Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SuperFolder MADDOX Omg! Clone wars are back so I have made YODA from the clone wars the truth is though IVE ONLY SEEN SOME OF SEASON 1 I’m gonna have a lot to catch up on…

Stooky captain rex

SuperFolder BobaFettisthebest If I get ten waffle-tastics I will post instructions for him and death troopers!

rex and cody

SuperFolder snowtroopersupafold i found these in my old origami storage thingy these were my first folds

reposted snow trooper instux

SuperFolder snowtroopersupafold reposted instrux sorry i just kinda forgot about this for a while

Darth Vaders TIE Fighter

SuperFolder FelixSkywalker This is my paper version of Vader’s TIE fighter. I want 5 comments and I’ll post instrux.

Go to youtube

SuperFolder stookiestorm41408 My favorite youtuber, BIGRICKMACHINE made a lego star wars video called “Snoke’s Death in LEGO? (Last Jedi Parody)” ,that I think you might need to see.


SuperFolder OrigamiFire9 I am soooo exited for the new clone wars!! To celebrate, you dont get just one new instrux, you get 2!