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Who Would Win 1 Rey Vs Phasma

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What’s up, guys? Welcome to my first Who Would Win poll! Before you read on, I’d like you to say who YOU think would win. Do Stooky for Rey, and Fizzpop for Phasma. After that, you can see the results!

So, Rey ignites her lightsaber, ready to defend against Phasma’s attacks. The stormtrooper fires her blaster at the Jedi. But she blocks them with her lightsaber, sending the bullets back at Phasma, but the bullets have no effect on her, because of her chronium armor. Phasma knows she’ll have to do better than that! So she gets out her metal staff to fight Rey. She rushes toward the Jedi. But, as we all know, lightsabers can cut through almost anything, including metal staffs. So Rey splits the staff right in two. Rey force pushes Phasma into the wall, where she lies there, defeated.

Winner: Rey

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