Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


Return of the Showcase! Submit your Snack-a-gami creations NOW!

Hey SFs!!! I want to have a BIG showcase to celebrate the Pickletine launch — which is just a few days away!!!!! As you know, the book is Pickletine vs. Fruitigami Yoda. And it features MANY Star Wars Snack-a-gami doodles suggested by YOU SFs!!!! (In fact I think one of […]

Great news! OY Audiobook on sale for $3! Download and listen!

Who is the bearded dude in the photo? It’s Mark Turetsky, the voice of Tommy in the audiobooks. He is AWESOME! He’s also the voice of Lyle on the Qwikpick Papers and Paul Bunyan on Angelina Buglebrain! So anyway, here’s the link to audible.com where you can download Origami Yoda […]

SF Jessenia’s Letter!

If you have been reading the comments, you probably know that I have been waiting a long time to get just Jessenia’s letter. I finally got to read it today. It is awesome! I just drew a nice picture and signed a bookmark to send back to her. I hope […]

Angelina Buglebrain Cover Contest winner…

Wow!!! The covers you guys sent in for Angelina were AWESOME! Tricky to pick a winner, but I felt like CJ did the best job of fitting in all the action and craziness! Right now there’s no prize exactly, but just think of the fame and glory of it all. […]

Drawing the Cover Stars — high speed video…

Hey SFs! I was filming a trailer for Qwikpick Papers recently and figured that while I had the drawing board and the lighting set up, I’d try drawing the cover stars really really fast… (Well, actually I used a timelapse app) Tom’s Hi Speed Drawing Youtube Video