Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Daily Stookiness – Dec 16

Heys SFs!

Thanks to Tom for taking over yesterday. I’m back and -… thinking Tom and I should have a contest to see who can post the STOOOKIEST Daily Stookiness. Today’s could be the winner! A LOT of cool stuff! SCROLL ON DOWN and see it all! (The last post is cool – like a little stop-motion Star Wars scene!)

SuperFolder darthshivious1234

I am so happy to be an SF!!! I used longer paper to get his body like on the cover

SuperFolder Captian_Rex21

this is an update knowone has joined because I can not remember what i said but if you want to join now put the title as Captain_Rex 21 and then in the description put the name of the clone trooper and I am captain rex so you can not be him and please put the symbol thank you.

SuperFolder EWOK53321


SuperFolder Da_gudguy

Hi, this is my first post I hope you like it. This is a red guy origami from DHMIS I made, 3 instructions please and I will try to make instructions.😀

SuperFolder Master_9

This is all of the origami rebels from PL. notes under origami. 5 stookys for jedi council, 5 fizzpops for siths, 5 epics for other origami star wars, 5 waffle- tastics for nintendo next. Happy folding! 😀

SuperFolder dominosquad2020

This is my first post of being the superfolders ,so please give me credit. And also thank you Tom Angleberger for making my life interesting.

SuperFolder StookyBountyBossk

The teeth on bossk are added on.. and so is the knife thing on ig88s back.

SuperFolder zealwazzupman

3/4 of a piece of paper

SuperFolder Stingray

This post will make NO SENSE to most of you SFs, but there is a Lego Star Wars video called The Empire Strikes Out. It was made a few years ago and I have it on DVD, sadly it is not on Disney+ but it is on YouTube. The basic plot is Luke is chased by a bunch of fangirls, and escapes by dressing up like Darth Vader. Then, the REAL Vader comes along and hilarity ensues, but I won’t spoil the ending…. Anyhoo, that’s why I made this random piece of origami. I used the 10-fold Darth Paper for instrux, so I won’t post any here but they might make it up onto my YouTube channel sometime in the future.

P.S Who here is watching the new chapters of The Mandalorian the moment they get home from school? I KNOW I AM!!!!! Comment Stooky if you are too 😉

SuperFolder KitFisto4968

I kept seeing all of your stooky Grievous’s and wanted to make my own. I’m not posting instructions because it was really hard to fold him the first time. But have fun folding my other creations!

(Kit Fisto, Moff Gideon, a dog, a sensei, and my new pac-man ghost!)

SuperFolder dominosquad2020

This is my second post. For the Jawa I just did a pickletine fold and colored it brown

SuperFolder stookiestorm41408

I havent posted in a while becuz ive tried several times and nothing has happened. But there is still hpoe. im going to try a few things and you may hear frome me again! Thank you council members for being patient 🙂

SuperFolder Star_Warigami_Master

— yo i haven’t been here in a while so yeah my story miss perigami photo cover:

SuperFolder dominosquad2020

SuperFolder FoldyBenKenobi

The child inside his pod

SuperFolder Commanderkirigami

This is my rex, I did it for 5 stookys on my Cody, sorry it took so long…anyways hope you enjoy it! I’ll try to post more soon.

SuperFolder AJAY

I have been working on a origami Lando and its tacking so long like 6 days

SuperFolder yodapez

OK so your first mission is to create the perfect cover Yoda! Its cover Yoda show case time!!!!
We have 3 new members: Stingray, General_OrigamiYoda, and OY_JASE.
BYE!!! PS comment stooky to join.

SuperFolder coolboiiiiiii4356

I made a origami me to start us out, I have a bucket of origami though

SuperFolder Captian_Rex21

sorry I forgot to submit the past two days and make sure to put stooky in the chat if you want to join and I will tell you in tomorrow´s submit I will say which clone trooper you can be and tomorrow put fizzpop if you want me to change which clone trooper you are and one thing I am already captain rex.

SuperFolder The_Fold

This is the first Origami Yoda (that looks like one from the book) that i have invented. I hope you like it – there is a little bit of cheating (cutting) though.

SuperFolder AJAY

six tries to make plus I have finished 200 pieces of origami some aren’t really good but a lot of them are good

SuperFolder JasperFolds

I took the Han folds instructions and made a Barack Obama cuz why not.

SuperFolder CT_6116

This is my Pase 1 Clone Trooper. If you could trace back the fold’s ancestry, it would eventually lead back to Toms Stormtrooper/Clone Trooper Helmet. It’s gone through A LOT of tweaks and updates. I hope you guys like it.

SuperFolder Commanderkirigami