * I’ll be in NYC next week for BOOKCON! If you can, come and see me, Tony Diterlizzi, Adam Gitwitz and Alex Bracken talking about our upcoming […]

Age of FOLDtron – Submit your Marvel-gami now!

Hey SFs! Let’s do an ALL Marvel Showcase! Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Ant Man or, of course, ROCKET AND GROOT!!!!! Any character(s) you want folded, doodled or made out of macaroni –whatever you want. SUBMIT your pics with the word MARVEL in the title along with your SF name. Like […]

New TalkToTom Questions and Answers

Q& A From SF OreoCookie 1. What is your favorite cookie? Oatmeal Raisin WITH chocolate chips 2. Do you have any pets? Yes! Right now we have two dogs, Tuna and Esso. 3. What is your favorite book you have ever written? Well, Origami Yoda is the book that changed […]

BREAKING MAY THE 4th NEWS: Sneak peeks online for our Star Wars novels!

Disney has announced a release date for our Star Wars books! Sept. 22! AND they have posted excerpts from each of the three books online. CLICK HERE TO READ! Check out Alex and Adam’s books, too. Instead of all trying to write in the same style, we each wrote the […]

MegaDoodle: Waffle of the Lost Waffles!

Hey SFs! Here’s the megadoodle with doodles suggested/commanded by SFs who entered the Rat showcase… It’s the big minecar chase from Temple of Doom! REMEMBER… you guys came up with the stuff for me to draw! I never actually said I was any good at drawing any of these things! […]

Star Wars authors assemble!!!!!

Hey SFs! Greetings from DisneyLand where Disney treated us to a wild ride on StarTours!! That’s Alex Bracken who wrote A New Hope, Adam Gidwitz who wrote Empire, the team leader Mike Siglain, Tony DiTerlizzi who wrote the Adventures of Luke Skywalker and me.  We were out here for Star […]

State of the Pickle and some more answers…

Hey SFs! I ran into out old buddy Pickletine today and snapped his photo! MMMM, he’s looking good! I’m about to head off to Star Wars Celebration, the big Star Wars Convention. Sam will be keeping an on things and eating my snack food until I get back. Meanwhile, here […]

BIG Enormous Huge Jumbo NEWS is here! It involves a racoon and a tree…

It’s finally official!!! One of my most top secret projects is finally public! I’m writing ROCKET AND GROOT! Here’s the announcement in Publishers Weekly. And here’s an even bigger shocker…. I’m DRAWING Rocket and Groot!!! This is going to be a crazy book, packed/crammed/stuffed with every crazy thing I could […]

April Fool’s Day Showcase – McQuarrie Memes

  Great job, guys! I think it was about time we had some cheap laffs around here. The next showcase will be VERY SERIOUS however…. you’ll have to draw the RAT WITH A HUMAN FACE!

More Questions Answered!

SuperFolder Superduperstooky On your desk I saw something that looked cool back cover Han and cover wookie Yes, those are the REAL cover stars! They live on my desk. Cover Yoda lives in my office, too. I’ll get a shot and make it the big picture on this page… Thanks, SuperDuperStooky! […]

Qwikpick2: Rat With the Human Face sneak peek

So our heroes hear about this Rat…  And they sneak into the weird basement to find out if it’s rEal or just a legend… I won’t tell you what they find… Because it’s all here in the official report!   

On the Road with OY!

Up top is The scene at a school visit. Just above is a drawing of Pikmin3 drawn for me on the spot by a Florida dude named Andrew. Thanks, Andrew!    And here are some more Florida folds…   We folded a galaxy in Roanoke to celebrate PI day! And one in […]

This is EU Madness!!!

You probably know about the March Madness basketball brackets. (snore) And you may know about the Starwars.com This is Madness Brackets. (Stooky!) But the REAL action is over at the OY EU site where they’re doing their own version of This is Madness where you have to make some really […]

A response from Tom to SF Minion about the TalkZone…

SuperFolder SF_minion says: ok sfs if u want the talkzone back then we need to not post ANYTHING. the reason people still get on this site is stookiness. this is our only hope. p.s to the people who did rising rebels u should put it on ur twitter. i still […]

March Book Tour: Roanoke, Tucson, Atlanta, Fort Meyers

If you’re near one of these places, please come see me as I tour around in March promoting Qwikpick2 and Origami Yoda in paperback! March 14 – PI DAY – 3.14.15! Roanoke Science Museum, Roanoke VA March 15 – Tuscon Book Festival, Tucson AZ March 17 – Little Shop of […]

Star Wars Rebels ORIGAMI Showcase!!!!

