Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Tynuviels MEGA Origami collection photo

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So this is all of my Star Wars origami – at least the pieces that I still own, because I threw away some of my first attempts.

My collection in numbers:
-94 models all in all
-19 ships/machines
-75 puppets/character models
-31 models of my own design
-29 designs from the Star Wars Origami book (got it for Christmas last year)
The other designs are either from the OY books or from other SFs.
-63 different designs (if you count a different character as different design)
-26 different characters
-11 different ships/machines

You’ll probably recognize most of the characters. The round red one next to the Ewok is Luke in his X-wing helmet, and the white uncoloured ones next to Grievous had been Obi-Wan attempts but look more like Count Dooku now.
In this collection, I didn’t add my other origami like the Minecraft Steve or birds and such. Just the SW things. And it might soon be growing, because I’m now watching The Clone Wars and might come up with Origami Ventress, Ahsoka and other TCW characters one day.
I’m quite proud of some of the models I coloured myself. After all, this is art too, and I’m glad I can do this, creating fine things with my hands and my imagination, often even surprising myself with what I can do. Although I know I still have much to learn, drawing and painting and such stuff simply makes me happy.