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Origami Yoda

Summer of Something: First Showcase of Something!

SFs!!! Thank you for joining us for another summer of serious challenges and silly business.

The Two-Headed Chicken’s first challenge was Spoon Flipping!

Below you’ll see the SFs who have earned their Advanced Spoon Flippers badge! (That’s it up top! I decided to make them easier to print out this year.)

It’s not too late to earn yours! In fact, it’s never too late! You can even go back and do some of LAST Summer’s Challenges if you want. Just stop by the MERIT BADGE HQ for links to all the challenges!

Now, let’s see the Advanced Spoon Flippers in ACTION!

SuperFolder superstookyness12

This is a spoon flipping trick I made up called the ‘Tricky Legs’. You flip the spoon under the leg closest to that arm, and catch the spoon with your other hand. Repeat on the other side. The trick is finished when you catch the spoon ten times doing this.

SuperFolder Bruce110

Okay, I thought this would be super easy, but then I saw you had to do a special trick to get the badge!
So what I did was, a flip under the leg with my right hand, and have my Plo Koon puppet on my left hand!
So I guess you could say this trick was assisted by… Plo SPOON!

SuperFolder SFConnorLeary

I did a spoon flip where you have to stick out one arm and flip it over that arm and catch it I call it up and over

SuperFolder DameronMan10

The way it works: I flip the spoon, tip the spoon, catch it with the other hand. EZ! Or is it?

SuperFolder DarthZackB

I did the spoon flip under my leg.

SuperFolder yodapez

I did, not one, not 10, 24 CATCHES STRAIGHT!

Great job, SFs!!!! (Anyone want to try to beat Yodapez’s record of 24 in a row???)

Stay tuned for the Challenge 2 coming soon!