Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

SuperFolder Stookiness… really is STOOKY!!!

I just wanted to tell you SFs how much I LOVE SuperFolder Stookiness!*
It seems like we’ve been seeing some really amazing stuff there lately!
I look at every post — although I sometimes skim past the ones that are just some random picture off the internet. But it makes me so happy when I see something really great, whether its by an old-timer or a brand-new SF!

If anybody ever thinks its unbelievable that the kids in my books make all that origami and draw the pictures and write casefiles, I can just show them SF Stookiness. You SFs would fit in great at McQuarrie!

YOUR origami is the heart of this website and I thank you SFs so much for making, photographing and sharing!

And thanks to MandoMaker for the ZEB-igami up top!

*If anyone doesn’t realize it… All you have to do is click on SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS and you see the latest batch of origami (and other stuff) that Superfolders have SUBMITTED.