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Rediscovering Star Wars Origami 4 years later

SuperFolder SonOfDarthPaper Hey Superfolders. I’ve been getting back into origami to help relax and unwind, and after folding an old favorite, the Fumiaki Kawahata Yoda, I remembered this site and decided to scroll through it a while. The images being posted brought back such great memories of reading the books […]

I love it when “retired” SuperFolders come back for a visit!

Not everybody can be a SuperFolder for ever. Sometimes homework gets in the way. Sometimes people become fiddle players in a country/rock band and are too busy winning Grammys. And sometimes people just forget their password! It’s always kind of sad to realize someone hasn’t posted in awhile, but… it’s […]

Fumiaki Kawahata Yoda

SuperFolder SonOfDarthPaper It’s not actually that hard for me, but I have been folding origami for Many years now. Takes 30 minutes to an hour to make, link to instructions: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U5B71d1OR_M

Stooktember is STOOKY! It’s #StarWars Origami on Hyperspeed!

Hey SFs! I hope you are enjoying this, I know I am!!! 100 (or so) new posts EVERY DAY during Stooktember… like this fantastic cover Yoda from SF SonOfDarthPaper! Even though the Origami is being posted at LIGHTSPEED it will still be searchable using the search box in the future. […]

Another Cover Yoda

SuperFolder SonOfDarthPaper Another one. But I think it’s better

Cover Yoda

SuperFolder SonOfDarthPaper It’s like pretty neat waffles But better X1,000,000

Origami Blastoise

SuperFolder SonOfDarthPaper Blastoise. National dex# 6. The Shellfish Pokemon. Isn’t it pretty waffles!

Kylo Ren

SuperFolder SonOfDarthPaper My own Kylo Ren, pretty difficult! This is my first post in so long so yay that I’m back!

Origami Imperial guard

SuperFolder like_a_boss22 Hello! This is my first submit! I am not a Harvey! (For real, no joke). anyways, here is my Imperial guard. I used SonOfDarthPaper’s instrux to make. I will show my obi-wan to you guys if i get more than 10 “STOOKY” comments. thx!!!