Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Earth, Wind, Fire and Robot Dreams!!!

SFs!!! As you know, Robot Dreams has a special place in the OY0-verse! I can guarantee you that Tommy and Sara are both thrilled about it becoming a movie! The new trailer looks great and sounds great, too, thanks to the music of Earth, Wind and Fire… one of Lance’s […]

TALK TO TOM February edition + Pokemon update

Hey SFs!! Check out SF NarNar’s Origami Charmillion! This really shows the potential of using origami to make ALL THE POKEMON! We’re off to a great start with this Charmillion and the ones Bruce110 has made! Plus, SFs MaraOmega and Pokemon_War have offered to join. Still, I’m not sure everybody […]

Can we fold the whole Pokedex?

Seeing Bruce110’s very stooky origami Pokémon made me wonder… can we FOLD ‘EM ALL??? Maybe the original 151??? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_generation_I_Pok%C3%A9mon It would take some organizing, but if say 15 SFs got involved, that would only be 10 each. If 14 of you want to join in, I’m game to fold 10!

Talk to Tom January 2024

HEY SFs! We’ve had a few questions roll in, so here I am with answers…. but first, check out Johnny Appleseed up there! That’s the real one from Emperor Pickletine! Did you see that SF KirigamiKohl made the Pickletine trip and saw the Bell X1 for real, too? Check it […]

A message from Origami Yoda?

Something happened to me on Jan. 16 that seems like something that would happen to Tommy or maybe Quavondo. Could it be a SIGN? A sign of what? Of The FORCE at work in weird ways? Of Origami Yoda’s return? Or maybe it’s a sign that I need to write […]

Origami Yoda: 1950s version

Harvey, Tommy, Lance and Dwight I found this photo in an old yearbook. NOT MINE! I’m not that old!! Since Yoda wasn’t around in the 50s, what character do you think they’d be folding. Elvis? Sidenote: There is a disturbing angle to this photo. Kellen isn’t in it. This school […]

2023-2024 New Year’s Eve Pet Party!!!

SFs!! Happy New Year! This year’s pet party is also a FUNDRAISER for the Humane Society of Montgomery County, VA, where Qwikpick Papers takes place! Every pet at the party gets a $10 donation from a secret donor. Scroll on down to see how much money we raised! I was […]


SUPERFOLDERS!!! Thanks to a donor, our New Year’s Eve Fundraiser is BACK!!! This time your PET will raise money for charity simply for attending our swanky New Year’s Eve party! As you can see. my dog ESSO is already ready for the party! Here’s how it works: YOU send in […]

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