Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

First Merit Badge Showcase: Star Wars Names

SFs!!! Some of you are about to LEVEL UP! Some of you are about to earn your the first ever SuperFolder Merit Badges!

And a few of you have a little bit more work to do. The challenge was to actually write your name with pen and paper and submit a photo of that. So, if you ALMOST did that, but not quite… go ahead and finish it up and resubmit.

For the rest of you: it’s too late to be in this showcase. But it is NOT too late to earn the merit badge!! Just go here to find out what it takes…

And I hope to see ALL of you back here on Wednesday when we announce the 2nd merit badge!

If you’re listed below, you have earned your merit badge! Click here to get a copy you can print!

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

The Star Wars name is Nosboca Jettrap.

SuperFolder OY_JASE

It was a nice challenge it’s a hard font to learn it was a great ferst chaleng.

SuperFolder SFConnorLeary

Badge 1

SuperFolder Commander_Tano

Here it is! (I learned how to write Aurebesh last year and don’t need a key anymore 🙂

SuperFolder ewok_origami77

So I ended up doing two names because I couldn’t pick which one I like better, but this is my submission for the first SF Merit Badge!!

SuperFolder Rex_501

Badge 1. Thanks Mr. Angleberger for setting this up!

SuperFolder Origandalf

Hi, all! Origandalf here! or should I say…
Doam Krindle, a big shot spice trader in the mid rim!

SuperFolder UnicornAshoka120

This is my star wars name.

SuperFolder Penothemandofoldian6

let’s do this thing.

SuperFolder Jedisquirrel1138

My Star Wars name

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

My Star Wars name is Nelrom Nade.

SuperFolder DarthPurpleRat

Badge 1

SuperFolder guillermo

Hey superfolders! This is my star wars name for Guillermo:
Here it is written in the star wars universe!

SuperFolder origamiahsoka123

Look I did it in canontech style and in English my Star Wars name is Colh”e” Micshe cool right! Ps. You have probably noticed I am a twileek!

SuperFolder DarthZackB

Here is my Star Wars name: Nam Kob.

SuperFolder Themandalorianfolder

its my cannon aurek name!!!!!!!!!

SuperFolder yodapez

Its my star wars name: Alt.

SuperFolder FoldyWanKenobi12

This is my submission for the first Merit Badge Challenge!

SuperFolder ForceFolder1

This is my Star Wars name that I made up. In English, it says Sojeh Monsero. I also wrote this from memory without looking.

PS: SuperFolder PjoHpHooToA, SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255, SuperFolder SonicTheHedgefold10, SuperFolder Foldolorian_27, SuperFolder Origami_Master53, SuperFolder moose1, SuperFolder KAZFOLDER, you need to write it on paper and take a photo… Plenty of time to try again!