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Origami Yoda

The Daily Stookiness – Dec. 21

SFs!!! Tonight’s the night! Grand Conjunction up in the sky, shortly after sunset!

I hope you have clear skies so you can see it!

Meanwhile, scroll down and see all the stookiness and drop a comment at the end!!! Today’s Showcase is WILD, man, WILD!

And it starts with an awesome NEW SuperFolder!

SuperFolder StarWarsOrigamiForce

This is my first post, and by the way, Emperor Pickletine is not Emperor Pickletine, I just drew the face on. No pickles sadly. =(
I hope you like it and enjoy!
If I get 1 stooky, 1 waffle-tastic, 1 fizz-pop, 1 epic, I will promise to make more origami star wars and post it ; )

SuperFolder KitFisto4968

Hey SFs!
I made a WAFFLETASTIC! fire Mario and I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you like it.

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

The design for batman was made by comiccolin and I made the robin myself! Silver age comics batman

SuperFolder fart2d2

I got so many Fizzpops on my Evil-gami post that I had to post instructions for this guy. Sorry if it’s hard to understand.

SuperFolder skywalker13477

Took more time drawing than folding. Again. I made like twenty different versions of Rex, because the helmet is so freakin’ hard to draw. This one I’m still not even sure about. Hahaha. So yeah. That’s it. May the Force be with you.

SuperFolder Linkid09

Hey SF’s.This is my first ever post so i wanted to show my intrusction used creations and some of my own creations.Comment 3 instructs plz for origami bird thing,3 stookys for my EVIL YODA,AND 3 EPICS for myamong us characters

SuperFolder fart2d2

Here is a Tusken raider a robot, a tiny emperor pickeltine, and Dobby. Post stooky if you like the emperor best, fizzpop for Dobby, waffle-tastic for the robot, and epic for the tusken raider

SuperFolder Star_wars_CR4ZY

Mando and The Child

SuperFolder ewok_origami77

Hi SFs! I just wanted to make this post to tell you guys to check out SF Stingray’s Youtube channel. I don’t know her personally but I do know that her Youtube channel is of good quality and she makes really cool origami instructions! The channel name is Stingray’s Star Wars Stuff. Here is a link directly to her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVfqo74vLLXho5zPQeWWK_Q
Also, random side note: I’ve always wanted to start my own youtube channel, but I don’t know what I would make videos about. I wouldn’t be allowed to show my face, so anything involving that is out. But if y’all have any other ideas please post! You can title it Idea For Ewok_Origami77 that way I’ll recognize it. You don’t have to though. I usually look at everyone’s posts anyway.
And one more thing. I’ve made some star wars memes. These are completely original so please don’t steal them. I would like to have credit.

Note from Tom:  I agree, Stingray’s channel is EXCELLENT!!! So are their posts…. like this one:

SuperFolder Stingray

Ahsoka is one of my (and everyone’s) favorite characters.
Picture 1: Ahsoka from the early Clone Wars
Picture 2: Ahsoka from the Clone Wars seasons 3-5
Picture 3: Ahsoka from the Clone Wars season 7
Picture 4: Ahsoka from the Siege of Mandalore
Picture 5: Ahsoka from Rebels (aka Fulcrum)
Picture 6: The future Ahsoka from Mortis
Picture 7: This technique called notan where you do this reverse print with an X-Acto knife
Picture 8: A print I made in art class at my school
Picture 9: I traced the cover of Shipyards of Doom, a Clone Wars comic book
Picture 10: Just a random Ahsoka drawing I copied off the internet

Some of these have instrux on my YouTube channel, it’s called Stingray’s Star Wars Stuff. I might have to do another post like this in a few months, because once they put Ahsoka in The Mandalorian I am sure there will be more origami opportunities.