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Origami Yoda

The Bat-family

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All of them are my own design, 4 instructions please for instrux. (Nightwing is a variation since he doesn’t have a cape.) They (except Nightwing) are kirigami to make the bat ears and capes. (only 3 cuts for the bat ears, a few for the cape)

Batman is based on him in the Lego Batman movie. Batgirl is her 2014 redesign, and one of my fav suits. Robin is his 1940s-50s classic suit. Batwoman is the Kate Kane Batwoman in her standard suit from the comics. Batwoman does have a cape on my kirigami, but you can’t tell in the photo. (Fun fact: Kate Kane is one of the few gay superheroes!) Nightwing is his New 52 red and black suit (he was blue and black before).

Guess what’s in my next post: stooky for more superheroes, fizzpop for the Skywalkers or epic for the mandalorian & grogu.