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the SEASON 1 FINALE yet, there’s a SPOILER in the Showcase. So go watch it RIGHT AWAY and then come back! Welcome to the Rebels Showcase…. WOW!!!! You SFs are amazing!! I was really happy to see some of the old pros in this […]

More questions answered….

SF DARTH COSGRIFF Q MY FRIENDS AND I LOVE YOUR BOOKS AND WE WERE WONDURING IF YOU WOULD LET US MAKE A WILLY THE WALKING WAFFLE BOOKS ? TOTALLY!!! GO FOR IT! Q how many quikpick books do you think your going to right There will be 3 books. The […]

REBELS Showcase!

Wow, you SFs caught up with the latest REBELS episodes yet? It’s good stuff! So let’s do a showcase about them! FOLD and DECORATE or DRAW and COLOR or KNIT and PERL…. whatever you want to do. Just make a REBEL and send it in,,,, I know many of you […]

Frozen MegaDoodle!

This is it! After 2,000 votes these are the Top 10 Vote-getters, plus #11 (Jerry the Jumping Jello) as a bonus. The scene is the road outside my house during the recent snow. See that books “The Terrible Two?” It’s about pranksters and I think someone — maybe even one […]

Answers to your questions….

Hey SFs!!! Here are answers to some questions I’ve received through the SUBMIT button. You can SUBMIT your own there, too,.. It’s not as much fun as when we used to TTT and SFTZ, but if you just want a question answered, this is the way to do it…. SuperFolder Gus_Grissom […]

Frozen MegaDoodle… vote now… UPDATED

I don’t mean that the theme of this MegaDoodle is “Frozen: The Movie” I mean I AM FROZEN!!!!! Record low temperatures here and the furnace isn’t keeping up!!! So, I’ll need to draw to stay warm. Vote for what you want me to draw below using the little box where […]

March Book Tour… Virginia, Arizona, Georgia, Florida

If you’re near one of these places, please come see me as I tour around in March promoting Qwikpick2 and Origami Yoda in paperback! March 14 – PI DAY – 3.14.15! Roanoke Science Museum, Roanoke VA March 15 – Tuscon Book Festival, Tucson AZ March 17 – Little Shop of […]

Origami Zeb

That’s the finished product up there and here are some process shots:

Origami Star Wars Rebels mega doodle

Since the Presidents Day MegaDoodle fizzled, I did a doodle that has been requested before and which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now… The Rebels!

Doodle Showcase…

Good news and bad news! The good news is that lots of people sent in really great drawings! The bad news is that this showcase wasn’t for really great drawings… it’s for Tommy-style doodles, as seen in Art2D2. So, Sam will just post those other drawings — some of which […]

News, including… El Deafo wins a Newbery Honor!!!! Hooray for Cece!!!!

Hey SFs!!! Things have been CRAZY around here… BECAUSE Cece won a Newbery Honor for El Deafo. That means that she gets a big shiny silver medal sticker on the cover of her book! Wow!!!!   In case you didn’t hear, this year’s Newbery went to the book “The Crossover” […]

On Location at the REAL McQuarrie Middle School!

Hi SFs! Today I went back to my old middle school, SMS, to talk to kids… AND snap photos of some of the locations from the book! First of all… They still have Fun Night! No joke! And apparently a lot of the kids have fun! ( I think they […]

Rugboni sighting at Library Convention!

Hey SFs!! Cece and I are in Chicago for the big librarians convention. And look what I saw! I think it’s the first time I’ve seen one running since I wrote the book.

More Q&A from the comments…

SINCE TTT is not happening anymore, you are welcome to use the SUBMIT button to send in a list of questions… (ALSO, REMEMBER TO SUBMIT TO THE NEXT SHOWCASE*) These are from GusGrissom” Who is the guy who plays Mr. GCF on the Bookmark? A librarian/actor named Brian, Do you […]

Cantina Band

    EASY to make! Fun to play with! Yes, there wil be instructions…. STAY TUNED!

