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Princess Lablemaker

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is my version of Princess Lablemaker, the next cover star. I know it doesn’t look anything like the one on the cover, but the design is interesting. It is one piece of paper for the body, and one for the head. The hands, belt, and Dymo lablemaker […]


SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is my Fortune Wookiee, that I painstakingly created over a period of 3 hours and 20 minutes, by staring at the cover of the only Origami Yoda book that I own. A few days later, I finally got around to making Han Foldo, too. The pictures show […]


SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is my version of Queen Origamidala. It is made from 1 uncut 3×6 piece if paper. The shiny red, gold, and blaster parts are glued on, though. It is very similar to the one on the trading card.


SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is a kirigami C-3PO. The arms are formed with 2 cuts, but the rest is folded. It is a fairly simple design, and I will try to make instructions soon. It is based off of the doodles of C-3PO in Jabba the Puppett, where he is often […]

Gammorrean guard

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is my origami Gammorrean guard. The head and body are 2 separate pieces of paper, but it is otherwise completely origami. I glued on the armbands and helmet coloring, but the helmet is actually folded, and can simply be colored in. The axe is also a separate […]

Best Origami Boba Fett Ever

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod Remember my old Boba Fett, for origamimaster’s challenge? Well, after that, Tom posted a bunch of autographed doodles, and one was of an origami Boba Fett with a jetpack. So after staring at the pic for a while, I folded Boba. One picture shows my first one, the […]

Origami Stormtrooper

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod My character for the ORA(Origami Rebel Alliance) would be TK-421. For anyone who doesn’t know who that is, when Luke and Han stole stormtrooper outfits on the Death Star, Luke put on the armor of TK-421. Later, he was asked why he wasn’t at his post. TK-421 is […]


SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is my original design for Max Rebo. I haven’t made him a keyboard yet, but he’s still super stooky! This design is not EXACTLY kirigami; there are no cuts of any kind, but the arms are a separate piece of paper that is pleated and folded to […]

The original origami Ewok

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is the same design as the one I posted a while back, but improved with better drawing and stuff so it doesn’t look like a monkey. The hood and belt are glued on. On the back you can write stuff, like the URL on Remi’s Ewok in […]

Kirigami General Grievous

SuperFolder SuperFolder_Zod This is just the Grievous from the Art2 case file. It’s the best kirigami Grievous I’ve made so far.