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Origami Yoda


SuperFolderTalkZone! Have Fun! Be Nice!

I am very sorry to tell you this… But comments have been disabled here on the TalkZone — until we can get the troll situation under control. Sorry guys…. this is very sad for me, too.

Christmas Countdown RoundUp!

The Christmas Countdown some SFs have made are just mind-blowing! Here are the links together in one place, so you can see it all! Tyler’s Christmas Countdown features some outrageous PUNS with stooky origami to go with them, including PeppermintCandy Bane. Zod’s Countdown features drawing and origami! Hard to pick […]

An OY Tradition: The Boba’s Christmas in the Sarlacc Sing-A-Long!

It looks like we’re still waiting on a church choir, a band of carolers or even a small cluster of SuperFolders to record this song… Until then, you’ll just have to sing it yourself! (Sing as loud as possible!) Boba’s spending Christmas in the Sarlacc’s Belly! the Sarlacc’s Belly! the […]

Origami Santa!

Here is my old Origami Santa Claus… my first good origami design. I made this even before Origami Yoda! Click here to see a slow motion slide show on my old website…

Horton Halfpott Name Generator!!!

The mighty SF G has created something super Shakespearean! It’s a Scratch program to generate new Horton Halfpott* style names! Click here to give it a try! *If you don’t know what Horton Halpott is: It’s the first book I ever wrote! A wacky castle mystery that 1) glows is […]

SF Michael’s Christmas Countdown!

SF Michael’s Christmas Countdown included a gift! Special paper you can print out to fold a Starfighter! Can you beat that? Actually, yes! Because this Elf Solo is the Stookiest. Thing. Ever!

YodaFan’s Christmas Countdown!

Don’t be fooled! YodaFan’s Christmas Countdown is ON! He stopped posting his daily Yoda, but the daily Star Wars origami is sure to make your holiday stooky and bright!