Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Return of the Showcase! Submit your Snack-a-gami creations NOW!

Hey SFs!!!
I want to have a BIG showcase to celebrate the Pickletine launch — which is just a few days away!!!!!

As you know, the book is Pickletine vs. Fruitigami Yoda. And it features MANY Star Wars Snack-a-gami doodles suggested by YOU SFs!!!! (In fact I think one of you even came up with the term “snack-a-gami).

So our showcase will be photos of actual Snack-a-gami. It can be Star Wars or something else, as long as it is at least partially made out of food.

Submit with the word SNACK in the title of your submission. And don’t dawdle, the showcase goes up AUG. 11!

ps: The picture isDarth Caker by Tyler755’s MOM!!!!!