Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Chapter 4

SuperFolder Sfbatfold The battle By nick So it was Friday on fridays all we do is catch up on our home work really (we get ALOT) .I always finish mine by Tuesday .So when I got to school all I did was just read Star Wars books in the library […]

harry paper

SuperFolder Origami_Bus_Buddies He is origami harry potter call him origami paper


SuperFolder Shedsky Heyo guys shedsky here, here I have mad my own STOOKY BB plate! Hope you like it

How to fold a scarf

SuperFolder OrangeEndergami Here’s how to fold the scarf I used for Lyle! You can use it to make Timmy Failure, or any other scarfed celebrities!

Who is Triangle Man

SuperFolder OrangeEndergami Remember SF CON? If you do, you remember the mystery of Triangle Man. Triangle Man Was a character in a song called “Particle Man” by They Might Be Giants. You can find it on Spotify or, you can watch this animated version:


SuperFolder PrincessLeia284 Very stooky cover yoda!!!

Lego droid 10 year anniversary Yoda

SuperFolder fizzpop_porg99 Hi superfolders, I made a droid out of Lego (I can’t remember it’s name, but I know it’s r4-something), and a 10 years of origami Yoda 5-fold yoda. All doodles are made with the pilot G2.