Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SuperFolder Boba55555 This is my origami Jawa. P.S. I am going to do video instructions this time.

Toy Story 4 Characters

SuperFolder DarthZackB On Christmas Eve, I unwrapped Bo Peep and her three sheep Billy, Goat, and Gruff. The next morning, the collection was complete thanks to Duke Caboom. Also that morning, I got New Buzz from “Toy Story 2,” which has the rare utility belt. And I wish Stinky Pete […]

Clone Commandos

SuperFolder PaladinSphax First post. Delta Squad from Star Wars: Republic Commando. Scorch, Boss, Sev, and Fixer.


SuperFolder TurboVader11 I made a darth paper. At school some kids start RIPING IT!!!!!! But I fell to the ground and cried then…I KICKED THE INSIDE OF THE PLAYESCAPE. I WAS MAD REALLY MADDDDDD! They ran away. I like to make friends but not ones that are mean!


SuperFolder TurboVader11 Hi and happy new year. I am a fan of STARWARS and Origami yoda. Im 8 years old and I play TANK STARS Minecraft Fortnite (ROBLOX But dad is like IM CHECKING IT) Block craft 3D (not 3D) Look at images to find out about me!!!


SuperFolder Bowendmayes Dear Tom a. Your our only hope. All of us super folders are running out of oyeu and our Brains are shriveled up. In order to save us you must make more oy books. Bye.

Rouge one shore trooper

SuperFolder Magic_Squirrels This is one if those weird storm troopers from star wars rouge one a star wars story. Hope you think it is stooky!

Superfolder Acknowledgments

SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255 I just wanted to thank all the superfolders who have commented on my posts, and given me inspiration and instructions for all sorts of awesome stooky origami! But I also wanted to thank a few specific SF’s that have truly gave showed me some really stooky stuff! So […]