Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

simple Cover Yoda

SuperFolder murkyk So, one day a while back, I was fiddling with some paper and I made changes to a emergency Yoda and this is what came out! (by the way, this is my 1st post!)

Mandalorian instrux

SuperFolder ELECTRONRED10 I got 5 stookies so here are my mandalorian instrux! Hope you enjoy! And stay stooky!

The Trooper Poll Who should I add

SuperFolder AstroFanMan So, I was thinking of adding a known droid in my series, The Trooper, but this also brings me to: Where should The Trooper be placed in the Star Wars timeline? After Episode 3 but before Rouge One (meaning K-2SO is in the show), or should it be […]

Derpy X-Wing Pilot

SuperFolder FelixSkywalker This is another odd model, but now it’s Star Wars related. This is a pretty difficult model with a super difficult closed sink fold, and it would be difficult to make instrux.

Clone captain

SuperFolder Creased_PAPER_E11 Hello heres a origami clone I did. It’s the only clone who has blond hair. And yes is helmet actually fits on his head. Who thinks I should make a army of clones or storm troopers with a Jedi knight leading the clones or sith leading the storm […]


SuperFolder Brickmadboy It is cool

origami R2-D2

SuperFolder proyoda77 species;droid alligence;astromech droid

Poe instructions

SuperFolder Creased_PAPER_E11 Hello! Its me Creased_PAPER_E11 Sorry it took a while for the Poe instructs I forgot to post them for a while. Can someone tell me what the Rebels in the Origami Yoda did or fought?Just make post about please 👏🏼. But make sure the post says Answers to […]