Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Next Stop: Comic Con!

Hey SFs!!!

It has been a LONG trip… but I’m almost there now!

My big day is Friday… I’ve got a panel with the other Star Wars retellings writers at 10, a wacky event with Astronaut Academy creator Dave Roman at 11, a signingin the Disney Books booth at 1 and a signing at the Abrams booth at 4.

(In between, I’m actually going to the Marvel booth for an interview. Still hard to believe I’m writing AND DRAWING for Marvel!)

Cece — that’s my wife Cece Bell author of El Deafo, in case you just tuned in — is up for an Eisner award Friday night. And then she’ll have events on Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, apparently housesitting and dogsitting are keeping Webmaster Sam too busy to fix the problems with the site. So I’m sorry for a lack of new Stookiness and photos that are too big, etc… We’ll get it all straight soon…