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UN-Turkey Showcase!

It’s not too late to join YodaPez(above), DZB, FoldTeam6 and me in the showcase. Just trace your hand and draw anything other than a turkey All of these submissions are so stooky!!! The theme on this site lately has been “quality, not quantity.” And these are both very high quality!! […]

LIFE Day and upcoming un-turkey day!

HAPPY Life Day SFs!!! But don’t get so busy singing the songs that you forget to draw am UNTURKEY for next week’s showcase! (See earlier post)

Signed books…

I just signed and doodled in a bunch more books! Cece did, too. They’re at a toy store called Imaginations and you can order them online. Use the HOW TO GET A SIGNED BOOK link to the right for more info.

Tales of the Jedi…

hey SFs!! If you get a chance, definitely watch Tales of the Jedi on Disney+! I don’t want to spoil any of it, but it has me asking myself…. Has Ahsoka become my favorite Star Wars character?

Happy Halloween!

I’m sure you know who I’m dressed as this year!

Fold Your Own Costume!

pro-tip…. cut up a few paper bags and tape them together to make a pretty big piece of paper. or just decorate the bag and wear it!!!


SFs! I decided to go all in for Inktober this year. That means drawing every day and even following the official prompts for once. (Well, sometimes….) Then image above was made using the eraser printing method seen in Art2D2. (Scroll down to see my older posts. Visit Stookiness to see […]

SF Alaina’s Origami Party!

SuperFolder Alaina gave me all of these in person today at a school visit. Thanks Alaina!!!!!!