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SF Merit Badge Challenge #1 : NAME YOURSELF

Alright SFs, are you ready to LEVEL UP? (See previous post explaining merit badges.)

To earn your first merit badge, all you have to do is write your name. WAIT! Don’t start writing yet.

FIRST, it needs to be your STAR WARS name! SECOND, you have to write it using the Star Wars alphabet, Aurebesh.

Instructions: A great way to create your Star Wars name is to use your real name as a starting point. Try writing it backwards and looking for parts that sound good. Change one or two letters if necessary.

Like this: Tom Angleberger backwards is REGREBELGNAMOT. (Hey look, I’ve got REBEL in my name!)

I could turn this into Belg Namo! Ot Grebel Amot! But I think I’m going to go with MOT REGREB.

If you didn’t find anything good, try changing a letter or two. Or add in your middle name. Or put some O’s in there. Star Wars loves O’s. (Lando, Hondo, Rebo, Solo, C3P0, etc…)

Remember, it’s important that your Star Wars name be very different from your real name, to protect your privacy.

Okay, now that you’ve got your name. Go type it in here: AUREBESH FONT PAGE.

(You type it into the small window right below “four font family styles” and right above “canon style.”)

The result should look something like this:

Now you need to learn how to write it yourself on paper. (Bonus point if you can MEMORIZE it and sign your Star Wars name without looking!)

If you’ve done all that…. congratulations, you just earned your first SF Merit Badge!!!

Now take a photo of you Star Wars name and submit it with “BADGE 1” and YOUR SF NAME in the TITLE!!! You’ll be part of the first merit badge showcase!