Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Happy Star Wars Day!! May The 4th Be With You! Celebrate with instrux for a NEW origami Star Wars puppet: Sy Snootles!

Hey SFs!
I’m so excited about Star Wars day this year. Here I am between the end of the Origami Yoda series and the premiere of my own version of Return of the Jedi! And I still love the movies and the characters and the creatures so much!
And Star Wars is what brought all of US together and that’s something to celebrate!

If you want to fold something new today, you can check out my HOW TO FOLD PAGE or look at my video instructions on Youtube: HERE and HERE.

So here are video instructions for a new character that really knows how to celebrate: Sy Snootles, the crazy singer from Jabba’s Palace. She in BOTH my Origami Yoda series AND the ROTJ novel, so she’s perfect. Plus… She’s got big lips on the end of her nose! How can you beat that?

In the video, you’ll see Droopy McCool and Max Rebo, too. They are both variations on the basic puppet, but with vertical pleats to make their noses. Can you figure them out?

PS: If you don’t like MY instructions, a dude named LegoDetective already has his own Kirigami Sy Snootles instrux on Youtube