Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Rex Echo and Fives

SuperFolder Rex501st Hey everyone, I made these 3 epic clones. I showed you Rex before but I made a few small changes to make him look more like his phase 2 version. I am thinking of making Gregor, 3 stookys in the comments and I’ll do it. Hope you like […]

Cover chewie

SuperFolder orimasterohanSF Sorry for the random letters on the last post that was just a test to see if the photo was big enough.This is my stooky cover chewie I used the printable. Sorry if the colors seem off. The printer went haywire


SuperFolder orimasterohanSF Bibacse&frhhgjmjt

Gar Saxon

SuperFolder Nick_the_Jedi This is my origami Gar Saxon from Clone Wars season 7. His armor is a lot cooler in Clone Wars than Rebels, don’t you agree?

Boba Fett

SuperFolder rebelpilot_123 Superfolder rebelpilot_123 Here’s mah Boba Fett. Enjoy!

The origami Yoda gang

SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255 Hello again sf’s! Here I’ve made all of the origami Yoda series characters! I haven’t made Dwight or Mike yet, but I will soon! Soon I will post my custom kit fisto. (If it already has already gotten in, then instrux coming soon!)


SuperFolder Origandalf …is this all right, WB Sam?

Animal crossing

SuperFolder Bobafold___ I got bored so I decided to make some characters from animal crossing I got the game and really enjoy it, I made Tom nook and Isabelle