Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Summer of Something Begins! Challenge #1

SFs! Our merit badge challenge begins today. I’ll serve up 10 challenges over the summer. Do as many as you want or don’t want. But the more you do, the more badges you’ll win and the higher your CosmicChicken ranking will be at the end of the summer!

Challenge #1 is spoon-flipping…. a handy skill which you will also be able to use on many non-sharp things for the rest of your life!

To earn your badge, we’ll need photographic evidence of you performing an advanced spoon flip — under the leg, behind the back, or one you’ve made up. If you make one up, be sure to give it a cool name.

Making the challenge even harder… remember that your face cannot be in the photo– wear a mask, use a digital sticker, crop the photo, etc…

Submit the photo to Sam and he’ll post the photos and award the badges!

Important: there is no deadline, but if you want to be in a showcase please submit by Thursday.