Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

TALK TO TOM February edition + Pokemon update

Hey SFs!!

Check out SF NarNar’s Origami Charmillion!

This really shows the potential of using origami to make ALL THE POKEMON!

We’re off to a great start with this Charmillion and the ones Bruce110 has made! Plus, SFs MaraOmega and Pokemon_War have offered to join.

Still, I’m not sure everybody has the time for such a big project right now. Maybe we should wait and make it a summer project? Let me know if you want to start NOW or WAIT…

MEANWHILE, let me answer a few questions. And if you’d like to ask some for the next edition of TTT, just submit them with “TALK TO TOM” and your SF name in the title.

SuperFolder yodadadd

Hey Tom I was reading Darth paper strikes back and saw their favorite game was clone wars strike team. I looked it up AND IT WAS GONE!!!!! I was like, pikpok Pete! So if you know if it exists can you or webmaster Sam post a link? Thanks! ( I included a piece of my art!)

Tom SAYS: That game was just made up! It’s a game I WISH was real though. A tactics-based Clone Trooper just makes so much sense! You’re a Jedi general calling the shots for your strike team and jumping in with special moves as needed. The Bad Batch would also make a great tactics game!

Thanks for the great question!

SuperFolder CreaseAdiMundi

I’ve done some digging, and found (but is not limited to) posts by Yodagetty, Origami_LoganG, and AAlanOrigami mentioning an origami Indy book, which I think would be awesome! If you were to make one, what would it be called?

TOM SAYS: INTERESTING question! Folders of the Lost Ark! With Folders in those big, swooshing letters like RAIDERS!

Did you fold this Indiana Jones? it is EXCELLENT!!!!

SuperFolder Benforce1

I just made this yesterday and I hope you like it.

Dear Tom, can you put Luke Skyfolder in Foldy-Wans Foldtastic Rescue please?

TOM SAYS: I love it! And the carpet looks very Tatooinee-y! I love the Foldy Wan title, but did you know that I actually tried to make a book called something like “The Lost Notebook of Luke Skyfolder?” It didn’t work out, sadly.


SuperFolder DarthZackB

What is your favorite book in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series? Just beware of the Cheese Touch.

TOM SAYS: Book one may be my favorite because of the Cheese Touch. And Fregley! I always want more Fregley! I also like the book where he gets the pig!

SuperFolder Benforce1

I really need instructions for Jango Fett, can you make it?

TOM SAYS: Here you go: