Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

I love it when “retired” SuperFolders come back for a visit!

Not everybody can be a SuperFolder for ever. Sometimes homework gets in the way. Sometimes people become fiddle players in a country/rock band and are too busy winning Grammys. And sometimes people just forget their password!

It’s always kind of sad to realize someone hasn’t posted in awhile, but… it’s always a happy day when they stop back in to say HI!

And that’s exactly what SonOfDarthPaper just did! He posted a bunch of really great stuff around 5 years ago, including a great Max Rebo and a cool El Deafo, from Cece’s book. CLICK HERE TO SEE…

But then we didn’t get anything from him ….until today! Welcome back SF SonOfDarthPaper!

Hey Superfolders. I’ve been getting back into origami to help relax and unwind, and after folding an old favorite, the Fumiaki Kawahata Yoda, I remembered this site and decided to scroll through it a while. The images being posted brought back such great memories of reading the books as they came out, and I decided to try to unearth my old Star Wars origami collection. Here’s what I could find so far.

I know 12-year old me drew up instructions (or “instrux”) for the Darth Maul and the Cover Yoda, so I will keep you guys posted as soon as I dig those up. I have a lot of paper stacks to go through.

From an older Superfolder, thanks for the memories.