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Fold It Up, Man!!

Sfs, here’s a couple puppets to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Freedom rock commercial. if you’ve never seen it… enjoy:

Two more drawings and a poll…

Here are the last two drawings! Hope you all enjoy them. They were hard!!! Also… what do you SFs think about the annual New Year’s Eve fundraiser? Normally we try to raise money for charity by folding some huge number of Origami figures. But right now, with so few active […]

SF Ryley L’s Origami Yoda trailer!

Ryley Lewis posted this trailer on YouTube. Hey, maybe Hollywood will see it and decide to make it happen!! Hollywood? Hello?

Here you go, SFs!!!

I am so thankful for you SFs! You stuck with the site… or returned… after the big outage this summer. There was a time there when it looked like the site was gone forever. But it’s back — and steps have been taken to avoid another outage! The Origami and […]

A little present from Tom….

Merry ElfBucket, SFs!!! this year, since we have a reasonable number of sFs, I’m going to draw each of you a drawing of your favorite Star Wars character. (Origami style) submit your favorite character like a normal submission with the word REQUEST and your SF name in the title. I’ll […]

EZ CELEBRITY SANTA and/or Elf on the Shelf

Make your friends and family an origami santa using a photo of their favorite celebrity…. or even a photo of them! Above is Santa Jeff Bridges. Instrux coming soon, but some of you can probably see how I made this. The key is finding or printing a good photo. and […]

Time to fold the Santas!

These are 1 of the 2 sets of Santa instrux I’ve got on youtube. Be sure to check out some of the other Origami Santa instrux onYouTube. There’s some good ones out there and some that are elegantly simple.