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Origami Yoda

Tour Details are Here! NY, WI, IL, MI, CA x2, and Vancouver, BC.

Hey SFs!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the EVENTS page has been updated and has all the details for the book tour events.

The tour is going to Clarence, NY; Milwaukee, WI; Chicago, IL; Grand Rapids, MI; Mission Viejo, CA, Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC.

If you live anywhere near any of those places, this is the time. I may not make it back those towns for years.

That’s all the public events for this tour. However, I will be visiting a few other places this year, including Roanoke, Manhattan and the Lititz (Pennsylvania) Book Fest and likely the Smithsonian! (Appropriate for this book!)

And it looks like next year, I’ll be visiting Florida and Texas.

I know many of you will be asking, “CAN YOU COME TO MY TOWN?”

The answer is: maybe someday, but probably not right now. I’m sorry, but I have got a lot of books to WRITE and I have to stay home sometimes to get that done. If they invent teleportation, I’ll visit everyone of your towns! Until then, I can only make it to some.

Also, please remember that for the most part, I don’t make these decisions. My publicist has tried to figure out a tour that will do the most for the books.

I hope that it gets me close enough to you, that you’ll be able to talk your parents into coming to a bookstore for an event. Remember, SFs get the VIP treatment at events!!!