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Last Modified: May 25, 2018.

This is the Privacy Policy for origamiyoda.com, a website owned and operated by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. (“Abrams”). We hope you will find this Privacy Policy informative and easy to understand. Please review this Privacy Policy carefully.

Abrams is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. The policies below are applicable to the Abrams’ network of websites, including as applicable, Abrams’ imprint sites, Abrams’ author sites hosted and maintained by Abrams; all email newsletters published by Abrams, including on behalf of our authors, and all other interactive features, services and communications provided by Abrams (collectively, “Sites”), however accessed and/or used that are operated by Abrams, made available by Abrams, or produced or maintained by Abrams. We have established this Privacy Policy to let you know the kinds of personal information we may gather during your visit to the Sites, why we gather your information, what we use your personal information for, when we might disclose your personal information and how you can manage your personal information. We also provide information for parents and how they can update or delete their children’s personal information.

This Privacy Policy refers only to information collected by this site and does not cover any other aspect of our business. Abrams recognizes that it is essential to protect the privacy of users on the Web. To keep any personal information you choose to share with us on this website secure, we maintain reasonable physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. You need to be aware that no transmission over the Internet is 100% secure, but we use reasonable efforts to ensure the protection of your personal information.

We ask all users to review this Privacy Policy and ask those who do not agree with this policy to stop using this website. We reserve the right to modify or amend the terms of our Privacy Policy from time to time without notice. We will post all changes to this policy on this website and they will become effective upon posting and your continued use of this website will mean that you accept those changes.


Collection of Personal Information

Your California Privacy Rights

If you are a California resident under the age of 18, and a registered user of any site where this policy is posted, California Business and Professions Code Section 22581 permits you to request and obtain removal of content or information you have publicly posted. To make such a request, please send an email with a detailed description of the specific content or information to website@abramsbooks.com. Please be aware that such a request does not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the content or information you have posted and that there may be circumstances in which the law does not require or allow removal even if requested.


We take many special precautions to protect the privacy of children under 13.

·       On our websites, online services or apps intended for children, we do not collect personal contact information (like full name, e-mail address, phone number or home address) from children without consent of a parent or legal guardian, except in limited circumstances authorized by law.

·       We collect some non-personal information (like IP address, mobile device UDID, operating system, etc.) automatically and use technology like cookies to provide functionality and support our operations. Abrams does not permit interest-based advertising on Sites or Apps directed to children under 13 or where we have actual knowledge that a child is under 13.

·       We do not ask for more personal information than is necessary for a child to participate in an activity.

·       We take steps to prevent children from posting or publicly disclosing personal contact information.

·       Parents can ask us to update or delete their children’s information.



Abrams adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), in our websites, online services and apps directed to children under 13. Wherever we refer to “children” or a “child” in this Privacy Policy we mean children under 13. Please help us protect your child’s privacy by instructing them never to provide personal information (like their full name, e-mail address, home address, telephone number, etc.) without your permission.

We encourage you to get involved with your children’s online usage and to be aware of the activities in which they are participating.  Please see the “What Information Does Abrams Collect from Children Under 13 and How Is It Used?” section below for further information. We also ask you to check back here regularly to see what our latest policies are, particularly those relating to children.

You should be aware that if your children voluntarily disclose their names, e-mail addresses or other information on bulletin boards or chat areas of other Web sites, such disclosures may result in unsolicited messages from other parties. We suggest that you discourage your child from providing such information unless you are confident that the information will not be misused.



If you are under 13, you must get your parent’s or legal guardian’s permission before giving out your contact information, like e-mail address or phone numbers, or any other personal information, to Abrams or to anyone else.


What Are Abrams’ Children’s Privacy Practices?

At our websites, online services or apps directed to children under 13, we do not collect personal contact information (like full name, e-mail address, phone number or home address) without consent of a parent or legal guardian except in special, limited circumstances described below. We do not ask for more information than is necessary for a child to participate in the activity. We take steps to prevent children from posting or publicly disclosing personal contact information, like name, phone number or e-mail address, online, without parental consent.


What Information Does Abrams Collect from Children Under 13 and How Is It Used?

To participate in special activities, like personalized pages, games or clubs, we might ask your child to “register.” They can often do so anonymously by just providing a first name or user name, and password. When we ask for your child’s first name, we encourage them to use a “screen name” (not their real name) that only they know. Sometimes we will ask your child to make up a special password so that only they can see their customized areas on the Site. We use technology, like cookies, to recognize visitors by their anonymous user name when they revisit our Site and to screen for age in accordance with COPPA. We may also use technology for similar purposes in our Apps.

We may sometimes need a child’s e-mail address and/or your e-mail address. We may ask a child for your e-mail address so we can notify you of your child’s interest in our Site. If we need more than just your child’s first name (or screen name) and e-mail address for your child to participate in a particular online activity or App, we will ask your child for your e-mail or mailing address so that we can notify you of your child’s request and get your permission. When we ask for your permission, we will tell you what we will do with the information you or your child provides us, and how you can review your child’s information and ask us to delete the information. With your verifiable consent, we may collect other personal information from your child such as a last name or home address when the information is necessary for a particular activity. You can find a copy of the parental consent form HERE.