January MegaDoodle is DOODLED!

Up there’s the MegaDoodle! That was fun! Thanks to EVERYONE who used our new system. It worked great!!! The setting this month was Smugwick Manor from Horton Halfpott! The top vote getter was “Chris the Crispy Bacon” with 120 votes so I drew him first. I couldn’t fit in everything… […]

The TEAMS Showcase!!! Plus info about the next showcase!

Wow! You SFs are a great TEAM! Just look at this awesome showcase you put together, with a little help from Webmaster Sam…   Great work, everybody! Ready for another one? Recently I got this awesome Star Wars Doodle From Emperor Pickletine10: It’s Wicket playing a guitar!!!! You can look […]

SF Grandmaster’s Imperial Guard!

Just in case some of you don’t check Stookiness every day, I didn’t want anybody to miss this one. There has been A LOT of great origami lately. I’ve really been impressed! I’m putting this one on the front page because I WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF IT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to a new year of OrigamiYoda.com! Let’s start with a new showcase!

UPDATE: WOW!!! The submissions are incredible!!! Thanks to SF YodaFan07 for this great shot of the WIMPY KID TEAM!   Hello SFs!!! OrigamiYoda’s Website is now FIVE YEARS OLD! And the book will be celebrating FIVE YEARS in print soon, with a new paperback edition! (Check out this old post from […]

Some answers….or TTT the slow way…

Hey SFs, since TTT isn’t working out real well, I decided to answer some questions that a SF submitted through the submit button…   SuperFolder Gus_Grissom 1. When and where did you reveal YOUR Foldywan instructions? Last year’s May the Fifth! https://origamiyoda.com/2014/05/may-the-fourth-be-with-you-foldy-wan-instructions-for-happystarwarsday/   2. Are you inventing new origami? Yes 3. […]

How about a resolution to be right-side-up in 2015?

Here’s a resolution I’d love for the SFs to make… NO MORE UPSIDE DOWN OR SIDEWAYS PHOTOS IN 2015 BEFORE you take a picture, make sure you have the camera tilted the right way. It can be hard to tell AFTER the photo is taken, so make sure you check […]

The Stooktacular 2014 Origami Showcase!!! And some stuff about 2015…

Remember 2014? Ah, those were the good ol’ days….       Great folding, SFs!!! Thanks for making the last Showcase of 2014 a HUGE and STOOKY one!!! (HUGKY? STOOGY?) What about 2015? Here are some things I’m looking forward to: Qwikpick2 RAT WITH THE HUMAN FACE!!!! Origami Yoda in […]

The SOME Days of Christmas…

On the 100th Day of Xmas, my true love gave to me… 100 Yodeling Yodas by CJ…     13 Santa Yodas by StarWarsMarvelDC….     4 Calling Artoos. OY180…   3 French Ackbars (one is still in France, Apparently) by OYoda…   Two Turtle Darths by Lord Vader…   […]

How Boba Saved Christmas…

You all know the story of how Boba helped out Santa and Saved Christmas right? NO??? Well, this song is about Santa’s frantic phone call to Boba that very special night. Bonus points to anyone who endures all the way through to the end…

Origami Yoda Candy Box

Yep, it’s one uncut sheet of paper. Used some glue to keep it together…

Making a Gizmo Snowflake will make your holiday a FUNTIME!!!!

You’ve probably seen those amazing Star Wars snowflakes on the internet by now. Here’s one just for us: Gizmo!     Click on the template. Print it as big as you can. Fold it up. Get really mad because the lines are messed up. Go ahead and cut it out […]

Ahem… Showcase reminders

If you signed up for the 12 Days Showcase… please submit your work really soon! We only have a few days submitted so far! Thank you O_Yoda for this one! It’s very funny!!!     And if you’re working on the 2014 Showcase, remember it’s due Dec. 27 and will be […]

Check out these SFs’ STOOKY Holiday Countdowns!

