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Origami Yoda

The return of Ask Tom…

It’s been so long since we did an Ask Tom that some of these questions were getting pretty old! I hope the people that asked them are still around and that other people find the answers interesting…

Q: Tom, I have a BIG question. When ever I go to Talk To Tom it says ” Stay turned, because the first one is coming up SOON. I always look it always SAYS THAT EXACT THING can you have the talk zone back cause I AM GET REALLY ANNOYED or say when the next Talk To Tom session. 
-SuperFolder origamimaster970

A: Talk to Tom is coming up…. RIGHT NOW!!!! (I have to agree that that is annoying. Maybe Sam can change it? Sam? Sam? Are you out there?)

Q: If you had a chance to write every superfolder into a book, but got little to NO money for it. Would you do it?
-SuperFolder PauseenP


Q: Hey Tom!
•Are you going to have a Mexico tour?
•Have you ever folded a Kawahata Yoda before?
•Do you like more this new cover of OY?
•Do you like Mexican food?
-SuperFolder Origamiyoda30

A: I am probably not going to Mexico, sorry. In fact, my days of touring anywhere for Origami Yoda are probably over…. unless we can make another book happen!

The Kawahata Yoda is a masterpiece! By a REAL origami master! I have TRIED to fold the Kawahata’s Yoda, but gave up. That’s what made me design my own in the first place! It was easier to invent one, than to follow those instructions.

The new cover is pretty cool, I think, because honestly… how many schools use blackboards these days?

Yes, I love Mexican food! Especially, really spicy Caldro de Pollo!

Q: Do you like waffles?
How would you react if you found out that they were making an Origami Yoda movie? (My reaction:MUST BE SARA!!!)
What is your favorite book that you didn’t write?
-SF Ari_Likes_Unicorns

A: Yes, esp. with gravy!
I would be really worried about how the movie would turn out.
A few favorites: Lizard Music, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, The Lumberjanes

1.Do you play minecraft
2. What is your favorite film series aside from star wars.
3. What is your favorite star wars origami character
4. Dr.Who series vs Star wars what do you like better
5. cats or dogs
– SuperFolder Mangolorian

1. A little, I can never seem to find anything!
2. It’s weird, there aren’t very many series that I’m crazy about. I’m pretty interested in seeing Kung Fu Panda 3, though!
3. OY
4. Star Wars, but I do really like Dr Who, esp the David Tennant years.
5. Monkeys

Q: Did you have braces as a kid?
What is an address i can send mail to you at?
=SF BraceFace

A: No, I was lucky.
Origami Yoda
Abrams/ Amulet Books
115 W 18th St
NY NY 10011

I have to warn you that right now I am running WAY WAY behind on my mailbag.

1.Can you please please please please continue the series?
2.How do you come up with your amazing origami?
3.What are some good tips for being a writer?
–SuperFolder Foodagami

1. Right now, I’m not planning to have any more Tommy-written books. Kellen and Dwight still want to do another activity book. And Remi has a journal with some crazy stuff in it. But right now, neither of those is moving ahead.
Of course, my hope is that you and the other Sfs will read some of my other books, like Qwikpick or Rocket Raccoon, and enjoy those in the meantime.
2. Lots and lots of ugly mistakes. And then eventually I get a mistake, that’s not ugly… that actually works!
3. See #2… 🙂


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