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Origami Yoda

What Im reading right now episode 1 and more superhero origami

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I was reading my book, and then I thought, why not tell you guys about it! Plus, more superhero stuff.

Pic 1: What I’m reading right now: Queen’s Peril by E.K. Johnston. It’s the sequel that’s a prequel to the novel Queen’s shadow by the same author.
Overall (so far): 8/10
What I like (so far): I like the characterization. It’s lots of fun to read about the hand maiden’s areas of expertise, especially Rabé and Eirtaé. I also enjoy the cameos by Jedi and Palpatine.
What I don’t like (so far): I think Sabé acts a little to old. I mean, she’s only 14. I think the author forgot about that in certain instances.

Pic 2: The flash
Pic 3: Superman
Pic 4: Kingdom Come Superman. This is one of my favorite comics: Kingdom come by Alex Ross. I had to make Superman from it.
Pic 5: Superman red son. This is from another of my favorite comics: Superman red son. The superman from this comic has a very distinct look, As he was designed to be Superman if superman was in the Soviet Union.