Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Porg Porg jawa

SuperFolder origamicrew17 I LOVE ORIGAMI

My Custom Mandolorian

SuperFolder YodaFanatic18 Hey guys! This is my custom Mandolorian for a custom Mandolorian challenge created by OrigamiFire9.


SuperFolder GeorgeLucas Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, because of school. But, hey life is good! I have a hot GF and I hope I will get to folding again real soon!

Clone army

SuperFolder Origamiyoda2887 It’s 8 origami clone troopers

The Legend Of Folda

SuperFolder BoocanChew Hello. I made an origami link. Hope ya like it. 11 “instructions please!” For folding instructions. Bye

The New Age

SuperFolder Eggward123 It’s the new age of clone troopers. I’m new so 3 bolts for more!!!

Halloween 2018

SuperFolder Huck My brother and I both folded our own Origami Yoda costumes this year. I was General Grievous and my brother was Yoda.


SuperFolder MYS_The_Folder He’s an OC I made using Kirigami! I’ll make instructions if I get 5 STOOKY’s!