Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Daily Stookiness – Dec. 17

Hey SFs!!! Tom here. Great stuff today. Don’t miss any of it! And when you get to the bottom, click on a comment so we know you’re out there. You are out there right?

SuperFolder Master_9

this is a colloge of O. Yoda thinking.

SuperFolder Stookymania

So I love the OY books. There is only one slight problem: The Origami Yoda that we are shown how to fold is really the FAKE Yoda. Please show me how to make the OY on the cover of the first book because that one is fizz-pop waffles with plastic dinosaurs on top, while the fake one is totally pikpok and nostrul. I am (as of right now) horrible at folding origami, so it would be totally amazing if I could fold Dwight’s Yoda. Also I am sometimes going to post some theories about how Origami Yoda and the other puppets can use the force like they did in the books.

SuperFolder ahsokaawesome6

hey tom can you make the eighth origami yoda book about how Dwight and his baby yoda finger puppet solve the problem of how to stop from being bored to death(oh their in 9th grade and in the year 2020) from the lockdown?

NOTE FROM TOM: That’s such a great idea. And I have had a few ideas along those lines…. but sadly there can’t be another OY book by me. But you can write your version!

SuperFolder coolboiiiiiii4356

an SF made the instructions for this

SuperFolder CaptainC

I am a new superfolder! These are my favorite characters folded.

SuperFolder jiniutarget

Hey SFs! SF Jiniutarget here. I found some old photos of my collection. ENJOY! (If you want any of the instux, put it in the talkzone at origamistreaming.wordpress.com)
This collection includes:
Doctorigami Strange
Boba Felt
Winter Soldier
Ranger’s Apprentice
Iron Fold Mark 1

SuperFolder HoboBobaFett

trying out the challenge made this when i was bored one day i probaly won’t make intrux its complicated but hey new season of the mandalorian! shoutout to sf Nick_The_Jedi best sf on the site no offense other sf

SuperFolder ewokoyodaoforce23

Hey Tom, this is my origami piece for the showcase going on. I made Mando for the MANDOLORIAN season 2 showcase. Merry early Christmas!!!! Anyway, I love the Star Wars movies and origami. P.S. I like your Cobb Vanth could you make EZ instructions Azure Pattycake? P.S.S. I made a origami Didi Dodo! Do you like it? I will make instructions for one of my better Mando’s if I get 10 stooky’s. And, I’ll make video instrux for Didi Dodo if I get 15 epic’s. I love reading.

SuperFolder Fernstudios

This is my first post hope everyone likes it

SuperFolder AJAY


SuperFolder origami_yoda_guy

Hi. This is my first post.
This is my BB8 model. I know that it looks like every other model on this website, and is probably the same, but I designed it a while ago. Not stooky, but not nostrul.

SuperFolder NMSurge

Disclaimer: this is not what spring Bonnie looks like. That’s just how I wanted to make him. I hope you like it superfolders!

SuperFolder jamesthefox22517

today i folded an origami palpatine a.k.a. pickletine

SuperFolder Ayush_Yoda

Hey guys i am Ayush . I think I am the first indian to submit a origami in this website. This is my first post in which i have folded darth paper and cover yoda. Plss comment i would love that.

SuperFolder Greedobro_9

This is who we got random jedi,docter evazan,jqulle,by

SuperFolder Baby_Yoda_Mando

this is an Enormus Yoda 20 stookies for instrux

SuperFolder General_OrigamiYoda

This is my first post. The 2nd to last is an minion. The last one is my own deluxe Yoda.

SuperFolder NMSurge

This is happy frog. It’s a pretty simple fold and only a few cuts for the eyes. I am really happy with this fold and I hope you like it to.

SuperFolder Captian_Rex21

Same as last time

SuperFolder Fast_Raccoon

so this account is just for showing my new comics for me and my best friends comic business so enjoy and my other account is Captain rex 21

SuperFolder Stingray

Hi guys!!!! Sorry I haven’t done a Book of the Week in a while. For the middle of a pandemic, I’ve been surprisingly busy. Anyways, this week’s book is The Truths We Hold, by vp-elect Kamala Harris!!!!!! As you can see by the bookmark, I’m only about halfway through. This one is actually the young readers edition, but my mom bought both this one and the adult version 😂 We are all bookworms in my house 😉
I’m going to submit something for the The Mandalorian showcase as soon as Chapter 3 comes out…. I’m holding out hope for some lightsaber action in this next one.

SuperFolder CT_6116

These are some of my specialty Clone Trooper designs. From left to right, there are: Phase II Clone Pilot, ARF (Advanced Recon Force Scout) Trooper and a BARC (Biker Advanced Recon Commando) Trooper. I really like all of the designs. I’ll post the instructions sometime next week. Comment Stooky for the Pilot, Waffle-tastic for the ARF Trooper and Fizzpop for the BARC Trooper.

SuperFolder SuperStarWarsFan

I made Origami Yoda a Pokemon Card! Sorry you can’t really see the attacks but still cool

SuperFolder Commanderkirigami

Maybe 150 or 200