Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

the Paper Plight of Mon Mothfold

SuperFolder _that_one_forceuser_ Hi! I am sf _that_one_forceuser_! Chances are, you don’t know me. But that is not what this is about me. This is about my STOOKY FIZZPOP WAFFLES TOTAL ROCKETS WITH PLASTIC DINOSAURS NEW MON MOTHFOLD! I am writing an OY fanfic, and it’s about how a new puppet […]

I-Ready Rebellion

SuperFolder PaperYodaIsReal2021 I heard about the I-Ready Rebellion, but I can’t join because my class already defeated it (kinda)! Woo Woo! Last year, my class used Aleks (a math website) but then this year they replaced it with I-Ready! I was like, “Pikpok Pete!!!!!!!!” because Aleks isn’t the best thing […]

I-ready rebelion update

SuperFolder moose1 Ok, so last night I did bring our case to my school board. Only bad thing, I was on a busy schedule for this Thursday so I had to turn in a written comment. Please believe me. Also, I was thinking, maybe talking to the school board isn’t […]

Origami Boba Fett

SuperFolder KitFoldo_ this just might be one of the best origami masterpieces I’ve ever created besides my Kirigami General Grievous. This took very long to make so I’m gonna up things up a bit. 3 fizzpops AND 3 waffletasctics and I’ll show you guys the instrux

Cover fortune wookie

SuperFolder KitFoldo_ This is the fortune wookie from the cover of The Secret of The Fortune Wookie. You basically print out the face on Google and then make a fortune teller out of it.

Daily helmets 2

SuperFolder TheweirdSith It’s Jesse and Gregor!