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The SFs have spoken: March shall bring MADNESS & MAUL!

Alright…. you asked for it! MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS will return!!! JUDY HOPPS is in already as the defending champion. Who will challenge her for the chance to be on EVERY page of this website for a year???? Each SF can submit TWO entries. AND they can submit an extra entry […]

LEGOLAS doodle for ObiWanJinn

Sf Obiwanjinn was a little bit after Xmas with his request for a Legolas doodle. But since both Legolas AND Obiwanjinn are awesome…. here it is!

MAUL’S March Madness — maybe?

SFs… it’s no secret that there are a lot fewer SFs on the site this year than in the past. A post that would have gotten 30 “instrux please” now is lucky to get 5. luckily, the SFs that are still here are very awesome. So the site is still […]

10 years since Gungi?

GUNGI is back!!! As promised, The Bad Batch just ran into the Wookiee Jedi youngling that Ahsoka knew way back when before Order 66. can this really be the ONLY ori-Gungi ever posted here? Somebody make a new one!!

Kirigami Ultraman and Alien Baltan puppets

Felt like folding today! Took a few tries to get Alien Baltan close to right. If I took another try, I’d try to make his beak (?) bigger. these use the basic puppet techniques, plus some cuts here and there. The sort of stuff you’ll find in my animal crossing […]

Fold It Up, Man!!

Sfs, here’s a couple puppets to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Freedom rock commercial. if you’ve never seen it… enjoy: