Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

A message from Origami Yoda?

Something happened to me on Jan. 16 that seems like something that would happen to Tommy or maybe Quavondo. Could it be a SIGN? A sign of what? Of The FORCE at work in weird ways? Of Origami Yoda’s return?

Or maybe it’s a sign that I need to write another book and it will begin with an account of what really happened, which was this:

We’ve had a frozen pizza in the freezer for a long time. I’ve looked at it many times and thought maybe today’s the day to eat it… then decided to eat something else.

Finally, after all this time, I pulled it out and opened it up.

The pizza didn’t look right. After I took off the plastic, it still looked like it was covered with plastic. I looked closer and realized it was ice. Not just a little freezer burn but a huge iceberg on top of the pizza.

How old is this thing, I wondered… and I looked at the expiration date.

The date on the box was …. THAT DAY! Jan. 16, 2024!!! After all that time, the day I chose to finally cook the pizza was the day printed on the box as the last day to eat the pizza!!!! The pizza just had a few hours to go before expiring!

So? What do you think?

What does Origami Yoda say?? Pizza eat do not? Pizza eat you MUST?