Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Stuff to Do Round-Up

Origami Instructions
Baby Yoda WITH POD
Animal Crossing
EZ R2 and C3P0
EZ Luke
Leia from a circle
Universal Puppets
1-fold Jabba
Archive = 30+ Star Wars Origami Folds
Drawing Videos
DRAW 8 Star Wars Creatures! EASY!
Draw a 1-page Graphic Novel
Draw a 3D AT-AT
Draw Jabba with one line!
Drawing Nose Animals Vol. 1 2 3 4 5
Drawing Cool Letters
Drawing Dogs
Drawing Unicorns
Drawing Thumbprint Dinos
Drawing Cartoon Mice
Draw Geronimo Stilton
Draw a Sloth
Moonbuggy Mania
Draw a Werewolf!
King Kong VS Shakespeare!
Monster-ize Your Friends!

Tom Can’t Draw series:
1 – Running Frankenstein Eats Cake
2 – Pigeons on Kids’ Heads
3 – Nellie interviews Cowboy Cheeseburger
4 – Monster Takes a Seat
5 – Cowboy Pig visits Colombia Cat
6 – BRAINS!!!!
7 – Guinea Pig and Snake Pop Stars
Other Activities
Origami Yoda Rubber Stamp
Cardboard Catapult
Kessel Run Game
Casefile Pages for YOU to doodle on
Monster Manual Coloring Sheets
Rocket and Groot Coloring Sheets
Geronimo Coloring Sheets
Comics for You To Finish
How to Talk Like Yoda
Untitled Drawing Game
Fold an 8 page comic book
Making a Black Lives Matter Shirt or Sign with Post-Its and Spray Paint
BookItLive –
Tom’s BookTalk TalkShow

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Video Games
Didi Dodo: The Game
More to come?
Oldies But GoodiesSuper-Folder Certificate
Origami Mario
Cardboard Rancor
Tom and Tony’s Monster JamPlaylist of Episodes