Captain Origami’s Countdown (That’s his picture of R2DEER2 and Anakin Sleighwalker up top!)     Bruce110’s Countdown This one is “Four Calling Clones!”     Doctor Who Christmas Minecraft!     BatmanReturns Countdown   MasterFolderJohn’s Countdown PauseenP’s Countdown    ChippySlusher’s Countdown Tyler’s Countdown Mega3’s Countdown           […]

Next Showcase will be….

Cool news! We just passed 7,500 submissions posted!!!!! YEEHA! Our next Showcase will be: 2014! Anything you want as long as it happened in 2014. Lots of books, movies, TV shows, games to choose from! Don’t ask Sam : “Can I do SUCH AND SUCH?” If it happened in 2014 […]

Folding a Galaxy with Chippy Slusher and some cool Larrys!

Only had a small crowd for today’s event… but that was OK because it gave me a chance to hang out and fold with Chippy Slusher! We folded for and hour and a 1/2 or more! He folded this stooky Death Star Gunner… and a UmHiGuy Death Star to go […]

Classic Showcase!!!

The challenger here was to make something from the PRE-Star Wars era. Batman, proved pretty popular, followed by Doctor Who. (Note: Look closely, PaperDragon’s R2D2 may actually be a Dalek….)  

Update from Tom (the rat)

Howdy SFs!!! I’m finally home from that crazy 9 day roadtrip! Even Greg Hefley wasn’t on the road that long! Here are a few updates: 1) That Star Wars 7 trailer was awesome, huh? Looking forward to seeing the first origami versions of those characters…. 2) Some trolls stopped by. […]

Signed books available at B&Ns …

In 2014, I signed over 10,000 books for Indie bookstores and B&N. B&N saved theirs for Black Friday. So you may be able to get one. They’ll also have signed books from other authors, Time lapse vid of me signing books:

OY Funnies….

Hey SFs… I’m still trapped at the Holiday Inn, so here’s something silly I made while passing the time…  

It’sa me! EZ Mario!!

Hey SFs! I’m trapped in a Holiday Inn by the snow… So i thought I’d make some instrux. Only limited paper and pens available, though. Here’s EZ Mario and Luigi. They’d look a lot better with red/white and green/white paper… Same folds could make any baseball cap wearing person, of […]

Hey Qwikpickers! Dave’s Poop Game Hi Score is now 41,309!!!

A lot of SuperFolders have asked for a GAME to play on this site! Well, here you go! This game is based on an event described in The Qwikpick Papers: POOP FOUNTAIN! It’s not much of a spoiler to tell you that the Poop Fountain manager, Freddie, once rescued an […]

Heck yes, Qwikpickers!

Felt like I was riding in Freddie’s truck when this came on this morning!


The BEST Showcase!

We asked the SuperFolders to send in their BEST origami! And the result is: WOW! Over 70 entries!!! Take a look: NOTE: If you entered more than one item, Sam picked his favorite. ALL entries will appear in Stookiness eventually. If you missed this Showcase…. don’t worry we’ll have another […]


SFs! Here’s a page with links to all the Merit Badge Challenges, plus all the Merit Badge images if you want to print them out. (They look best printed small, about 1-2 inches across.) The Merit Badge Challenge was held during the summer of 2021, but the challenges can be […]

LIVE Talk To Tom in 3D… Tuesday!

Hey SFs!!! Geronimo Stilton the graphic novel goes on sale on Tuesday May 5. I can’t do a IRL book tour, so I’m going to be doing a virtual book launch! Tuesday May 5, head to Scholastic’s Home Base at 2 pm eastern time. If you’ve never been, head on […]

Video Talk to Tom/Megadoodle

SFs… WB Sam says: Tom is going to draw a megadooodle while answering your questions and post the whole thing on YouTube. To participate: SUBMIT to Stookiness — make the title TTT plus your SF name. Like this: “TTT WBSam” In the post, ask your question and tell Tom what […]

Tooka Cat at Galaxy’s Edge!

like the rest of you, I can’t wait to get to Galaxy’s Edge! I saw this photo posted by StarWars and was very pleased to see a TOOKA CAT (possibly a LothCat species) carving! Super cool! Tooka Cats play a big role in my book, Mighty Chewbacca, and I’m always […]

Unboxing New Books!

Here’s a video of me unboxing Didi Dodo 1 and Bach to the Rescue.    

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