Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Update from Tom (the rat)

Howdy SFs!!!

I’m finally home from that crazy 9 day roadtrip! Even Greg Hefley wasn’t on the road that long!

Here are a few updates:

1) That Star Wars 7 trailer was awesome, huh? Looking forward to seeing the first origami versions of those characters….

2) Some trolls stopped by. SNORE…. that is getting so old! Unfortunately, some SFs got caught up in the mess and said somethings they shouldn’t have said. Remember, folks, don’t feed the trolls. Anyway, REPORT TO SAM page is offline for awhile.

3) Sam should get the CLASSIC showcase up on Monday or Tuesday, so this is your LAST chance to submit something….

4) Look for a TTT/MegaDoodle/SFTZ event this week!

5) We’re about to hit 8,000 total submissions!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!

6) Aidan, one of those crazy nuts from SMS Guys Read, made a cover for Qwikpick Papers: Rat with a Human Face. I LOVE IT!!!!