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Who Am I

SuperFolder Fastest_Man_Alive

My name is Fastest_Man_Alive. I have been a Superfolder since Jabba the Puppet. After incidents like the Hansel vs Robby debate. The attack of the trolls. The Peacekeeper debate. I wanted to stand up and help this site. I want to stand up for Superfolders who are afraid. But, I cannot do this alone. I will need the help of some Superfolders.
They are:
Darth Vaper

These Superfolders have made great achievments. I am not accepting anymore members. We are basically the Goverment of OY. Tom and Sam are the presidents. You can help as well. Together, we can defeat Trolls and Harvies. And please don’t start theories of who I am, or say that you don’t need me. Hansel… Jess… Mega… We Are The Guardians of Origami Yoda. Thank You. And May the Force Be With You.