Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Daily Stookiness – DAY 22

HEY SFs! With this Showcase we are officially less than ONE MONTH BEHIND!!!! That may not sound like something to cheer about…. unless you’ve had to wait three months to see a post go live!

The goal is to get down to less than ONE week! Can we do it? YES… but you got to SCROLL SCROLL SCROLLLLLLL!

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ

Hope it’s not too late, but here’s my showcase submission. I’m surprised at how good they turned out lol

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

I finally made the cover yoda he follows every rule given by the inside of the cover yoda video! I finally can survive the sixth grade!( no joke,it’s hard!)

SuperFolder porgfolder

This is my last kids on Earth birthday count down. I will post everyday the villain in the last kids on Earth. Today is day 1. I will be doing Blarg in book 1. This is my blarg enjoy.

SuperFolder morphin_time

I am always folding even in school but I can’t post any pics since IDK how to take a picture so it’s not gonna be as stooky fizzpop waffles with plastic dinosaurs on top as I thought. (P.S I’m just gonna screenshot a picture of Revan and make that my post.)

SuperFolder StookyTrooper

Hello fellow SF’s! haven’t posted in a LONG time so here is a kirigami folding of the new hit indie game, Among Us! 5 instrux plz for instrux

SuperFolder morphin_time

Both from street fighter. I just learned how to take a pic so its gonna be stooky fizzpop waffles with plastic dinosaurs on top!

SuperFolder Linkid09

Have you seen the number of clone trooper post.THEY ARE HUGE.And they always look super good.but whenever I make them, it’s just a fiery mess.So i thought I should make a instruction for how to do them. Except there is already a ton.So maybe I should look behind the scenes.that’s when I thought “I want pizza for dinner”.when I got back I thought “should i get some ginger ale too”.Then FINALLY I got the idea to make origami kaminoan instux.Hope you like my KIRIGAMINOANS

SuperFolder KitFisto4968

I made instructions for my STOOKY fire Mario. I hope you enjoy!

Also, what super Mario character should I make next? STOOKY: Toad Instructions please: bowser

SuperFolder azurepattycake

This is my fold of the Mythrol from The Mandalorian S2. 30 STOOKYs for Instrux! Enjoy!

SuperFolder morphin_time

The legion has begun! Join the dark side! (Not really. Go jedi!)

SuperFolder darthshivious1234

I used the instrux in the book and added arms and labelmaker

SuperFolder StookyPlasticDino13

(The story how I made these): So, one day I was sittin’ in my room thinkin’ about Star Wars origami when I thought of how to make a crown of origami. So, I made 3 origami crowns and edited them to make a Ghost Bandit. (Say “Instrux Please” for instrux!!)

SuperFolder Foldolorian_27

Too bad I’m out of white origami paper. I need 1 more sheet for the body. I will probably post instrux once I have the body.

SuperFolder kyloren987

here is my stooky count dooku if i get 10 “instructions please” I will post instructions. hope you like it!

SuperFolder Stingray

If anyone is wondering, Xi’an is the psycho knife lady from chapter 6 of The Mandalorian. You know, Mando’s ex? At first I thought her name was spelled “Shian,” because that’s how it sounds, but no……
No instrux for this but if you want a no-cutting Twi’lek then check out my YouTube channel. If you REALLY want to make this particular fold, I’ll give you a hint: It’s really similar to a crane.

SuperFolder yodapez


SuperFolder DarthZackB

Here is my origami Mandalorian.

SuperFolder Stingray

The Armorer is cool. I mean, she can kill five stormtroopers WITH A HAMMER!!! If you want to know how I made her, go to my YouTube channel, Stingray’s Star Wars stuff. It’s the Bo-Katan video just with a bunch of extra rangefinders. Oh and I have a cool theory about how the Armorer is evil, but I’ll post that another time….. Book of the week is Dog Man: Grime and Punishment. It was a good book. (I am in 7th grade and I like the Dog Man series, deal with it.) Also, here is my drawing of the “Oh look, I’ve been impaled” scene from Frozen. (I am in 7th grade and I like Frozen. Again, deal with it.)

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ

When I’m writing this, it’s November 25th. Keep that in mind.

Last night I watched the Star Wars spin-off “The Ewok Adventure”. Turns out, that same movie premiered 36 years ago on this day!!! What’s even cooler is that Ewoks: The Battle for Endor premiered yesterday (Nov. 24) in 1985! To celebrate, here’s an Ewok that I made. Yub nub!!!

SuperFolder Master_9

I have read all the books from the library, but I have never had a OY book. This is the first one I got. P.S. I think Tom should make a new book! maybe the activity case file Dwight and Kellen were making together on the bus in Emp. Pickletine. S.F.s, comment stooky if you agree. 10 Stooky’s and new instrux for Bib Fortuna, Bossk, Rako Hardeen, EZ Plo Koon/ Zuckuss, AND finally, Nien Nunb! oh, and why not I’ll through in Mara Jade.

Oh geez, what have I gotten my self into.

P.P.S hope you like the Baby Yoda! 😁

Happy Thanksgiving!

— Master_9

SuperFolder FelixSkywalker

For the Mandalorian Showcase I made…
The Mandalorian. This is my variation of Chris Alexander’s Mandalorian and the link is: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=keqAYIodUQI. Make sure to subscribe to his channel too!

SuperFolder LukeSkyfolder10000

I brought my Star Wars origami outside because there was nothing else to do. P.S. This is my first post!!! P.P.S. I don’t have Princess Labelmaker.

SuperFolder HoboBobaFett

my own MANDALORIAN no intructions just me folding also baby yoda (not my own design)

SuperFolder ewok_origami77

Sorry, this is a little last minute but I really wanted to do this and I kept forgetting about the Mandalorian Showcase. So here it is: My Krykna Spider from episode 2. This is my very own design. It’s not really one piece of paper but I couldn’t figure out how to do the legs so I just did them separately.

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

Captain America and baby yoda. Baby yoda might be to late for the Showcase. Cap also has thors hammer and his special suit from the winter solider!!

SuperFolder DarthZackB

On Thanksgiving, I found this receipt my mom got at Burger King a few days ago. P.S. I posted a video to YouTube with two Stikbots dancing to the prelude to Act 1 of “Carmen,” copied from a Just Dance gameplay.

SuperFolder AnakinStookyFolder

Happy late thanks giving (P.S. Turkey says “Eat more pork!”)

SuperFolder DBY888

This is my own foldy-wan ONE comment and i will post instrux!

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78