Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Random origami with random shape paper

SuperFolder CreaseAdiMundi So, I had a bunch of weird shaped paper, so I figured that I could see what I could fold with it. I was able to make a rebel trooper and Indiana jones.

Pokmon number 3

SuperFolder CaptinThunderpants Hey Superfolders! Today I have yet another Pokémon to contribute to the QTFEA (see last post), Beedrill! He was folded with the three fold puppet design, and designed with micron pens and sharpies. Hope you like it!!

Im a new Trainer Tom

SuperFolder Stookyboy1116 I’m joining the battle! I made the sword and shield starters Grooky, Sobble, and my favorite pokemon… SCORBUNNY!!!!!!! Comment Stookey if you love scorbunny too!!!!

Bad Batch Season Three

SuperFolder Stingray OHHHHHH MY GOSHHHHHH i just finished the three episode premier and I am in shambles nothing about this is okay Anyway since I have to wait an entire WEEK (the horror) for the next episode here’s a picture of the Thrawn trilogy which I just got and am […]

Pokmon number 2

SuperFolder CaptinThunderpants Sup fellow folders! Today I have another fold for the QTFEA ( Quest To Fold Em’ All)… Blastoise! I based the fold on Bruce110 ‘s Pokémon. Hope you like it!