We don’t keep your (or your child’s) e-mail address unless you tell us it is okay. If social networking opportunities are available at our children’s websites, they are structured so that no personal information is shared between visitors or verifiable parental consent is obtained.

Abrams might collect an e-mail address and first name (or screen name) from your child under 13 without your consent, but only in the following special cases:

We may offer enhanced services which require a parent to register and establish the appropriate permission level for the child. Content and activities available may vary depending on the subscription and Site. Parents will be provided with information on the type of content and activities their child may access at the time they subscribe and are always in charge of their child’s account. Subscription fees may apply for some services.

We may ask for certain non-personal and non-identifiable information that helps us understand our visitors, like city and state, birthdate, gender, hobbies, etc.

We also use technology to facilitate the ability to play games, to recognize returning visitors, for research, and for other purposes, including to screen under-age visitors from certain features or areas intended for older visitors, and collect certain information automatically.

Abrams does not permit interest-based advertising on Sites directed to children under 13 or where we have actual knowledge that a child is under 13.


Can My Child Access the Web Through Your Sites or Apps?

Your child can navigate to the Internet through most of our Sites, services and Apps. Apps must typically be downloaded from an app store. Your computer or mobile device may enable you to restrict the ability of your child to visit other areas and to make purchases online or through Apps.

App stores generally require the adult mobile device owner to register to download or make purchases. Some Apps may offer options to visit an online store to make a product purchase.

We encourage you to spend time with your children when they are online or using any mobile device so you understand the Sites, activities and Apps they are engaged in, and to adopt available device and browser controls that reflect your preferences about your child’s ability to access the Internet or make purchases online.


Can I Access, Update and Review Information You Have About My Child?

If you no longer wish your child to continue to participate in interactive activities on an Abrams-operated website, simply click on the link that is provided for removal or contact us at website@abramsbooks.com. Upon proper identification, parents or legal guardians may review the personal information we have collected about their child, update their child’s contact details, request deletion, or refuse to allow further collection or use of the information. However, if you ask us to delete your child’s information, your child may not be able to participate in online or app activities.


Adults and Teens

We may collect personal information about consumers 13 or older only when they visit this website and choose to give us that information. We may collect personal contact information, like e-mail address or phone number, from consumers 13 or older when voluntarily submitted, or to fulfill a transaction. Registration may be required to use some sites, services or apps

We do automatically collect and store certain non-personal information about our users. For example, we collect visitor IP addresses, browser version information and reference site domain names. This information is used for our internal review as a way to monitor our performance and improve site functionality.

For certain services, such as our E-Card or E-mail-a-Friend functions, you must choose to give us some personal information (i.e. your name and e-mail address and the recipient’s name and e-mail address.) We do not use this information for marketing or for any other reason than to send the E-mail or E-Card you have requested and we do not retain that information longer than is necessary to fulfill your request.


What Are Abrams’ Privacy Practices for Consumers 13 and Older?

You do not have to share any personal information (like full name, e-mail address, home address, telephone number, etc.) to view our websites or Apps, but some of our Sites for adults may contain special sections and privileges for members who register. (App stores are run by third parties and may require that you register to download or purchase an App.) We may also collect information from you offline, such as when you order a catalogue, participate in a sweepstakes or contest, or make a purchase from our websites. We may obtain customer lists, demographic and other information about you from commercial sources.

We also use technology to collect certain information automatically, like your IP address, your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox), websites visited before or after you visit our Site, pages viewed and activities at our Site, and advertisements shown or clicked on.

On Sites for adults, we may combine all information we have collected to better understand your needs, improve our Sites, products and services, manage content and advertising, send you offers and information, and better serve you. We may offer parents the opportunity to manage their child’s registration and activities, and to receive reports, messages and product recommendations related to their child’s activities at our Sites or Apps.


What Personal Contact Information Does Abrams Collect from Consumers 13 and Older?

We do not collect any personal contact information from you or your teenager when you visit our Sites unless it is voluntarily provided, for instance when signing a guest book, registering for contests, sweepstakes, community areas, downloads, or free demos, completing our online customer surveys or purchasing products. The personal information we ask for is usually first and last name, mailing address, phone number and an e-mail address. We may offer you the ability to receive information via SMS or MMS; by providing your mobile phone or similar number you are agreeing to receive information on your mobile device. Please note that your service provider may impose fees to send or receive messages. We may also ask you to help us understand your interests by providing demographic information, like age, gender, or ZIP code, or information on hobbies and interests.


How Does Abrams Use Personal Contact Information Collected from Consumers 13 and Older?

We use personal information (“Personal Information”) that you provide to send you information you have requested (like an e-mail newsletter) or to process transactions and send you products you have ordered.

