Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Daily Stookiness – Dec 19

SFs!!! Sorry for the lack of a Stookiness yesterday! But making up for it today with an incredible array of total rocketry! We’re talking pop with extra fizz! An over-inflated blimp of stookiness. SCROLL ON DOWN!!!

SuperFolder Sfbatfold

Somebody minght have noticed I left out chapter 2 of avatar the last origami folder I forgot to post it but here it is oh and also I refolded origami aang

By Ava
So your prob only like what the turtle is going on but here’s a explanation so many years back dimartino middle school was a origami loving school ( like McQuarrie rapids Kane this list goes on forever)but when a new principle came (principle jones) he banned origami .Then he made the folder nation I know corny name but he let them have origami not far. Anyway my friend nick text me to meet him at the qwikpik he also told me to bring my brother Owen .

SuperFolder Nick_the_Jedi

Hey all! I haven’t been posting that much cause online school, but I had some free time to make a submission for the showcase this week, so I made the Mandalorian! I’ve actually made him with his beskar armor before, but it wasn’t very good, so here is the new version, which I think is much better than my old one. I hope you like it and can’t wait to see what everyone else has folded!

SuperFolder A_Goose

You might recognize this as a previous post that I made on a dead account. It looks exactly like the cover yoda!

SuperFolder Greedobro_9

Hi everybody here are some books I recomend, Five kingdoms (Auther Brandon mull),Wings of Fire (Authe r this t. Sutherland),Percy jackson (Auther Rick Rioreden), who was (Auther Nancy harrison). Okay those are some of my favorite books. If you can guess my favorite bounty hunter you get instructions for that hunter.
Garindan/stooky. Ebo/Epic. Cad bane/instructions ple.

SuperFolder kyloren987

I finally found out how to fold this Yoda!

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

Stookyyoda565 here for my first post I wanted to post the avengers.all of them are my design but rocket raccoon that was tom’s design.

SuperFolder Fortunewookie2255

All right! Round two of quarantine origami! Here goes;
Star wars Jedi council:
Zabrek Jedi is Nick_the_jedi’s Darth Maul fold

I remade ventress(GrandMoff42), foldy-wan(k-origami on youtube), luke skyfolder(also k-origami+my own ideas!), Mara jade, and art-2.

Yoda is instrux by Origami_Yoda30+custom stuff.

Luminaria is custom.

Pong Krell is gen. Grevious folding.

Ahsoka is Tom’s instrux.

Jango and mando are also Tom’s instrux.

Lord of the rings showcase:
Aragorn, Bormir, and Legolas are all doodlegami puppet base with tweaks.

Gandalf the gray is custom. 10 instrux please for instrux.

Gandalf the white and Saruman are both the same. No instrux.

Merry, Pippin, Samwise, and Frodo have basic luke Skywalker hair, but a different body.

Gimli is also custom.

Gollom is a origami frog with tweaks.

Marvel Showcase:
Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and iron man are all simple doodle-gami.

Hulk is custom.

Deadpool is not new.

Spider man2 is just spider fold from my last post but with different details.

Carnage is also custom.

Star Trek and Others:
Spock is Tom’s instrux.

Kirk is also that with some tweaks.

New professor funtime and gizmo. Lost old one.

Discord server link:

SuperFolder AnakinStookyFolder

Hey guys today I just wanted to make a post today and this random idea hit me… what if we do a drawing contest in SF Con 2021!! tom will be the judge and he will have an SF created list of things we are going to draw in the con (Note this means that we will have to scedule a zoom/google meet for that con) well thats just an idea that came to my mind today (im just gonna put a picture of this centipide I made because I have no Idea what else to show you guys)

SuperFolder yodapez

The sepertist have destroyed ny clone army!! Someone make another clone army to save mine!!!!!!!!

SuperFolder DarthZackB

Are you ready kids?
Aye-aye, captain!
I can’t hear you!
(Lyrics in pictures)
The blue lines are what you are about to draw, and the black lines are what you’ve already drawn. I drew this based on a video. Check it out by using this link:
Spongebob Theme played by a pencil while drawing Spongebob
YouTube · Felix SR
Oct 26, 2019

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

Here are mah origami villains: In order of photos
Darth paper, kirigami grevious, boba fold,storm trooper and anakin. He’s not a villain yet but will be.

SuperFolder yodapez

This is my Mandolorian logo and i want to join Origami_Master53 Mandolorian army.

SuperFolder stookiestorm41408

I am extending my Jedi Council character list!


*Din Djarin (The Mandolorian)

*Baby Yoda

*Captain Rex

*Bodhi Rook


*Darth Revan


*The Grand Inquisitor

*Darth Maul

Please submit your best work and happy folding!

SuperFolder fart2d2

Here is a scene of a Gonk droid getting attacked by a Jawa on tatooine. The Gonk droid is a square with legs attached to it. The Jawa is sort of like the Ewok.

SuperFolder PLO_WINDU

Here he is! Credit to NicktheJedi for helping me make the arms! Also, did they ever confirm whether or not Baby Yoda was a boy? It’d be very interesting if we discovered he was a Baby Yaddle…

SuperFolder AJAY

Stooky Kermit

SuperFolder Nick_the_Jedi

This is an origami Baby Yoda designed by me and my friend Plo_Windu! We collaborated through Discord; he created the head and body, and I gave the design a few tweaks as well as figuring out how to add arms. I submitted my origami Mandalorian to the showcase for season 2, and Plo_Windu submitted our Baby Yoda design. Later I refolded him with a smaller sheet of paper, and here he is with my origami Mandalorian! Hope you like it!

SuperFolder StookyBountyBossk

This is my second post

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

Stookyyoda565 here, this yoda is the yoda I took to the final Star Wars movie last Christmas an the other yoda is a stooky 5 fold yoda I did

SuperFolder Cal_Kestis

Hello SFs! This is my first post! I really hope all of you like it! 10 stookys=instructions!

SuperFolder kyloren987

over quarantine I’ve folded 27 origami

SuperFolder Maxrefold

Hay superfolders! This time I made a Anakin scywalker. I would like it if you comment stooky10 times then I will post instructions!😉

SuperFolder Master_9

This is a 3 piece of paper Tauntaun! it is hard to explain so I wont be posting instrux. I hope you like it! Happy folding!

SuperFolder yo_da_best

I was giving my sister advice when Yoda told me to post something because it has been awhile. =)

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

I made this

SuperFolder ArfTrooper_101

You may have seen this EXACT SAME kit fisto before and that´s because I have a new account. Anyways I now have instructions as some of you wanted them. SOOO, here we gooooooooo!!!