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Star Wars authors assemble!!!!!

Hey SFs! Greetings from DisneyLand where Disney treated us to a wild ride on StarTours!! That’s Alex Bracken who wrote A New Hope, Adam Gidwitz who wrote Empire, the team leader Mike Siglain, Tony DiTerlizzi who wrote the Adventures of Luke Skywalker and me.  We were out here for Star […]

BIG Enormous Huge Jumbo NEWS is here! It involves a racoon and a tree…

It’s finally official!!! One of my most top secret projects is finally public! I’m writing ROCKET AND GROOT! Here’s the announcement in Publishers Weekly. And here’s an even bigger shocker…. I’m DRAWING Rocket and Groot!!! This is going to be a crazy book, packed/crammed/stuffed with every crazy thing I could […]

How about a resolution to be right-side-up in 2015?

Here’s a resolution I’d love for the SFs to make… NO MORE UPSIDE DOWN OR SIDEWAYS PHOTOS IN 2015 BEFORE you take a picture, make sure you have the camera tilted the right way. It can be hard to tell AFTER the photo is taken, so make sure you check […]

The Stooktacular 2014 Origami Showcase!!! And some stuff about 2015…

Remember 2014? Ah, those were the good ol’ days….       Great folding, SFs!!! Thanks for making the last Showcase of 2014 a HUGE and STOOKY one!!! (HUGKY? STOOGY?) What about 2015? Here are some things I’m looking forward to: Qwikpick2 RAT WITH THE HUMAN FACE!!!! Origami Yoda in […]

Update from Tom (the rat)

Howdy SFs!!! I’m finally home from that crazy 9 day roadtrip! Even Greg Hefley wasn’t on the road that long! Here are a few updates: 1) That Star Wars 7 trailer was awesome, huh? Looking forward to seeing the first origami versions of those characters…. 2) Some trolls stopped by. […]

Qwikpick2 and OY in Paperback… Cover Reveal(s)!

Yeeha! Here’s the cover* for Qwikpick2, Rat with the Human Face! The plot: The Qwikpickers go in search of…. the rat with a human face! Qwikpick 1 is getting a new cover, too: That’s coming this spring and so is…. a paperback version of Origami Yoda! This time Kellen has […]

Doctor Glue!!!

What is the future of Origami Yoda and this website? It is stuff like Doctor Glue… although, really, there is nothing quite like Doctor Glue. But this is what makes me want to keep the site going… to see what you SFs will come up with next. I am really […]

Some of the origami SFs gave me on the trip…

It’s so cool when I’m on tour and a SF shows me some origami or a drawing and then says, “It’s for you!” That’s awesome! When I got back from my trip, these are some of the STOOKY gifts I had collected along the way…

Tour Details are Here! NY, WI, IL, MI, CA x2, and Vancouver, BC.

Hey SFs! If you haven’t seen it yet, the EVENTS page has been updated and has all the details for the book tour events. The tour is going to Clarence, NY; Milwaukee, WI; Chicago, IL; Grand Rapids, MI; Mission Viejo, CA, Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC. If you live […]