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Howdy SFs! I’m so glad we’re able to re-open the comments for a little while. We’re going to try this experiment for about 1 hour. As you may know we have had trouble with 1) A Troll insulting and cursing, 2) SFs fighting with each other and 3) someone asking […]


Talk to Tom Week of April 15 – The Rise of Pickletine!!!

Yep! It’s a pickle!!!! This is the REAL cover for Book 6. As for the Other BIG NEWS… I’m writing Return of the Jedi for Lucasfilm! My reaction to the news is here… A lot of people are asking me about this being the LAST BOOK in the series. Well, […]


Talk to Tom: Week of March 27

Hey everybody!!!! Just got back from the book tour and it was AWESOME!!!!! I met so many cool kids and a bunch of SFs!!! The only thing I don’t like is that I never have as much time to talk to the SFs as I would like, because there’s usually […]


Talk to Tom Week of March 9: Ready for THE END?

Whether you’ve read Princess Labelmaker or not, you’ve probably heard that the series may be almost over… The book that comes out in September could actually end with… THE END. What do you think? Are we ready to wrap up this story? OR do you want it to keep going? […]


Talk to Tom: Week of Feb 17 — Just TWO weeks to go!

Hey SFs! Just two weeks until the book OFFICIALLY comes out. And you know what that means… someone somewhere will probably find a copy that has leaked out somehow! If you’re the one, go ahead and read it, but please DO NOT POST SPOILERS ON THIS WEBSITE!!! (But please let […]


Talk to Tom week of Feb 10 – 3 weeks to go!

Hey SFs! Could read you the message on the tape? A little tricky, but the cool thing is that it’s bubble gum, not a label! I bought this little thing at KMart for 2 bucks! It is STOOKY! Anyway, we’re getting close now! Princess Labelmaker will be out in about […]