Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Sorry Guys

SuperFolder ForceFolder1 I am SO sorry guys, but the Fold-Tom Menace will not be coming out as soon as I expected. It will not come out because school is out, so my actors are busy doing other things for summer, just like I am. I also haven’t been working on […]

The Mighty Chewbacca in the forest of fear

SuperFolder GeorgeLucas Hey Tom! I just got your new book from the library and btw they weren’t gonna buy it but i convinced them too. I started like 5 minutes ago and I’m on chapter 4. So far it’s pretty good. Thanks Tom! Also could you do a book tour […]

Last fold trailer

SuperFolder purpleyoda Sfs hey, I am very proud to bring you this trailer SORRY IF IT DOSEN,T SHOW UP

Last fold rehearsals

SuperFolder purpleyoda Guess what the last fold will be made soon we had the first rehearsals today

I am ready to fight Funtime

SuperFolder Jack_Attack Hey SF’s you know how that jdubblestuff2 guy wanted us to fight Funtime well to fight Funtime I decided to chose YODA!!


SuperFolder LukeChador The Doodlemeister himself!

How 2 fold BOBA FETT

SuperFolder MADDOX I made a STOOKY Boba/janga very it took some time but FINALLY I did it! I made it up btw. It will be found in the CASE FILE my friends made! (Were editing it) IM MAD THOUGH BECAUSE THEY WONT SHOW ME!!!

stooky yoda

SuperFolder mewster first origami uploaded so i hope you like it