When you register with ABRAMSbooks.com you will be able to save shipping and billing addresses in your account to expedite future orders. For your protection, we do not associate credit card information at the account level, you must enter your credit card number every time you transact.

We offer registration as a service to our visitors, to make shopping and managing your newsletter preferences easier, but you do not need to register to use this site or to buy things from us. You can always visit, shop and checkout as a guest.


Can I Access, Update and Review My Personal Contact Information?

If you would like to update any of your personal contact information or email newsletter subscription preferences, please visit https://www.abramsbooks.com/unsubscribe/. Additionally, you may contact us at website@abramsbooks.com and we will be happy to update the information for you. Please allow 5-10 business days for your updated information to be processed in all of our systems. Parents may also contact us at the email address above in order to update or delete any personal information that has been provided by their children.

If you no longer wish to participate in an e-mail newsletter subscription or receive any promotional e-mails we send you, simply click on the link that is provided for removal or contact us at website@abramsbooks.com. Upon proper identification, you may review any personal information we have collected, update your contact details, request deletion, or refuse to allow further collection or use of the information. However, if you ask us to delete your information, you may not be able to participate in certain online or app activities.


Anonymous Information


We use “browser cookies” on our site to help us keep track of certain aspects of your visit. They are used for example, so that we can remember whether you are logged in, what you’ve placed in your cart or wish list and to help you navigate the site. These cookies do not contain any of your personal information. These cookies are temporary and only persist as long as your session does, if you close your browser the cookie goes away. You can control “cookie” preferences through your browser – even refusing them completely. Some aspects of this website will not function well if you set your browser to refuse cookies from us.


Java Script Page Tags

Each page on our site contains code that sends information to a third party service provider when that page is viewed. This allows us to keep track of how many people are viewing each page, which are the most popular features of the site, etc. These page tags contain no personal information about the visitor.



When downloading an Abrams app (or using an app that relies on online features made available through your mobile platform), the app store will collect certain device and app-related information. We do not control the privacy practices of those stores. You should review the privacy policy and terms of use of any mobile application store before downloading or using an app and review and use available controls and settings on your device to reflect your preferences.


Location information

For some apps or services, our third-party agents and analytics companies may collect location information, including location information provided either by a mobile device interacting with one of our apps or associated with your IP address or wifi network. These features might enable you to engage in activities such as the ability to play certain games. You can limit or prohibit the collection of location information by using the built-in settings on your mobile device. We do not permit collection of precise location information (actual address) in mobile apps without your consent. Child-directed apps do not collect precise location information.


Social Media Platforms and Plugins

If you are a member of a social media network, such as Twitter or Google+, a cookie may be sent to that network when you access a page of our website or an app that links to their website through a plugin (such as Facebook “Like” or Google “+1” buttons), register or log into your account at their platform, or use your social media user name and password to log into Abramsbooks.com where you have the option to do so. That may enable the network and us to link your activities with your personal registration information at their site, and may include notifying your friends or connections about your activities at our site, and using tracking technologies to monitor your online activities in order to serve targeted ads. The social media networks’ privacy policy and terms apply to your use of their platforms. Your browser or device may allow you to block these technologies but you should visit the third party website and review their privacy policy and your registration profile or account to find out any options.



This site contain may contain links to third-party sites. These other websites have their own websites and privacy policies. Nothing in this document relates to the privacy policies of any other website.


Disclosure of Your Information to Third Parties and Operational Service Providers

It is our policy not to sell, rent, lease or disclose your personal information to other organizations except to support the services offered on this site. We have contracted with operational service providers to manage certain aspects of this site, including online shopping. When you enter information for the purpose of purchasing something, that information will be shared with our operational service provider who will need to know things like your name, address, etc, to complete your transaction. Our operational service providers are required to follow the terms of this privacy policy, and are not allowed to use your personal information for any purpose other than that specified by us or to share your information with any other entity.

We may make your personal information available to governmental entities if required by law or to comply with legal process, to protect and defend our rights or property, and in emergency situations to protect the personal safety of us, our users, or the public. In the event of a significant change in the nature of our company such as a sale, bankruptcy or merger, your personal information may be transferred to a new corporate entity and subject to a different Privacy Policy.


Transactional Security

We employ 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on all transactions. To make sure that your purchase is secure, please use your web browser to confirm that encryption has been detected.


Governing Law

This website is operated in the United States and in accordance with the laws of the United States.

This website may not be operated in accordance with the laws of other nations. If you are located outside of the United States, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with any applicable local and national laws. Please be aware that any personal information you transfer to us will be transferred to the United States and subject to United States’ law. By using this website, participating in any activities, and/or providing us with information, you consent to this transfer of personal information to the United States, and waive any claims that may arise under your own local and national laws. Your continued participation on this website indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or any privacy issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We can be reached by email at website@abramsbooks.com or at the address below:

195 Broadway, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Effective Date: This privacy policy is effective and was last updated on May 25, 2018.