Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

C3 Po

SuperFolder Kirigamigreavis I am lucky l found gold paper to make C3 Po you can find instucions in Art 2d2s guide to folding and doodling.

Orange clone commander

SuperFolder Kirigamigreavis Clone troopers are really cool this guy is so easy to make. If you like it I will make instucions for you guys.

Jango Fett

SuperFolder Kirigamigreavis He is so easy you can look on google for instucions.

Yoda and foldy-wan

SuperFolder Swagdogezorigami They look pretty good. I will make instructions tomorrow or for you guys a while after this is posted hopefully not to long.

Jedi star fighter

SuperFolder Kirigamigreavis It’s really simple to make if you like it I will make instucions.

B1 battle droid

SuperFolder Kirigamigreavis I made a b1 battle droid roger roger. If you like it I will make instructions.


SuperFolder stookiestorm41408 Comment if you think I should make this into a movie.