Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Daily Stookiness Showcase Dec. 8

This is a HUGE showcase! SCROLL ON DOWN and see it ALL!

SuperFolder O_Y_file

Van Jack Yoda

name alteration of van jikey yoda

SuperFolder SchwarzSuperfolder

SuperFolder Commander_Tano

A while ago I watched all of the Avengers movies for the first time, and I thought it was pretty Stooky! Here are some of the random characters I folded: Falcon, Nebula, Thor, Captain America, Vision, Hela, Ant Man, and Mantis. I have instrux for Cap and Thor, but the rest will come soon when I start organizing them into groups. Coming soon is the rest of the Guardians if the Galaxy!!!

SuperFolder EwokBaby

I made a candorous ordo, the Mandalorian from legends.

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

It’s been a little hard for me to come up with ideas for who to make, so when I saw CHIPPY_SLUSHER’s commander jet, I had to make my own! It probably isn’t as good, but I think it’s still pretty cool. I used my Arc trooper design for it, even though he isn’t an Arc trooper.

SuperFolder OrigamiDragonMaster

This model is designed by Jo Nakashima and was folded by me using a square of a4 printer paper

SuperFolder darthfloppy

dont mess with him or he will tackle you.

SuperFolder Darthsharkfolder

Horrible. Disgusting. Yucky. Stooky!

SuperFolder Chase375

This is my first post, I forgot how to make him.

SuperFolder O_Y_file

a royal piece of origami for your collection

SuperFolder moose1

Hello SF’s this is my first post so I made this stook darth maul. Comment epic for instrux

SuperFolder Commander_Tano

GHOST from ANTMAN. Hi Superfolders! Felt bad I haven’t posted in a while, so I decided to post this since I folded it for my sis, but it turned out so perfectly that I decided I wanted to share it with you guys. No instrux yet, it’s just based off of the basic three-fold base but with trimming. More Avengergami coming soon!

SuperFolder SuperStarWarsFan

Intrux on Anakin Skyfolder

SuperFolder Darthsharkfolder

Stooky if you want to be in dueling showcase. Make a duel!

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

I did it!!!! I proved vampyre is in the new Star Wars movie! Yaaaaay!

SuperFolder yoda_babys

hello! im pretty new so this is my first post if you guys want instrux say “Instructions please!”

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First of all I do not want to sound like Harvey and all so I do not want to put Mr. tom down his books are great I just wanted to see if anyone else saw this it’s about the chapter I darth paper with the hummingbird hawk moth the only thing about it was that hummingbird hawk moths live on another continent hears a Distribution map and key a also a pic of a hummingbird hawk moth and Mr. tom please kip writing books (and by books I do not just mean origami yoda books but any books you want)

SuperFolder O_Y_file

like most of my posts this one was on the books but instructions wern’t added

SuperFolder KongNC000

This is my first post I hope you like it I came up with it myself!Three stookies for instructions.

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Help us Origami Yoda! You’re our only hope!

So since I started middle school which was two years ago, we’ve had to do this thing called i-Ready. What it really is is FUNTIME 2.0. I’m in eighth grade and doing math I learned in 5th grade. I pretty much get the exact same lessons every year. And what’s worse is that it’s not just math. There is reading i-Ready too. It’s super boring and the lessons take forever, and we have to complete 2 lessons in each subject every week. That’s four really long lessons a week. FOR A GRADE!! Plus it’s a BIG part of our grade.
I don’t know if any of you SuperFolders do i-Ready too, but if you do, comment FIZZPOP and make your own post with the title, “I WANNA HELP STOP FUNTIME 2.0!” If you don’t put this title, I may not see your post, even though I check posts regularly. But anyway, just tell me who you want to be a part of the rebellion as and post a picture of your origami character. Together, we can stop FUNTIME 2.0 and we can save the galaxy! -Er, we can save our schools. But you get the idea!



SuperFolder Darthpaperwad

I think foldy wan followed me to the bathroom


SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

Sorry, no instrux. You can probably make it with the regular Grievous instrux though.

SuperFolder Darthpaperwad

I think foldy wan followed me to the bathroom

SuperFolder jjimmy

The cover yoda
A lot of people here had psted their versions of cover yoda but no nobody had posted the instructions for it so here it is! watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2ru4-jVNSM

SuperFolder O_Y_file

hey tom i think i figured out your cover yoda

what do you think?

SuperFolder Shugabush

These were made out of 27×27” tissue foil paper. This is the most complex origami I’ve ever done.

SuperFolder jedi_wise_force_user

i was folding for fun and made this

SuperFolder moose1

Second post me (moose1) and i just created this totaly NOT nustrul luke.

SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255

Hey SF’s! Just an update on the First Order for right now, IT ONLY HAS TWO MEMBERS!!!! 😲 If you do want to join, please submit a first order themed piece of origami. (No Kylo Ren’s though. We already have two of those!😬) Thank you though DarkYoda65 and feel_the_stookyness5 for joining. I do hope this will work out. If I get over five members, I will start to put out monthly challenges. (Hopefully they don’t get backlogged, but I will try and do my best to work it out.) But besides the fact, here are some of my newest origami’s! Captain Americut was inspired by the Origami Yoda EU and is pretty basic; only four folds! Spider-Fold was inspired by Tom’s Stan Lee showcase a few years back. If you want instrux, comment instrux please. Well, that’s all for today folks! See you later!