Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

How to Fold

Here are some instructions to get you started! If you want even more, check out Art2D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling!
Also, there are lots of video instructions on my Youtube channel!


Click any picture to make it bigger….


EZ YodaSimpleYoda



Book Yodayodainstructions


Cover Yoda: Various reader-made videos on Youtube

Van Jahnke Yoda: Instructions for SF Capone7’s amazing Van Jahnke Yoda!!


Other characters – alphabetically….


Art2D2 r2p1 r2p2 r2p3
Art2D2 (video instructions)

BB-8 (BB Plate video instructions)

Cantina Band (video)

Chewbacca The Fortune Wookiee (video)

Darth Maul : animated instrux!

Darth Paperdp1 dp2 dp3

Foldy Wan!


Jabba    jabba1 jabba2


Kylo Ren (video instructions)

Leia! THE Princess! The Huttkiller! The General!! Princess Labelmaker instructions here!


Emperor Pickletine: Click here!



Also video instrux

Salacious Crumb! crumbinstrux

Stormtrooper (video)

Sy Snootles!

Having trouble? Sometimes watching a video helps!

Try these youtube videos for Yoda, Darth, Chewie, Art2D2 and, of course, Jabba!


And try my unofficial YouTube videos for a StormTrooper helmet and some info about Cover Yodas….




And here are some instructions made by SuperFolders:


Kit Fisto

Mace Windu

Still want more? Look through the comments on this page….

Or use the SEARCH BOX on the righthand side of this page to look for “Luke instrux” or “Clone instrux” or whatever else you’re looking for!