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Snot Trooper- Designed by SuperFolder_Zod

SuperFolder C418_13 This is the 3rd(or maybe 4th) version of SuperFolder Zod’s snot trooper. He taught me how to fold it, and this was my first attempt. The design is fairly similar to the base used for many other designs, like Tom’s Admiral Ackbar. The shaping folds make it difficult […]

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod Hey people it’s Zod, this is my first submission in a very long while… Anyhow, here’s an origami fox that I made. For more occasional origami and thoughts, visit the Thought Hub at admiralsaxophone.wordpress.com ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

SF fetts Snot Trooper and Darth Paper

SuperFolder fett Here are my new Snot Trooper and Darth Paper. I got the Snot Trooper from Superfolder_Zod’s instrux and Darth Paper from Darth Paper Strikes Back. don’t ask for instrux for the Snot trooper because it is too hard to make but Darth Paper I can May the force […]

Gammorean Guard

SuperFolder stookysmartness In my opinion this is a pretty cool (and easy) Gammorean Guard. It is similar to SuperFolder_Zod’s instructions on his website: http://superfolderzodorigami.wordpress.com

Gammorean Guard

SuperFolder stookysmartness I made this based off of SuperFolder_Zod’s instructions on his site: superfolderzodorigami.wordpress.com, I made some tweaks to his design though. Let me know if you want instrux!

Select 4 resultsnew contest

SuperFolder Jabba_thepuppet Here are the rankings: 1.Max Rebo Returns: superfolder_Zod 2.The clones in New Organisation: sfecho (I think you said you quit, but I wanted you in) 3.General Kirious: Foldtrooper 4. Jabba’s Band pt.1/2 Now for the new contest (this is the last one,to make up for the complaining people), […]

Max Rebo Returns

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This appeared at the end of my advent in December, but I thought it would be good to have on the site. Max Rebo now has a keyboard, however, the design is still basically the same. Only one more fold is required to add the keyboard, plus some […]

My Gammorean Guard

SuperFolder SF_Dwight I’m not sure if I spelled the Title right, but anyways this is inspired by Superfolder_Zods model! enjoy!

The ULTIMATE Cover Yoda

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is absolutely my best cover Origami Yoda to date. At first, I followed the instructions on YouTube, but then added in a secret fold. Do not ask what it is; because it is secret. 🙂

Admiral Ackbar

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod A while ago, I decided to fold the Admiral Ackbar from the instructions in How to Fold, and I added 4 extra folds to make the eyes rounder. I never got around to posting it until now, but here it is, so enjoy!