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Origami Yoda

You Will Never Believe What Happened to Me REPOST

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Hey guys! So, a couple months back, it was my teachers birthday, so I folded him an Origami Art2. Then I colored it in, which took forever! Then I gave it to him. He thanked me, and I sat down again. A few minutes later, we all heard a loud BEEP! And we were all like, “Huh?” Then we got back to work. And then we hear a WHISTLE! It was coming from the teacher’s desk! And then we heard another loud WHISTLE and BEEP! And that’s when I realized that Art2 was making the noises. I know what your thinking. He could have made the noises from his phone. But he didn’t touch it ONE BIT. Crazy, right?

(Note: Artwork is not original. It is from Tom Angleberger’s book cover, “Art2-D2’s Guide to Doodling and Folding.”)