Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Bakugan battle

SuperFolder porgfolder This is Phaderous. I challenge anyone to a battle. Please comment epics of you accept. Please admit your Bakugan after you accept this. Who ever gets most stookys wins. New rule of someone comments Fizz pop it is a bakucore. A bakucore gives you 3 points. Good luck!!

origami tie silencer

SuperFolder Drew_Evans if i get ten STOOKYS i will post instrux , btw tom i am a huge fan and i love your books. i have read the origami yodas three times each.


SuperFolder Professor_Funtime I drew Baby Yoda except with huge ears. I will draw another character soon so: Stooky for R2-D2 Fizzpop for C-3P0

Attack of the Clones

SuperFolder Darthsharkfolder The Rex is made from Super folder Nick_The_Jedi’s design the rest are that design with tweaks. 5 instructions please for tweak instrux

TD Yoda

SuperFolder Darthsharkfolder My own design Yoda. Custom and awesome. 5 instructions please for instrux. This is my third post

Bakugan battle

SuperFolder porgfolder I challenge anyone to a battle. Comment stooky to accept. Please submit your Bakugan after you accept. New addition!! If someone comments Fizzpop You get a bakucore which gives you 3 points.

Rey Skyfolder

SuperFolder Connorfighter Hey SF’s, Here is a instruction sheet to make Rey Skyfolder, And a picture. More origami coming soon.Thanks!