Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The next jedi council contest

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here, it’s time for a contest that could get you in the 12 spots in the Jedi council. 12 spots, 12 contest that could get you in a seat.

1:Making a Pickletine
2:Making a Yoda
3:Make a Chewbacca
4:Make a Pad ‘me
5:Making a Han Solo
6: Soapy the monkey (your instructions)
7: droid, any type
8: obi-wan
9: gamorrean guard with body
10: boba fett
11: jawa (your instructions)
12: star wars snack-a-gami!

You will be competing against the best and only 12 will make it. If you take part, on your submission you must put Jedi council contest and the number you are doing.

Good luck and, May The Force Be With You! 🙂