Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Second Badge Added: 2024 OY BADGES! Five things to make your summer Stookier!

SFs! Thanks for voting YES to badges this summer! I was going to skip them because of the Pokedex, but the Pokedex is almost done already! So …  LET’S GO!!!! Let’s do something because it’s the:

SUMMER OF SOMETHING 2024 Edition!!!!! Don’t do nothing, do something!

BADGES CAN BE COMPLETED AT ANY TIME IN ANY ORDER! No time limits, no rush, no pressure! Do the ones you want and skip the rest!

When you complete one, submit it to Webmaster Sam with your SF name and BADGE # in the title. Like this:

WBSam Badge 1

There will be 5 badges this summer and there will be a special “thing” you can download if you do all 5.

AND you can always try Badges of the Past if you missed them!

Have fun!


Quavondo’s Wallet!

OR Quavondo’s Pencil Case if you’d rather have a pencil case.

And OF COURSE You’re welcome to use ANY kind of snack you want! Quavondo loves them all!

Let me suggest trying this out on CHEAPER snack bags first! The Cheetos Bag cost me $5! While the Cheez Doodles bag cost $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

For the wallet, you need a 8.5 ounce bag of Cheetos and this video:



For the pencil case, you can use different size bags and this video:





FIRST: Learn about Horn Ok Please by watching this music video! Trust me, it’s awesome:

SECOND: So know you know that HORN OK PLEASE is what the paint on the back of trucks in India. The artists who paint these trucks are amazing! Wouldn’t you love to be able to paint like that?


3. Time to paint something yourself! I used cheap paint on a paper bag, but you can use magic markers, crayons, even duct tape! But instead of painting HORN OK PLEASE, paint your SF name! OR if your SF name is too long just paint YODA or OY or STOOKY!

You might need to experiment to figure out how to do some of the letters. The main thing is to keep them big and blocky and simple! If you’re stumped, try this video of the whole alphabet!


Try this:

It may look too hard, but I followed along with the video… pausing and repeating a bunch… and I got a decent tiger out of it!

So if you had fun making letters, try the tiger!