Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

My last post

SuperFolder Samakin_skyehler This is my last post. I can only hope that mr. angleberger will take my advice and write another case file. This little guy is a force ghost yoda. He is symbolic for that I am still browsing with my sister, Amidala154, but not posting for the rest […]

super senate troopers

SuperFolder AJAY I finally learned how to fold super senate troopers.

Kirigami BB8

SuperFolder Amidala153 This is my kirigami BB8.Hope you like it!

Kanan jarrus

SuperFolder Bowendmayes Hey look at Kanan! Stoooooooooooooky. The beard is kinda like likes hair. No instructions.

Flipagami Rey

SuperFolder Qui_GonPin This is a prototype of a flipagami Rey I will post Instructions if I get 5 “instructions please” I will make prototype 2 if I get 7 “ waffletastic”

My first post

SuperFolder Eliplonk Hi I’m Eli leader of 16 superfolders yeah I guess I am a real deal


SuperFolder Brayden_Thomas The Nabo has been invaded by the droid army!