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The return of Ask Tom…

It’s been so long since we did an Ask Tom that some of these questions were getting pretty old! I hope the people that asked them are still around and that other people find the answers interesting… Q: Tom, I have a BIG question. When ever I go to Talk […]


Moderated SFTZ over for tonight. Tune in next time!

OK, SFs…. You guys chat a bit and I’ll keep an eye on things… I know Tom willbe interested to hear what stuff you’ve been up to! -Sam   ps: Note: Tom is not chatting or doodling tonight. He wanted to give you guys a chance to talk….


Suprise Mini-Mega-Doodle — enter your request below!

I’m about to make a drawing! I’ll draw whatever* you guys put into the comments below in the next 15 minutes… GO! *With certain exceptions for good taste, my lack of talent, time, etc…


The BEST Showcase!

We asked the SuperFolders to send in their BEST origami! And the result is: WOW! Over 70 entries!!! Take a look: NOTE: If you entered more than one item, Sam picked his favorite. ALL entries will appear in Stookiness eventually. If you missed this Showcase…. don’t worry we’ll have another […]


Talk to Tom

Howdy SuperFolders!!! We’re CHANGING the way we do TALK TO TOM. From time to time, Tom will do a LIVE session and answer questions as they come in. Stay tuned, because the first one is coming up SOON. Until then: Here are a few FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, with answers! Q: […]


TTT/SFTZ over for tonight, but check out the sneak peek Tom posted…

Hey SFs!!! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO ASK ME QUESTIONS, TALK TO EACH OTHER and COMMENT ON THE MOST RECENT SF STOOKINESS!!! (Sam has posted 20 new ones!) How do you like the Origami me, made by AlexDarth99? Let’s chat tonight! I can’t do it on Friday, but WB Sam […]


Moderated TTT/SFTZ starts right here at 8:30 Eastern/5:30 Pacific

Howdy SFs! I’m so glad we’re able to re-open the comments for a little while. We’re going to try this experiment for about 1 hour. As you may know we have had trouble with 1) A Troll insulting and cursing, 2) SFs fighting with each other and 3) someone asking […]