Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

my new Cover Yoda

SuperFolder Captain_Yoda1138 My new cover Yoda that I folded!!1q im super proud of him an d i think I improved majorly since i folded the last one!! partially based off of OrigamiYoda30’s instructions with some minor tweaks by me

lord of the rings

SuperFolder Yodaboy4321 so lord of the rings is popular now so i made this


SuperFolder Darth_Spaceman JUST DO IT!!! Origami that is 🙂 There have been like barely any users active here so I challenge you to do more origami. Whether it be one crane or 10 butterflies or a star wars puppet do something and submit it under the hashtag #origamiyoda Also, try […]

Origami Link

SuperFolder Captain_Yoda1138 I folded an Origami Link from the Legend of Zelda series!! there are 2 cuts which are for the ears