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Origami Yoda

Tips for making good Origami Instructions

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This is something I think that is just good information.

I will often find awesome pieces of origami…
but the instructions are blurry and hard to read.

What I have been doing for a long time in my more recent posts (example) is creating a Google Doc with pictures showing the steps.

I take pictures of the origami step by step. I then upload those images to Google Drive.

I create a new document and type in the steps and attach the pictures for each step.
I then go up to ‘Print’ and choose ‘Save as PDF.’
I then use https://www.ilovepdf.com/ to convert the PDF into an image.
I then attach each of my images to the post and then I’m done!

If you like this post please leave a comment.
If you need more detail, give ‘INstructions Please’ and I will try to explain the process more throughly.

PS: My mini Star Destroyer replica that I posted a few months ago… I will make an attempt at posting instrux! So many of you sent an ‘Instructions Please’ that I will give it a shot.
It will probably be a video with a shared Google Drive link. We’ll see! And thanks all!