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Origami Yoda

Hoth trooper

SuperFolder starwarsorigamidude My Hoth trooper. Website coming soon.

If OY had a Cinematic Universe

SuperFolder Loganartandgames It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything… Almost two whole years already? Geez… Anyway, I thought a little about what it would be like if Origami Yoda got a movie adaptation. After that, I made my own glowing font engine, and made the titles of some […]

My First Post

SuperFolder djgrant1 These are my origami.

Yoda Instrux

SuperFolder MrAisSTOOKY This is my first post so don’t judge. I will make other origami in the future. if you want Luke instrux, comment STOOKY 1. if you want Vader instrux, comment STOOKY 2.

Super Mairo bros post 3

SuperFolder Swagdogezorigami So By the time this comes out hopefully some of you SF have posted the person u will be in this. If you wanna be bullet bill here is so thing you could do.

It is time

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ In a world where a comic had begum it’s journey into the origami Yoda site… and had been forgotten… It returns!!!! That’s right guys! Once or twice a week (depending on my schedule) squirrel comix is back!!! And yes, it is supposed to be spelled that way. Starting […]

r2d2 in real life

SuperFolder lukeskyfolder197 the navigation system on an sr 71 blackbird was called “r2d2” because of its shape and position