Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The saga of SF origamiyodawindu who never was

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You are probably seeing this and wondering who origamiyodawindu is. Well, like Vader would say, “I am origamiyodawindu…”

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far, far-away,
It was summer of last year. I was at a book event where I first found the Origami Yoda books. This is the cringe part: I hadn’t made any origami for years. I was (and still am!) a HUGE Star Wars nerd, and thought it would be cool to get back into origami. Weeks later I finished the series (which was STOOKY btw,), and about hundreds of Star Wars origami characters later, I found this website, and immediately wanted an account. I did everything it said to do, including the username origamiyodawindu, and giving my email. I tried to log in immediately, but it said the activation link was sent to my email. I immediately looked there, but I hadn’t gotten emailed the link. I watched all the Mauls March Madness videos, and really wanted to enter one of my creations. Over the next few months, I kept checking my email for the link, but never got it. I ended up doing my own origami competition based on MMM, and wrote the brackets and competition on paper, and folded it into the winner. Overall, at this point I have around 10 of them, which I call the Holocrons. The biggest one had 176 entries! Now, just a month and a half ago, I was looking in my email and found the activation link in spam! I had it all along! (Yes, I didn’t bother to look in spam before) excitedly I clicked it, and…it was outdated. It was a little over a year old, and didn’t work. However, now that I knew where the link would be, I created this account, and it’s been awesome on here ever since! I’m super excited to finally be able to join Mauls March Madness!!! So, I have a years worth of origami to post, which will take a while, but I still make a ton of origami these days also! These are instructions for an origami Yoda I designed (I made sure it’s completely original, and that I didn’t copy anyone). I hope the instructions are easy to read. (Webmaster Sam, I know this post is really long but can you let it through plz?)